How to remove the unwanted facial hair

If you have unwanted hair you are sure to feel embarrassed in public. In fact, you need to get rid of the hairs from the secret parts of the body in order to have less body odour and this is also for the reason of personal hygiene. You have hairs on your face, legs and hands and these are not to cause any health problems. However, you don’t look good with the hair and this is the reason you should remove them in no time in order to appear clear and gorgeous. Commercially you have several processes to help you get rid of the unwanted hairs. However, you can even try with some of the home remedies to have some of the best skin effects.

Beautifying yourself is not an easy task. You need to take care of each and every point starting from your, skin, hair till your fingertips. Everyone wishes to get a plain spot free and fair skin especially the facial area. Hairs present over the facial skin become disturbing. Some ladies have really very long and dense hair which is needed to be removed. The way you do threading to your eyebrows and upper lip portion, the hairs forming over your face also should be detached. You can easily go to parlor and ask your beautician to do the needful. They will do the entire threading to your skin. There are also some homemade remedies that will help remove unwanted hair from face.

Raw papaya for hair removal

Face packs to reduce facial hair

It is interesting to know that raw papaya can help in the removal of the unwanted hairs from the skin. Papain is an active enzyme. It can break down the follicles of the hair and will not allow the hair grow on those parts. This will make the skin look good without the hairs and at the same time the natural remedy will help in improving the texture of the skin to make you appear so fresh and glowing.

Turmeric for less hair growth

For ages people have used turmeric for that healthy glowing skin. Turmeric has all the anti-bacterial and the superb anti-inflammatory features. Moreover, it can even help in reducing hair growth over the skin. You can use turmeric with either milk or with water to reduce hair growth in certain parts of the body. However, this remedy is best if you have lesser hairs on the face and even on other parts of the body. In case you have to remove hairs in bulk then turmeric needs to be mixed with ingredients like rice flour, gram flour and ground oats.

The chickpea mask for unwanted hair

You can even use chickpea flour mask in order to get rid of the unwanted hair. You can even call this gram flour and you can even refer this as garbanzo beans flour. The ingredient is traditionally used in the Indian subcontinent and this is for preventing and removing the unwanted hairs from several parts of the skin. There are mothers who use gram flour along with turmeric mixed with milk or water to be applied on the face, legs and hands of the small babies. This is essential to keep the skin clean and soft and absolutely hair free.

Sugar, lemon and honey for hair removal

How to remove unwanted hair

You can prepare a mixture of sugar lemon and honey and apply the same on all parts of the hands, legs and face. It becomes just like wax and can immensely help in the removal of the unwanted hairs from the skin. The process is painful. When you mix sugar with honey and lemon juice it becomes like wax. When the same is applied on the skin it becomes painful to remove the same. The ingredients when removed will clean the part of the skin, but you have to pull hard in order to get rid of the hair presence.

Egg can even pull out the hair

You can even prepare an egg mask to remove the unwanted hair from the skin. If you want to have that stickiness then the egg has the same effect as sugar and honey. The white portion of the egg when becomes dry can be pulled to remove the hair from the specific part of the body. For this you need to make a paste of egg white, sugar and corn flour. The paste that you prepare should be smooth and then you can apply the same well over the facial region.

The strong mixture of kerosene and white pepper for hair removal

You can use camphor and white pepper for the reason of hair removal from the skin. Both these ingredients are extremely strong and you can feel the effect when applied on the sensitive skin. This is the remedy meant only for the legs. There are people who mix kerosene oil to the same for better effect. However, it is recommended not to use kerosene as it can badly damage the skin texture and because it is flammable it can catch fire easily. Instead of kerosene you can make use of castor oil.

Ways to remove unwanted facial hair

Green gram flour remedy

How to remove facial hair quickly

The green gram flour also can provide you with the beauty treatment with natural care and exfoliation. You must combine it with the rose water to get a solution for unwanted facial hair. For this you have to take two teaspoon of green gram flour and a spoon of rose water. Make a paste, if you require more rose water apply it. Now mix and apply on your face. Then wait for 20 minutes till it is dried. Now scrub it. You must do this thrice in a week to get result.

Spearmint tea remedy

If you are have excessive androgen production in your body, excess hair growth is viewed. But this can be regulated with the help of spearmint tea. This is even been proved by the researchers. To make this remedy all you have to do is boil a cup of water and include dried spearmint leaves in it. Now cover it with a dish for 10 minutes. Drink this and get the remedy of hormonal regulation that gives rise to facial hair removal.

Lentil face pack

Most commonly known as masoor dal is very essential in your kitchen is now effective to remove your facial hair. You have to soak a cup of red lentil overnight and grind it next day morning. Now add 2 tablespoon of lentil, a spoon of milk and same quantity of honey and make a mixture. Apply on your face and let it stay for 15 minutes. There after you can scrub it off. You have to do this regularly say 4 times in a week to get result.