How to treat and prevent pimples & bumps after waxing?

Every girl loves the soft smooth skin revealed after a wax but the after wax bumps work as the true spoilers. These bumps can come up due to many reasons and you need to treat them with patience if you happen to have them after waxing. One of the most common reasons of having bumps after a wax is the wrong technique of waxing. If you are pulling the hairs out in the wrong way, it can give rise to bumps after waxing.

Use of harsh chemical filled waxing material or ingredients that do not suit the particular skin type can also be a cause of getting these bumps. For some, none of the above goes true. They get bumps on the skin after a wax only because their skin is too sensitive to the pulling and tugging of hairs caused due to waxing. However, if you get bumps after waxing, that does not mean you should stop waxing, rather you should start taking the right precautions and follow the right ways to deal with the after wax bumps. Here are some of the best ways that you can use for preventing pimples and bumps after waxing.

Prevention is always better than cure. So, before we go to the ways for treating these bumps, we will point out how you can actually prevent these bumps from appearing. However, for some women with super sensitive skin, it might not be actually possible to prevent these bumps completely, but these ways can certainly reduce the intensity.

Use of warm compress

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Run a fresh and neat piece of clothing under water or use a hot pad as a compress on the areas of your skin that are popping up with pimples or bumps after waxing. Keep it for at least a few minutes. This will help to bring the ingrown hair out that are causing the pimples after waxing.

Don’t do anything to the pimples

Don’t even think about touching the areas affected with pimples, popping them is totally out of the question. When you end up prodding and poking the pimples or bumps on your freshly washed skin you end up inviting bacteria and germs to cause more damage than you can imagine.

Apple cider vinegar

The properties of Apple cider vinegar can help treat the bumps and pimples on your waxed skin. It has anti-inflammatory, antifungal, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial antiseptic, and anti-viral properties. Take two tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar in a bowl and apply it on your affected area by dipping a cotton ball in it. Do this a few times everyday to soothe the skin and heal it from rashes, allergies and bumps.


Cucumbers are brimming with cooling and healing effects. That is why Cucumber can take care of the irritation, inflammation and pimples that waxing causes. Peel a cucumber and chop it up roughly. Put it inside a blender and form a smooth paste. Using a muslin cloth extract the fresh juice of cucumbers. The presence of Vitamins and minerals will help to heal the pimples caused by waxing. Do this as soon as you feel irritation on your skin. Apply the juice two to three times a day with a cotton ball.


The presence of skin-soothing properties in milk will help to take care of the pimples and bumps. Dip a cotton ball in cold milk and apply it on the affected area of the skin. After five to seven minutes wash off your skin using cold water. Don’t apply milk on unwashed skin. Make sure you cleanse the affected area before applying milk. Milk hydrates the skin from deep within and closes the clogged pores after cleaning it. Soreness, redness, pimples, inflammation is taken care of by milk.


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Banana is rich with soothing and healing properties. It is a source of antioxidants, minerals and Vitamin C. Use a ripe banana for this. Mash it in a bowl and apply it all over the area where pimples have popped up. After five minutes wash it off.

Prepare your skin before waxing

This is a very important part of waxing that we often miss out. Before you start with that waxing gel, make sure that your skin is clean and free from any debris or pollutants.  It is best to prepare your skin for waxing by rubbing a few ice cubes on it for 10-15 minutes before you start with the process. So, first wash the skin clean with a mild cleanser and then rub up some ice on the skin for sufficient time before starting with the waxing. It will surely help to eliminate or at least control the problem of bumps after waxing.

Wax the right way

Often the reason of appearance of pimples and bumps after waxing is nothing but improper tugging and pulling of the hairs. When the hair, from a sensitive area of the body is pulled in an improper way or with maximum force it can agitate the root of the hair giving rise to small bumps and later on pimples due to bacterial infection. So, make sure that you get waxed only from an expert who has the right knowledge and experience about it.

Use the right wax

This is certainly one of the most important points that you need to keep in mind to prevent the appearance of bumps after waxing. Even cold waxes nowadays come filled with chemicals to give a smoother and fairer look to the skin. The end results of these waxes are really great if you are not prone to getting bumps. However, if you are worried about the after wax bumps, it is best that you stay away from these waxes and opt for homemade cold wax with honey, sugar and lemon juice, that now you can get even in some parlors.

After care is essential

If you are prone to getting itchy bumps after waxing, it is important that you take proper aftercare as soon as the waxing is over. After the hairs have been removed, first wash the skin with excess lukewarm water. This will remove any remaining trace of the waxing gel from the skin. Now follow with washing the skin repeatedly with cold water before you rub some ice cubes on.

