How to do painless waxing at home for hair removal

With the boost in grooming industry, it has become quite common for individuals to get waxing treatments in beauty parlors. You can also carry on with the waxing treatment at home with some simple tips. People with very less expertise can get pain while carrying on with the waxing mechanism.  But, after visiting the beauty parlor when you avail the beauty treatment, the pain gets reduced to 10 times. Ladies availing the waxing treatment once will repeatedly wish to do the same as the unwanted hair over their skin layers will become really irritating to them. But, going ahead with waxing by visiting parlors will be really costly.

Waxing basically is a painful process. But without waxing, the unwanted hair from the body will not be removed. Also it will look really odd when you are wearing some skin exposed dresses. Let us find out some tips that will make the process of waxing well organized with minimum pain.

Need smooth skin that the guy will like? Skip your next wax appointment and have all DIY on your own legs, underarms or bikini area at home with these expert tips.

Best tricks to make waxing less painful

1. Gather your materials: wax tape, body scrub, body wash, body lotion, and the teeth numbing cream.

2. Start with exfoliating having a body wash to soften one’s body hair and available the hair roots, to make for an less complicated, less agonizing wax. Go easy so that you’re not really irritating skin, making for just a more agonizing wax.

3. Minimize the particular ouch factor much more by implementing a the teeth numbing cream to the area you will be waxing. We live not guaranteeing pain-free, but this kind of pro word of advice does really make a difference! Sensitive pores and skin? Make sure you just aren’t waxing whilst you have the period, when you find yourself more vulnerable to discomfort.

4. Soak up excess moisture with little one powder. Any unwanted oil or moisture on your own skin is likely to make it harder for that wax to adhere to your tresses, so make sure not to moisturize soon after exfoliating.

5. Time for it to get as a result of business! Application is determined by what type of wax equipment you’re using (whether they are ready-made strips while using the wax already with them or if you’re applying the particular wax on to your pores and skin first), so abide by the directions about the box. Make confident you’re implementing the become or become strip towards your regrowth, and and then rub the particular strip hard in this same path.

Best moisturizes for dry skin

6. Live yourself along with pull! When the wax is usually warm on your own skin, pull the surrounding skin educated, grab the finish of the particular wax rob, and yank. The trick is always to keep the particular wax rob as close skin as feasible as you will be pulling it off. Pretend you will be peeling the epidermis of any banana: there’s no need to pull the epidermis dramatically up and out.

7. Rinse off almost any wax deposits in cool water (not hot: it’ll harm! ), along with moisturize! We sometimes like to train on a little little one oil rather than lotion, on an extra sexy sheen.

How waxing works?

Wax is stick to the hair shaft that lays over the skin layer of individual which results into pulling of hairs from the root of the hair. Some people uses fabric strip to remove wax whereas others go for mechanical action. Some people use hair removers to remove unwanted hair but that gives rise to frequent growth of hair. But, the technique of waxing is little different. The hair is extracted from the root so that the hair follicles require time to rebuild the same.

How to do waxing at home?

Waxing can be absolutely done at home if you are aware of the techniques.  It is advisable to apply in smaller area if the area covered is sensitive. When you are applying it in a bikini line, the large patches can be applied which can extend up to 10 centimeters.  It is also important to trim the hair that you want to wax to five millimeters in length as lengthier hair will give you pain while carrying on with the procedure of waxing.

Tips for leg waxing at home

You have to get solid wax from the market and melt it at home. First of all clear the skin where you are going to apply the wax. Now use a spatula to apply wax over your skin from the direction in which hair is grown. Now you have to take a hard cotton cloth, cloth made up of genes etc and place it over the wax you have applied over the skin. Keep it for 3 minutes and then pull the cloth from the inverse direction. But, you need to do this in a single go or else you will suffer from pain. Once you pull the cloth out you can see numerous hairs placed over the wax and your skin will be free from hair totally.

Waxing using home remedies

Instead of buying wax from outside or visiting the salon or a beauty parlor for waxing, you can also go ahead with some natural way of waxing.

Sugar and honey waxing

For making this wax, you need to take one cup of granulated sugar, half cup of lemon juice and a single cup of honey.  You have to take a saucepan of medium size and melt the sugar in it. Now, cook the sugar in medium heat so that it melts. Do not stir or else the sugar will become crystallized? You can also swirl the pan occasionally. Once sugar is melted, add the honey and lemon juice in it. Now, stir it with a wooden spoon. You need to be careful while stirring as sugar will take foamy appearance and will be really hot.  You need to stir it till the mixture gain the consistency of a pan cake batter. If you can see the batter to be very thick, add a spoon of water at first and stir, then again add another spoon if it still remains thick. Now allow the wax to cool for some time.

Tips to apply wax

How to treat and prevent bumps after waxing

  • Apply some baby powder over your hand or skin where you are willing to put the wax. Alternatively corn starch can also be applied as this will absorb all moisture and oil from your body which will allow you to get less pain while waxing.
  • You need to use a spatula or a wooden object to apply wax on your skin at home
  • It is also important to apply wax in the same direction in which hair grows
  • Also you need to press the fabric placed over the wax rubbing in the direction where your hair is growing.
  • You also need to wait till the wax cools completely
  • Pull the fabric from the opposite direction in which the wax is applied
  • In order to get less pain, it is also important to hold your skin tight enough while pulling the fabric from the skin
  • It is important to pull the fabric in much more shallow angle instead of making the angle 90 degree. This will bring out the hair from the skin very smoothly without any complication. Even the pain will be very less.

Best tips for waxing

Branded waxing kit

If you want to do waxing all at home all you have to do is go ahead with the waxing kit. Do not get it from a cheap and unreliable company; instead go for the reliable and the authentic company in this regard. You can now find variety of waxing kit in the market. It is important to have a look at them and find the best one based on the review.

Exfoliate before waxing

Best ideas for waxing at home

Before you are going for the activity of waxing, it will be important to go ahead with the preparation of your skin for the same. Yes, you actually need to exfoliate your skin in this regard.  You need to remove the dead skin layer from your skin and keep your skin stay hydrated and soft. You can use the exfoliating gloves for the same. The pumice stone and can also be used for the exfoliation process.  It is important to go ahead with exfoliation for 2-3 times in a week.

Long hair

If you are going to proceed with the technique of waxing, all you have to do is make sure that your hair has a good length. Very short hair is quite difficult to manage with regards to waxing. Pulling out so small hair is quite tough. The hair length should be between the 1/4th and 3/4th inches. You can go ahead with the waxing twice in a month as per the growth rate of the body hair.

Temperature of wax

If you want to go ahead with waxing without major accidents, it is the time to check the actual temperature of waxing. The temperature of the wax must be tolerable so that your don’t get burn over your skin. Also you should avoid major accidents like this.