Apple face packs & scrubs for oily face skin

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The benefits of apple are enormous. The fruit is rich in Vitamin A and C and it also has the perfect copper content. It is the most skin friendly fruit that you have known and it is definitely known for its skin friendly nutrients. The Vitamin C in the apple helps in the restoration of the collagen presence of the skin.

Collagen makes the skin so elastic. This is the reason the skin is made to feel so soft and supple. Now, the skin will no more develop wrinkles and the skin will also have the waterproof barrier. In fact, an apple will give the skin everything to stay healthy all the time.

The apple face mask with curd and lemon juice

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You have the perfect apple face pack for the oily skin. For this you need to take some grated apple and collect the same in a bowl. To the same you need to apply some curd.

You can even add one teaspoon of lemon juice to the content of grated apple and curd. Curd contains lactic acid and this acts as the skin moisturizing agent. It also causes brightening of the skin. It will also help in absorbing the extra oil from the skin and this is the reason you can say that this apple face mask is just ideal for the oily skin texture.

Now you should mix well all the ingredients and then apply the solution on all parts of the face and retain for fifteen minutes. After the time is over you should make sure to wash off the same with cold water.

The apple face mask with glycerine

You even have an apple face mask for the dry skin. For this again you have to take grated apple in a bowl. Then make sure to add some drops of glycerine to the same. The mixing should be done rightly in order to form the smooth paste.

It is time now that you evenly apply the mixture well on all parts of the face and this should be retained for twenty minutes. After the solution settles well on the face and it gets properly absorbed by the skin it is time that you rinse your face perfectly with the use of warm water. This is sure to keep the skin of the face so smooth.

The apple face mask with banana and cream

You even have an apple face mask for people with sensitive skin. For this you have to take a small sized apple and boil the same properly. This will make the apple tender. Then you can peel off the skin of the apple and mash the fruit well. To the same you can add a small portion of ripe banana and a teaspoon full of fresh cream.

You should mix all the ingredients well and then apply the paste to all parts of the face. You should retain the pack for twenty minutes and then you can wash off the same with warm water. The apple along with the banana and the cream imparts maximum goodness to the skin.

Apple and honey

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You have an apple face mask for the normal skin too. This is the most known apple face mask and it is made perfect with the addition of honey. In some of the best skin creams you find the presence of apple and honey.

For this you have to take grated apple and honey in a bowl. Then you can mix well both the ingredients and apply the same well on all parts of the face. You should retain the mask not more than fifteen minutes and then you can wash off the face with warm water and make the skin feel so soft and nourished.

The apple face mask for instant glow

If you want an instant glow you can definitely make use of an apple face pack. For this you need to collect two teaspoon of grated apple in a bowl. To the same you should add one teaspoon of pomegranate juice.

This comes with all the essential antioxidants and contains all the antioxidant, anti-aging and anti-microbial properties. The pomegranate helps in protecting the skin epidermis and even causes the regeneration of the cells of the skin.

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