Do’s and Don’ts of waxing at home

There are several tips which have to be followed while waxing at home to avoid damage of the skin.

Spending a good sum of money at the beauty parlor will be really expensive if you want to get no hair in some specific areas in your body.  Instead, if you can adopt some of the home remedies to do so, you can not only get a hair free skin but also in very low cost and at no side effects at all.

But since waxing is not an easy process for someone who have never done waxing at home, some tips and tricks will be really helpful. Some of them are as follows:

Don’ts of waxing at home

Never try to wax unreachable areas

It is hard to wax areas of the body like back, underarms and the bikini region. Applying wax or hair removal creams on these areas in excess may lead to irritation and skin allergies, since it is hard to get the proper angle for the removal of the hair. One can easily try waxing the upper lips, eyebrows, legs and the hands.

Do not wax on small hairs

It is always to be kept in mind that the removal of hair which is less than ¼ inch is very difficult and painful. Hence applying wax on the hair which is more than ¼ inch is advisable.

Do not Burn the skin

It is always advisable to test the temperature of the wax before applying it on to the skin. If the temperature of the wax is very high, it may cause burns on the skin and sometimes lead to the discoloring of the skin.

Do not make a painful mistake

One common mistake which is most painful is the pulling of the wax upside straight off the skin motion. The wax has to taken off by pulling away the strip all the way to the other end of the skin. This has to be kept in mind in order to avoid bruises and patches in the skin.

Do’s of Waxing at home

Choose the material for waxing

This is one major step in the process of waxing at home. One has to decide which material is to be used during the process of waxing. Keeping in mind the nature of their skin and the medical precautions that are to be taken, one can choose the material from the huge list of creams, lotions and wax strips that are available in stores today.

Study well before using

One has to study the ingredients and understand the process of waxing by going through the instructions and precautions given with the wax cream, lotion or wax strips.

Wax while skin is clean

It is highly essential for one’s skin to be clean to bring out good results after waxing. One has to take care to remove oil, sweat, dirt and makeup before waxing. Waxing on the unclean skin may lead to severe skin hazards.

Wax on and off

Once you are done with waxing, just stay away from the wax. In case some hair is left in a particular area, do not try to apply wax on the same area over and over again. Just tweeze it to give a better effect. Applying wax on the same region will cause burns, bruises, itches and rashes on the skin.

Rejuvenate your skin

It is true that the ski loses its moisture after waxing. Hence it is very important to restore the moisture in your skin by applying the restoring lotion which are easily available everywhere. This will avoid the skin turning dry very soon and will provide a glow to the waxed area.

Selection of length

When you are starting the waxing activity at home, it is really important to select the right length. A typical proper length is around 1/4th of an inch long. If you go for a shorter length, this would be quite difficult to get the wax fully adhere. If the length of hair is longer, withstanding the pain will be more difficult.


When you are practicing waxing at home, it becomes really difficult to have patience as many people cannot get the wax in place at one go. Some people lose hope. But, if you can practice repeatedly, this will be never a problem.


If you can start exfoliating your skin before going for waxing, it would be very beneficial as exfoliation with the help of body scrub will definitely make your body hair soft and also open up the hair follicles. Thus, waxing will be less painful and quite easier. You must take yourself easy so that your mental state is active while carrying on with the process of exfoliation.

Soak excess moisture

Today, 5 out of 10 ladies have oily skin which slips and creates discomfort during the process of waxing. But, there is a tip to eradicate excess moisture when you are into the process of waxing. You must apply baby powder so that excess moisture is soaked.  You must make sure that even after exfoliating there is no moisture in the surface of skin where waxing will take place.

Bracing with pull

This is the technique through which your pain will minimize at the time of waxing. One you have applied the wax on your skin and it is quite warm, pull the surrounding area of your skin. Now just grab the end portion of the wax strip. This trick is applied to keep the wax strip really close to your skin when you are in the process of pulling it off. You need to pretend that you are in the process of pulling the skin of the banana.

Minimizing Ouch factor

You can also apply tooth numbing cream in the areas where you are going for waxing. You may not expect absolutely pain free through this process. But, this will definitely help to get some difference from the painful stage which you have experienced previously when associated with the process of waxing at home.