How to wax leg hair? Tips for leg waxing at home

Female getting unnecessary excessive hair over their legs finds very shy as they don’t get the scope of exposing their legs. Wearing knee length skirt, dress and trousers becomes impossible with such long hair. Thus, it becomes very essential to go ahead with the ways through which the leg waxing can be done in an effective way. The experts present in parlor or professional salon can provide a total waxing done. But, it becomes really expensive for people to go ahead with total leg waxing done on a regular basis as the parlor charges are too much. Let us find some other ways of leg waxing at home.
Having little bit of hairs over the legs is quite common for ladies. Even some ladies have abnormal hair growth over their legs. But, good news for all of them is waxing. You need to get your leg waxed so that unwanted hair gets away totally and you enjoy flaunting beautiful pair of legs. Whether you wear short skirts or knee length hot pants, well shaved legs will look really amazing. Whether you have more or less hair growth in your legs, waxing is really important as it will keep your legs attractive always in front of your husband. You can now wear any type of sexy dresses and expose your legs.

Waxing leg hair

Along with waxing different internal and external parts of body, leg hair waxing also becomes equally important. If waxing at parlor becomes really expensive for you, waxing leg hair at home can benefit you without spending much money at parlor.  You use natural ingredients in order to leg wax at home. You can now use sugar in order to wax your leg absolutely at home.

Ways of leg waxing at home 

Let us have a look at waxing at home with sugar. The ingredients required for it are:

  • Water – 2 tablespoon
  • Sugar- 1 cup
  • Lemon juice – 2 tablespoon
  • Butter knife
  • Small saucepan
  • Linen fabric scraps

First of all take the saucepan over the flame and add water, sugar and lemon juice in the proportion as mentioned in the list of ingredients. Take the  flame to medium heat for around 5 to 8 minutes. And do not forget to stir it continuously. Make the mixture in such a consistency that it is slightly frothy.  You should not boil it too much that it becomes sticky.  You can take a spoon full of solution and check whether any sugar granules remain. If there are no sugar granules it means that the sugar wax is ready.

In the next step, get the sugar solution out of the flame and pour it in a container. Wait till it is cool. You must remember to pour it in a heat safe container. Cooling it is really important or else you will burn your skin.

In the third step take your hairy leg that has a growth of hair of around ½ inch.  You need to apply the thin layer of sugar wax over the small portion of your leg where there is hair growth. Remember to apply it over the small portion just to check whether it is hurting you as the technique may not suit you. In order to spread the sugar wax, you need to spread it over your leg with a butter knife. Now cover the portion with cotton strip and rub it downwards. Now close your eyes and pull the cloth strip from your leg on an opposite direction. If this suits you, you have to repeat the process several times over the places where hair growth are maximum and you wish to get away from it.  Soon you can see that you have gained a beautiful and smooth leg at home with home ingredients.

Waxing is a good alternative method of removing mass hair from the legs than the daily chores of shaving your legs. Though its painful, this is because waxing removes mass quantity of hair that can last for weeks. Shaving removes hair from the surface, whereas waxing removes hair from its follicle, that is way it takes time to grow back. Depending on the hair growth you can decide how often you need to wax your legs. Tips for waxing your legs are given below.

Purchase wax kit

The first step of wax is to get a suitable wax kit for your skin. While selecting the wax kit remember, cream based kit is suitable for fine to medium hair and sensitive skin. Honey wax is preferred for coarser hair. Cold waxing strips are available in the market, but these don’t take hold of the hair well. So select one appropriate.

Have sufficient hair

Now check whether you have at least 1/4” long hair to wax. With the help of a good clippers trim the hair if it is longer than 1/2″.

Clean legs

Before waxing it is advisable to clean your legs. Then apply some powder, don’t over do the same as excess is not better.

Apply wax

Before apply the wax check the temperature of the wax. Apply a small portion of the wax to check this. Now start applying the wax in the direction of hair growth with the help of a applicator, normally a wooden stick. Apply enough wax thoroughly covering the hair, but should not be so thick that it gets hard.

Wax off

After applying the wax, now place a strip on it. Hold on to an end of the strip which is not attached to the hair. With one hand hold your skin, and remove the strip in the opposite direction of hair growth in a one quick pull, with the other hand. Don’t pull upwards which will be your normal tendency. To help relieve the pain press hand down on the skin after removal of the strip. It may sound weird but it works. If you notice a little bit of wax with hair remaining, simply put back the strip and pull it off. Repeat the process on the remaining area.

Get off missed hairs

With the help of a tweezers remove any missed hairs. Don’t over wax your skin. It is always better to use a tweezers to get rid of those missed hairs.

Clean  waxed legs

You can clean the waxed legs by applying some wax remover or baby oil or a petroleum jelly.

Rejuvenate skin

Apply some after-wax lotion, or a lotion or gel aloe based.

Tips for leg waxing – different methods and ingredients

White pepper and camphor

It is quite easy to get white pepper at home as individual have been trying ways to make the curries spicy without spices. White pepper can do the wonder. But, did you know that this kitchen ingredient can help removing hair from leg. To make this remedy, you need to take a spoon or two of grounded white pepper and camphor in a container. Also add few drops of kerosene oil in it. Now apply this over your legs and keep it for 10- 15 minutes. You will see your hair falling out automatically.

Turmeric powder with gram flour

To make this natural homemade waxing paste you would require 3- teaspoon of gram flour or besan. In some places this ingredients is also known as chana flour. Take a spoon of turmeric powder and mix with the gram flour so obtained.  Since both the ingredients are readily available at home in order to make variety of culinary items, you don’t have to purchase anything from outside. Mix both the ingredient and add water to make the paste. Apply this over your leg and scrub it with your fingertips. This will reduce your hair and will totally stop hair growth gradually.

Electrolysis for hair removal

This is a process of hair removal from your body that uses electric current. Through this method you will be in a state of removing hair totally from your skin as the electric current destroys your hair follicles.  This is really effective if you want to go for permanent hair removal. Most of the people cannot afford it as this becomes really expensive with several setting over the course of time. Even there is two method of electrolysis one is known as tweezer epilator and the other one is called needle epilator.

Shaving legs for hair removal

You must be aware of the method of waxing as it includes blades.  But shaving can be really risky as this can create cut over the skin layer. When you are removing hair from your legs, this portion also includes the bikini line. Since this area is really sensitive and delicate, it is better not to use a blade in this particular area. Red allergic reaction or blister can form if you make a harsh or careless use of the blade over the sensitive area.

Laser hair removal

This method of hair removal from your legs is really improved and is processed by the professionals. Here the hair is been removed with the help of a light ray. You must do this under the supervision of professional beauty expert who has been dealing with this fact for a long time. Ins some cases this ends up with skin discoloration but the attempt is really rare. Most of the people have got great satisfaction with the laser hair removal method.

Raw papaya and turmeric

Raw papaya works really well in removing unwanted hair from your skin as this has papain, a wonderful enzyme that benefits in variety of ways.  You need to make a pulp of raw papaya and take 1-2 teaspoon of the same. In order to make this, you also require ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder.  You need to make a mixture of both the ingredients and massage your legs with this particular paste. The massage must be done for 15 long minutes and then wash it away. If you can do this twice a week, getting lesser hair growing over your skin will be ideal.