Face packs/masks to remove facial hair

Can you see fine hair on face? How to get rid of facial hair naturally at home? Here is the best solution to remove female facial hair. Having a layer of fine hairs on your facial skin is normal and needs no medical treatment. However, these hairs on your face can make your skin look dark, patched and uneven. Removing facial hairs through waxing is a very painful process and resorting to razors can only make the situation worse.

Face packs to get rid of unwanted facial hair

1. Black Cohosh Root Tea

Although not a topical treatment, this is touted as being one of the more potent remedies for facial hair removal.

This relatively unknown root is mainly native to the extremes of North America, it is still available to buy in remedy form online. Generally used for genealogical issues, this root also contains phytoestrogen which can impede hair growth. If you are unable to obtain the fresh root, then we recommend procuring it as either a tincture or as a capsule.

For this remedy you will need to mix 1 tablespoon of the cohosh root with 4 cups of water. Bring this mixture to the boil in a small pan before reducing the heat and leaving to simmer for 30 minutes. Strain to remove any residual pieces of the root.

Add 1 teaspoon of honey to this concoction before leaving to thoroughly cool. This tonic can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 2 days and should be consumed 2-3 times during the course of a day.

2. Orange Peel, Oatmeal, Lemon Peel and Olive Oil

Both oranges and lemons are potent citrus fruits and any citrus is renowned for its efficacy in bleaching – which is an appealing concept to disguising and removing unsightly hair. The addition of oatmeal into this mix also creates a hair destroying exfoliant.

You will need to blitz the peels of both an orange and a lemon into a powder form before adding 2 tablespoons of oatmeal. Mix in 2 teaspoons of olive oil to create a paste (more if needed) and then apply to the skin in a gentle massaging motion.

Remove after 10 minutes with clean and fresh water. It is recommended that this remedy be repeated 2-3 times a week.

3. Barley Powder, Lemon Juice and Milk

Barley powder is also a great addition to any face mask or face pack as it creates a gentle exfoliating action.

Another top hair removal tonic is to mix barley in with lemon juice and milk for a potent therapy.

You will need 1 tablespoon all three ingredients: barley powder, lemon juice and milk. Mix together to form a smooth paste before applying to the skin. Leave to sit for 30 minutes before gently washing away with warm water. It is recommended that you repeat this around 3-4 times a week.

4. Sugar, lemon and honey face pack

How to remove hair on face with homemade face pack? Mix 1 teaspoon of sugar with 2 teaspoons of honey and a few drops of lemon in a bowl. Now apply this mixture to your whole face or to the particular places where you are experiencing more hair growth. Let it dry for 10 minutes and start rubbing lightly with your hands. Continue the rubbing process for another 10 minutes. Finally rub off the pack from your face, wash with cold water and pat dry. Repeat daily or at least 4 times a week for effective results.

5. Oatmeal and honey face pack

Homemade lemon face packs for dry skin

Oatmeal and honey homemade face pack or face masks to remove unwanted hair on female face. Mix 1 tablespoon of oatmeal with 1 tablespoon of honey to make a grainy paste. Apply this mixture to your face and let it set in for 15-20 minutes before rubbing it off with your hands in light circular motion.  Wash off with water and pat dry. Start with using this pack daily; slowly reduce to 3-4 times a week.

6. Wheat bran and milk face pack

What is the best face to get rid of extra hair on face? Remove hair on upper lip and face. Take 1 tablespoon of wheat bran and add it to 1 tablespoon of milk. Now apply this grainy mask to your face in an upward direction. Let the pack set in for 20 minutes. Wet your fingertips very lightly with water and start rubbing off the dried pack from your face with light circular motion. Once you have rubbed off the total face wipe it off with a clean piece of soft cotton. Finally wash off with water. You can use this pack 4-5 times every week at the beginning.

7. Masoor dal (red lentil) and milk face pack

This face pack helps to remove hair on face and provides a nice glowing skin. Soak 1 tablespoon of masoor dal in 2 tablespoonful of boiled milk overnight. In the morning grind the lentils and make a grainy paste. Apply this pack on your face, leave for 20 minutes and then start scrubbing it off with your hands in light circular motion. You can damp your fingertips with water if needed. Finally wash off with water and pat dry. Use this pack 3 times a week for best results.

8. Apricot and honey face pack

This vitamin filled fruit can also be great for facial hair removal. Grind half a cup of apricot and mix it with 2 tablespoons of honey to make a grainy mixture. Apply it on your face, leave for 10 minutes. Now start scrubbing it off from your face with fingertips, in a round circular motion. Continue this for another 5-10 minutes and finally wash off with cold water and welcome to gorgeous skin. Start with 5 times a week and reduce as you go.

9. Orange peel, lemon and gelatin face mask

Use this face pack for getting rid of unwanted hair on face. Mix 1 teaspoon of gelatin in 2 teaspoons of warm water, and add the orange peel paste. Mix well and add a few drops of lemon juice. Now apply this pack on your face while the mixture is still a bit hot due to the warm water. Leave the pack on your face for 15 minutes, and start peeling the pack from your face. Wash off with lukewarm water and pat dry. You can use this pack maximum 3 times a week and it can show immediate results.

