How to bleach facial hair naturally – Lighten facial hair with bleach – Before and after care

None of us like the appearance of straggly strands on our upper lips, chin, or sideburns. However, they reappear time and over, without prior notification. Even after treating them with waxing, tweezing, shaving, and epilating, these stubborn facial hair make an annoying comeback.

Bleaching your skin is a pain-free remedy to superficially hide your facial hair without damaging your skin. However, bleaching provides the following benefits as well:

Benefits of bleaching facial hair

Lightens facial hair

Bleaching turns your hair color into light golden, blending them to your skin and making them less noticeable from a distance. In only 10-15 minutes, you can lighten your facial hair or hair in any other area of your body with a bleach.

Works for tan and uneven skin

You can easily and quickly cure those uneven patches and tanned areas on your face with a bleach. The bleaching agents brighten your complexion by making your facial hair least visible.

Bleaching can brighten any sallow skin anywhere on your body by exfoliating and wiping off the dead skin cells present in the upper layer of your skin.

Brightens your skin

Bleaching lightens your facial hair near the jawline, on the forehead, and around your nose; making you look fairer and brighter. It works on even the least visible facial hairs thereby maintaining an overall brightened face.

Reduces pigmentation and blemishes

Bleach works by clearing the first layer of your skin. It removes dust, dirt, or oil, which may have been clogging your pores. It effectively works on blackheads, whiteheads, blemishes, and pigmentation.

When the first layer of your skin wears off, blemishes and scars do not appear prominent. Further, bleaching adds a natural glow to your skin by removing tanning.

Bleaching only takes a few minutes and is the most effective method for reducing the appearance of visible facial hair without any discomfort.

It does not hurt or burn your skin. You may experience a mild sensation for a few seconds. However, that is all it takes to get a flawless bright skin in no time with bleaching.

Best methods to bleach facial hair naturally

A better way of treating facial hair without any chemical laden formulas or unsavory side-effects is to beach them naturally. Here are five proven methods to naturally bleach your facial hair:

Apply a mixture of papaya and milk

Apply a mixture of papaya and milk

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All you need to prepare this fantastic mixture is to mash some slices of papaya to make a fine pulp and add some milk to make a paste. Apply the mixture on your facial hair and wait for 10 minutes. Wash with cold water. The treatment will leave your skin baby soft and smooth.

Apply a tomato rub

Apply a tomato rub

The tang in tomatoes makes them a naturally effective bleaching agent. Rub a slice of tomato on your facial hair and wait for it to dry. Wash off with cold water. You can safely repeat the process as often as required.

Apply a paste of chickpea flour

Apply a paste of chickpea flour

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Take two tablespoons of chickpea flour. Add a tablespoon of milk and a pinch of turmeric to it to prepare a thick paste. Cover your facial hair with the mixture for about 10 minutes and then wash it off. Regularly repeat the process to get lighter facial hair.

Apply lemon juice

Apply lemon juice

Lemon has astringent properties and works as an active natural bleaching agent. Mix a teaspoon of lemon juice with two tablespoons of honey to prepare a solution.

Apply the mix on your facial hair. Leave it to dry for about 15-20 minutes. Repeat the process as required. You may dilute the solution if lemon juice irritates your skin.

Apply miraculous radish juice

Apply miraculous radish juice

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Radish is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants which can do wonders to your skin and facial hair. Prepare your magic mix by washing and peeling a radish. Grind it in a mixer with fresh lemon juice from half a lemon. Apply on your facial hair and wash after 15-20 minutes.

No wonder these home remedies will give you lighter facial hair naturally in no time; you should consider some dos and don’ts before trying any at-home treatments. You should remember that bleaching agent, even when they are natural; visibly lighten your facial hair.

In other words, they help in hiding your facial hair by blending them to your skin. However, you should take the following precautions before bleaching:

Facial hair removal at home

  • Carefully read the instructions if you are using branded products for at-home bleaching session. Even if you are using natural ingredients, you should check if your skin is not irritable to such products. For example, some people may have irritability towards lemon juice or radish juice.
  • Always patch test the product before applying on your face. Gently apply the bleach mix. Never rub.
  • Never leave the bleaching mixture on your face for more than 15 minutes.
  • Always cleanse your skin before applying bleach and wash off your face with cold water to remove bleaching mixture. Your face should not have any dirt or oil before using the bleach.
  • Tightly tie your hair at the back into a ponytail. Keep your bangs from falling on your face using hairbands or bobby pins. Failure to do so may accidentally partially bleach parts of your hair giving a blond appearance.
  • Bleaching mixture, even natural ones, can cause a tingling sensation on your skin. Wash them off immediately if you feel discomfort or burning sensation.
  • Avoid exposing your bleached skin to the sun without sunscreen for at least 24 hours.
  • Never use soaps, creams, lotions, face wash, or any other beauty product except pure water before or after bleaching your skin. Bleaching makes your skin extra sensitive. Your skin may require some time to recuperate.
  • Do not bleach your skin immediately after applying scrubs, peels, or exfoliators. Also, avoid using bleach on chapped, irritated, inflamed skin.
  • Use plastic bowls and plastic spoon or spatula to prepare the bleach mix. Never use metal bowls or spoons as the chemical components of the bleach mix may react with the metal.
  • Never apply bleach mix immediately after waxing, epilating, threading, or other modes of hair removal.