What is eyebrow waxing? How to wax eyebrows at home?

Beautiful eyes are one of the most observed physical attributes, but beautiful eyes depend on the shape of the eyebrows. Everyonehas different eyebrows, but some women are not blessed with brows of the perfect length, shape, and thickness. Eyebrow waxing comes to help these women.

Beautifully sculpted eyebrows had become a part of the beauty routine for thousands of years. Right shaping of the eyebrows can be done by several salon methods like waxing, tweezing, tinting and threading the area. It helps the eyes to express feeling and emotions.

Eyebrow waxing

Best tips to shape your eyebrow

is the quickest way to flaunt the features of the face. It gives an extra lift to the overall look of the face this is a very popular method to design eyebrows because the results last long. Waxing in the spa or salon turns out to be a little expensive. There is a simpler way to perform this activity at home at a cheaper rate

Method of eyebrow waxing at home

Eyebrow waxing at home can be done by using cream wax. These waxes are most gentle and can work well on sensitive and delicate area of the eyes. Heated wax sticks to the hair than pre-paid cold wax strips. The results from heated wax strips are smooth and soft.

  • Buy a waxing kit
  • eyebrow hair should be at least 1/4inches long.
  • Pin back the hair to prevent them from getting waxed and for giving a clear view of the eyebrows.
  • Brush the eyebrows straight and then trim the extra hair that is coming out from the desired shape.
  • Clean the eyebrow area with a pre-wax cleanser. Then apply a light layer of talcum powder with a cotton ball.
  • Apply wax evenly with an applicator in the direction of the growth of hair. The wax must cover the entire brow area.
  • Cover the area with the strip applied in the direction of hair growth. A part of the strip must be left open like a tab. Press the strip gently and firmly a couple of times till the strip cools down.
  • Hold the tab of the strip and remove it in the opposite side of the hair growth with a one quick pull. Press hand on one side and pull the strip to avoid the pain of pulling. The hair will come up with the strip.
  • Repeat the process of removing the hair in the middle and top of the brow leaving the strays outside the shape.
  • Clean the missed hair with the help of tweezers and to give a fine tuning to the shape of the brow.
  • Remove the residue of any wax on the skin with the help of wax remover, baby oil or petroleum jelly
  • Apply after wax lotion or aloe Verabased lotion or gel to soothe the skin.

Tips for eyebrow waxing

  • Always Wax your brows in front of a large mirror so that you can see clearly.
  • Always test asmall amount of wax on hand before waxing eyebrows, to make sure it’s warm and not hot.
  • Apply a numbing spray with a cotton wool on the eyebrows to relieve the pain caused by waxing.
  • While applying wax with the applicator is careful about the wax getting into the eyes.

Some other special tips

Tips to remove wrinkles between eyebrows

  • Remember that the shape size and thickness of the eyebrows must complement with the shape of the face. Broadly it can be said that a long angular face need a rounded brows. An angled brow will suit a short, round face. An expert can be consulted to make decision for the type of brows that would suit a person.
  •  A well-made brow should begin at the tear duct and end at the outer part of the eye. It is better to set the length and arch of the brow before starting waxing.
  •  The setting of the arch should not be too high. Removing few strands from the underside of the brow gives it a good shape. If too many strands are removed the brows will look very pointy and give a furious look like Dracula.
  • Cleansing before waxing and dusting the area with powder will help the wax to stick will help and help in making it easier to pull the strip without pain.
  •  Always apply a soothing moisturizer after removing the strips as the skin around the brows can become red