5 Best vitamins for your beautiful skin

Wrinkles and its cure – Vitamin A Fights fine lines and other signs of aging.

Where will you get it

You will get vitamin A in different night creams of reputed companies, the lotions sold over the counters and in products that you buy with proper prescription of the particular ingredient – retinoid, that is a derivative from vitamin A.


These creams and lotions can easily lessen the fine lines on your face, neck. They have got vitamin A.

The acne marks and black spots on the face are cleaned with regular use of this ingredient and the roughness of the skin is also smoothed out. It has been found that retinoid are good for youthful skin that looks soft and supple.

Process for use

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You can use the night creams or lotions containing retinol as the sun’s rays render them inactive. It is best to use after sundown. The time taken for retinoid to show results can be around 4 – 8 weeks. These creams and lotions can irritate or scare you as the retinoid can cause redness or flaking on your face.

If you are going to use it for the first time, you can use the products that are available in different shops. These creams will contain retinol that they contain are mostly changed to retinoic acids that are mostly found in products sold under prescriptions.

These products that are sold over the counter or can be bought with prescriptions are good to use to avoid the redness or scaling of the facial skin.

Try using the retinoid with a gap of 2 -3 days for the first couple of weeks. Then your skin will get used to the product and will not react in harsh ways. You should also use a small quantity to keep irritation away from your face.

Redness of your face can be cured with Vitamin B3

Hydration of skin is good to avoid red patches on skin

Where will you get it

The Vitamin B3 is also called niacinamide and often found in creams, serums and lotions.


This product is known to help in production of ceramides and skin friendly fatty acids in the outer layer of your skin. This helps in hydration of the skin and the skin keeps the irritants out of the protective layer.

You will find this an aid for your skin if you have dry skin or sensitive skin. This ingredient in the creams also helps in keeping the dark spots out. The pigmentation of the skin is stopped by this ingredient.

Rosacea is the condition of flushing of the skin that grows with age. The niacinamide used in lotions or moisturizers help keep away this condition of flushing and help in keeping the skin blemish free.

Process for use

You can use the creams or lotions that contains vitamin B3 in the morning and again at the end of the day.

If you get irritated with retinoid in the creams then use it mixed with niacinamide. Take them in your hand and mix them before applying. This mixture will also give a good anti-aging benefit.

Keeping the skin spotless with Vitamin C

Anti-aging benefits with vitamin C

Where will you get it

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The moisturizers or creams that are specially formulated to keep the quality of vitamin C intact are often kept in smoky glass containers that do not allow moisture to seep in. Mostly the ingredients will show the Vitamin C in a percentage around 5% of the total mass. This ratio is good for proper skin care as per dermatologist.


Vitamin C cleans the free radicals of the skin and keeps the skin supple and free of wrinkles. There are other aging effects that are taken care of by this ingredient. Sagging of the skin is reverted to tight skin that looks bright and fresh.

The discolorations due to sun’s rays often are taken care of by the lotions or creams with Vitamin C. You will have to continue using the cream for more than 6 months to get the desired effects.

Retinoid and the radical cleaning vitamin C are almost similar but when used together, it increases the effects on your skin. These create a barrier that helps in repair and defense of aging.

Process for use

Take the vitamin C cream and apply on your face in the morning. You must apply the cream before spreading sunscreen on your face. The vitamin C will guard your face from the UV rays of the sun and clear off the free radicals generated in the body.

Moisturize your face with vitamin E

Takes care of UV damage of skin and keeps skin soft and youthful

Where will you get it

This vitamin E is mostly found in sunscreen products and other lotions or creams that for after sun use. This is also found in anti-aging products in a very small percentage. You will find it listed among the additives of the cream given at the back of the bottle.


Adds natural moisture to the skin and helps you to keep your skin soft and free of the radicals. This vitamin is often mentioned as protector of the skin.

Most of the studies on the skin show the effect of this vitamin to be excellent. Some studies show the fast recovery of the skin after smoking and generation of the harmful molecules on the skin.

Some other studies show that it acts as an umbrella to the skin when applied before going out in the sun. This vitamin also keeps the reddish look and dry scales away from your face.

Process of use

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This vitamin is also to be used before going out into the harmful rays of the sun. The skin already has got its share of vitamin E but it is destroyed with sun exposure. The next best thing is to use sunscreen that has got vitamin E and C.

Use this before going out in the sun and see the skin growing happier with the care that you take. Vitamin C will make your skin effective by clearing off the free radicals. The vitamin E is best to care against the harmful rays of sun.

Dark smudges under the eyes can be taken care of with vitamin K

Make your eyes brighter and fresh

Where will you get it

You will find vitamin K with retinol in different creams for eyes and for soothing the under eye area.


This vitamin helps in keeping the under eye free of blackish marks and circles. The sensitive veins under the eyes often ooze blood into the skin and this causes the dark marks in the area.

When this vitamin is applied, it helps in clotting the blood and thus slowly removes the marks. The skin cream with vitamin K helps in removing the dark marks underneath the eyes by stopping the leakage of blood and the retinol makes the skin thicker.

This makes it less translucent and the dark marks become almost invisible. The lighter shade of skin is also achieved by the cream. The retinol and vitamin K together help to knock out the marks from the face by penetrating into the pores faster.

Process of use

Use the cream with vitamin K at night so that it remains on your face throughout the night and work on the clotting of blood from the veins.

If the cream also has retinol, then use it once in a week so that the facial skin gets used to the ingredients. Then slowly increase the number of days you apply the cream and see the changes on your face.