10. Fenugreek and honey face pack

Best apple face packs for beautiful skin

Natural ways to remove facial hair at home. Take 2 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds, grind them in a mixture but do not make a fine powder. Now add the prepared fenugreek dust with adequate quantity of honey to make a paste and apply to the face. Leave for 20 minutes, and start scrubbing your face with the pack after dampening your fingertips with water. Continue the scrubbing for 5-10 minutes, wash off with water and pat dry. Repeat the process 3 times a week for effective results.

11. Egg and corn flour face pack

How to remove facial hair instantly at home with quick homemade face packs? Add the white of an egg with 1 tablespoon of corn flour to make a paste. Apply this pack on your face and leave for 20 minutes. Now rub it off from your face with dampened finger tips. Repeat the process at least thrice every week for best results.

12. Papaya and milk face pack

Papaya and milk face packs help to remove the hair on face permanently. Papaya is a natural bleaching agent and it can bleach your facial hairs to a lighter color to reduce their appearance. This pack can also reduce facial hair with continuous use. Mix two cubes of grated green papaya (not ripe) with 1 tablespoon of milk. Make a smooth paste and apply to your face. Leave the pack on for 30 minutes, rub off with moist fingers and then wash off with water. Repeat the process 4-5 times a week for quick results.

13. Turmeric and lavender oil face pack

Natural home remedies for facial hair removal. Turmeric is a natural antiseptic and it can help in reducing facial hairs. Lavender oil also has the natural ability to reduce problems like hirsutism. Take two inch long turmeric and make a paste in a grinder add 4-5 drops of lavender oil into the paste and apply it to your face. Leave for 15 minutes, and then rub off with moist fingers. Wash off and pat dry. Repeat the pack at least 3 times a week.

14. Potato, black lentil and honey face pack

Black lentil helps to remove facial hair on face. Grind one potato and collect the juice through straining. Now add this juice to 1 tablespoon of black lentil powder. Add 2 teaspoons of honey and mix well. Apply this pack on your face and leave for 20 minutes. Start rubbing it off with your fingers and continue rubbing for another 5-10 minutes before removing the pack with a moist, soft cotton cloth. Follow at least 4 days a week.

15. Milk and sugar face mask

A best home remedy for facial hair removal. Take 1 tablespoon of milk and add 2 teaspoon of sugar to it. Now start rubbing of your face lightly with this mixture. As you continue rubbing cover whole of your face (leaving the eye area) and finally let the mask set in for 15 minutes before rubbing it off completely with moist hands. Finally wash off and pat dry. Do it daily for the best results.

16. Gram flour and lemon face pack

Get glowing and clear skin on face with this face packs. Take 1 tablespoon of gram flour and add two teaspoons of lemon juice to it. Now add sufficient water to make a smooth paste. Apply the paste onto your face and let it set in for 15 minutes. Now start rubbing it off with moist hands in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Wash it off with plain water while rubbing your face with your hands. You can use this face pack for 4 days a week.

17. Gram flour and curd face pack

Take 1 tablespoon of gram flour and 1 tablespoon of homemade curd in a bowl. Mix well and apply this mixture onto your face. Leave for 20 minutes and then rub it off gently with your moist hands. Wash off with normal water and pat dry. You can use this face pack up to 5 times a week for best and quick results. Increase the gap between two treatments as you go.

18. Alum and rosewater face mask

Best female facial hair removal face pack at home. Take 1 teaspoon of alum powder and mix it with 1 tablespoon of rosewater. Dab in this mixture onto your face with the help of a cotton. Once you cover the whole face, leaving the eye area out, let it set for 2 minutes. Now apply one more layer in the same way. Continue the layering for 20-30 minutes. Finally wash the mask off with cold water while rubbing your face with your hands.  This face pack is very effective in reducing facial hair and can be used 3-4 times every week.

Beauty tips & notes about facial hair face packs

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Facial hairs can give your skin a patchy and dull appearance and it is the main reason that pushes many of us to use the face packs that remove the unwanted hairs gently from the skin. While these face packs do not usually have any side effects, it is always important to use them in the right way to get the best results. Here are some tips that you should follow to get the best effects of these packs without any side effects,

  • The face packs/masks for reducing facial hairs should not be used in the area near the eyes. The skin near the eyes is very thin and delicate and hence using these hair reducing packs on this delicate area is not a good option.
  • Some of the facial hair removing packs mentioned above also provide an exfoliating effect on the skin and hence you should not use these particular packs for more than two days in a week. To get the best results, you can use these packs alternatively with another, milder facial hair removing mask.
  • The homemade packs for facial hair removing can take some time to show action and it needs to be continued religiously in order to get the desired results. The effects of these packs may vary from person to person depending on the type and density of the facial hairs. If you have soft and thin hairs you might expect quicker results.
  • Some of the facial hair reducing packs might make your skin more sensitive and hence when you are using these packs it is really important that you use proper sunscreen every time you go out into the sun.
  • If you have very sensitive skin, it is best suggested to opt for a patch test before you start with a treatment as mentioned above.