Best pedicure tips for women

Women try out different methods to fulfil their desire to stay beautiful. Caring and pampering yourself are some of the important things that must be taken into consideration. just as you take care of your hands and nails, similarly, your toes too, take time to replenish themselves after remaining long hours under your shoes. Your feet must look perfect when you wear the sandals and this can be achieved once you do your pedicure properly. Follow the basic pedicure tips so that you do not feel ashamed to show your feet.

What is pedicure?

Best feet and toenails tips

The word pedicure is derived from a Latin word, Pedi meaning foot and Cura means taking care of. It is a simple process of taking care of your feet and toenails. It keeps you away from nail problems. The pedicure involves different processes such as trimming nails, removing dead skin cells and giving massage to the foot and legs.

Your toes take a long time to get replenished as it remains under your shoes for more than 10 hours in a day. During the winter season, toes remain imprisoned under the boots. Now, you have ways to pamper your feel at home in a natural way.  Even you sandals will look really beautiful on your feet once it is properly done with pedicure activity. You don’t need to feel ashamed to show bare feet while get a pair of sandals from the shoe show room. You can get a treatment at beauty parlor. But, it might prove to be very expensive at times.

Women with different age group have desire to stay beautiful. If you wish to make yourself beautiful, there is variety of points where you should pay attention. Caring and pampering your feet is another important consideration. You can know about pedicure tips for women in this article. This attempt is important especially during the winters. This is the time when your toes get pressed inside your boots. There can also cracks in your heels due to the extreme weather condition. With the simple manicure tips you can easily fill your cracked heels with ease. If you feel doing pedicure in parlor will cost too much, here you can get tips to make it possible at home.

What are the types of a pedicure?

Homemade pedicure tips

  • Mini pedicure: as the name suggests, in this type of pedicure you do not need to soak your feet for a long time. You just focus on your toes, shaping your nails and applying nail polish.
  • Regular pedicure: foot soaking, foot scrubbing, nail clipping, nail shaping are some of the nail care methods that fall under the regular pedicure.
  • French pedicure: in this type of pedicure, a pink nail polish is applied as the base after the pedicure and then a white nail polish is used to polish the tips of the nails. This type of pedicure makes your feet look more beautiful.

There are some other pedicure techniques such as the ice cream pedicure, stone pedicure, paraffin pedicure, chocolate pedicure, etc.

Tips for best pedicure for ladies feet

Ingredients needed

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In order to start a process of pedicure, you must have few thing handy. The ingredients needed in this purpose include nail polish remover, cuticle oil, a bath towel, large bowl, exfoliating foot scrub, nail clipper, hand towel, a foot callus file, base coat, foot lotion, nail file with fine grit, foot lotion etc.

Remover usage

Generally, ladies leave nail polish in their feet for long and forget to remove it. The left over nail polish makes a clumsy appearance to their feet. You must use a mild acetone nail remover by putting it in the cotton pad and applying the same on foot nails. It is important to use acetone remover than those of non acetone remover as these does not harm your nails.


Another step in pedicure for ladies is soaking feet on a large bowl with lukewarm water. It is better, if you can pour some salt in the warm water. This will reduce every pain in your feet that might took place due to over walking or strain. It is also important to keep the foot towel underneath so that it catches the debris or pills from the pedicure.


The next step for an effective pedicure will be to drop some cuticle oils on your feet just after bringing out your feet from the warm water. You can message your nails with the oil over and by using the cuticle wooden stick. This way you can easily push back you’re the dead skin that is associated around the foot nails.


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Now just after massaging with oil, you must also apply the scrubber to not only your feet but also to your entire legs. It will be really effective if you can use a granular foot scrub. You must massage the scrub from the bottom of the feet till the knees. You must give more pressure to the places where dry skins are maximum.

Filing and hydrating

You must use a very food filer to shape up your toe nails. Start the filing process from the sides of your toe nails and cover the whole nails but keeping a tip in the middle. Hydrating your feet will also be very effective and one of the best process in pedicure treatment. You can do this with few drops of peppermint oil.

Basic pedicure tips

  • The first step involves removing the residual nail polish. If are having the old nail paint on your toes nails, then you must immediately remove it before you start with the pedicure process. Make use of a good quality remover. Take a cotton ball and soak a little portion of it in the nail remover. Use this cotton ball to remove the residual nail polish. Similarly, when you apply nail paint, try to dip your feet in iced water so that it dries fast and prevents any kind of smudging.
  • Take a bowl and boil the water so that it is not too hot. Now add few drops of baby oil and baby wash to the lukewarm water. Slowly dip your feet into the mixture and soak it for about 3-4 minutes. After some time, you can feel the softness.
  • The important factor during the whole pedicure process is the pumice stone. You can use the pumice stone to remove the dead skin cells from your heels and feet. After soaking your feet in lukewarm water, it becomes easier for the dead skin to come off easily. Gently rub the pumice stone. This not only removes the dead skin cell but also removes dirt and pollutants that were accumulated on your feet. You can also use a personal pumice bar if you are having a sensitive skin.
  • The next step includes applying the foot pack. When you do a facial massage, after that you apply a facial pack. Similarly, you need to apply a foot pack as soon as you finish grooming your feet with a pumice stone. Make a mixture of rose water and Multan mitti and apply the mixture all over your feet covering your toes as well. After 10-15 minutes, wash it off with lukewarm water.
  • The last and important step is moisturizing. Do not forget to moisturise your feet. It protects it from the environment and keeps your clean and healthy feet intact with attractive looks. A mild moisturiser is perfect to massage your feet after the whole pedicure process.

During winters, your heels crack and your toes get pressed inside your boots. Try to moisturise your feet on a regular basis to keep it soft and glowing. You can also apply olive oil for softening your feet. A pedicure is an important part of pampering yourself. So, you need to stay in a good and positive mood during the whole process.