You should wrap the ice cubes in a wash cloth before rubbing them on the freshly waxed skin or they might irritate the skin. Use the ice for as long as possible. You can also use it with breaks in between for as long as 1 hour after waxing to reduce the chance of getting after wax bumps. Finally apply pure Aloe Vera gel on the freshly waxed skin, to soothe it.

Red bumps after waxing

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These are red pores from where the hair follicles have been plucked away. The red bumps are a natural phenomenon in women’s fair and sensitive skin. The skin is sore, irritated and bit inflamed. Although, the signs will fade away in -3 days.

White pimple after waxing

When the Red bumps become even more sore, inflamed and quite largely irritable, they result in the formation of huge white pimples that have the bacteria trapped inside them. This is called as follicultitus, an infection developed inside the empty hair follicle and can be treated effectively with home remedies including application of aloe vera extract or even salt.

Bumps post brazilian waxing

Fancying about the smooth and supple pubic area and hygienic genitals after a session of Brazilian Waxing. While this sounds very dreamy, results are not always the same and this can further lead to pain, irritation, bleeding, followed by red bumps and white pimples. However, home remedies will come handy to treat them.

Precautions to keep in mind before waxing

  • Ensure that you are not exfoliating your skin the same day you’re off for waxing session. This is because exfoliation will smoothen and soften the pores of skin on the surface and react with hot waxing which will be a painful event for you.
  • You should not indulge in waxing on days of mensuration or periods when the body temperature rises high. Also, the hormone and mood swinging can be quite harsh for tumultuous waxing activity for you.
  • Ensure that you’re not on any medicinal prescription for instance if you’re following Retin- A or Accutane, you must avoid waxing.
  • Make sure that the beautician uses gloves and herbal wax, avoid chemical ingredients in waxing which can have adverse effects on your skin.
  • Indulge in natural exfoliator and body polish 1-2 days before waxing. This will remove the dead skin and make it easier for beautician to pluck the hair follicles.
  • In case bleeding occurs from a sensitive part for your skin during waxing, you can directly apply ice cubes to avoid any further tragedy o occur.
  • Don’s shower or take bath in warm water right before waxing. This will soften your pores and hair follicles making it double the trauma for you.
  • Exercise or workout, you can do yoga or meditation to alleviate fear and anxiety before waxing.

How to treat waxing bumps

Rinse off

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After the completion of waxing on the face gently wash your face with a quality cleanser. It is not good to choose a harsh scrub or soap at that particular moment.

Cover it

Take a cotton cloth and cover it utterly on the waxed skin. It is nothing but protecting the skin from external dirt and pollution.


Apply moisturizing cream or lotion on the affected waxed skin to heal the swollen skin.


Take a cotton swab and dip in the liquid hazel solution. Apply it on the waxed skin to cool your skin and to soothe it as well. Also stay out from hot temperatures.

How to prevent waxing bumps

Prevention is always better than cure, try the best to prevent the bumps from getting with the right precaution measures. If you have already developed the bumps, there is no other way than curing it. Here are few ways to control the pop up of bumps on your face or skin after the completion of waxing.

Avoid waxing during menstruation

Do you know those few days of menstruation tends to make the skin sensitive more than the other days? It is not known by many of the people, but is a top reason for the build up of bumps on the skin. So to the most possible, try to avoid waxing on the certain period to avoid the nasty bumps and redness of skin.


If you are being with the medication it is better to skip the waxing procedure in order to avoid the bumps. Because drugs may interact with waxing and leads to bumps and other skin problems. For example, if you are on with any of the course like Retin A or accutane, you must have to avoid waxing in that period. You can try waxing after six months.

Not the two on a same day

Never do waxing on the same day you had the exfoliation. During exfoliation skin loses its upper layer and applying abnormal heat on the same area results for the bumps and it is also a dangerous move to choose.

Stay calm

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Some studies have revealed the fact that the person who use to panic during waxing is the person who can ideally develop the process of hair follicles contraction of the skin. So be calm and simple while you involved with waxing.

After wax lotion

Make sure to culminate the process of waxing with the application of after wax lotion which is recommended to reduce pain and other skin discomforts. Also check to have any mineral oil in the lotion you are applying. It simply helps to close your skin pores and downs the further skin problems.

Ice cubes

If bleeding is a surrounded problem after removing out the wax from the skin, then take an ice cube and rub it over the affected area to get the instant relief.

What clothes to wear

You have lots of homemade treatments to get rid of the bumps after waxing. In fact, you can do so many things to get rid of the itchiness and the irritation cased because of the bumps. In case you have developed the bumps it is necessary that you wear comfortable clothing. It is best if you can keep the area open and the portion of the skin should not come in contact with the cloth. In case you have done waxing on the legs and there are bumps on several portions of the skin it is best that you wear skirts. It is advised not to wear tight jeans for it can really make the bumps worse.

The topical ointment for bumps

Next it is important that you apply topical ointment on the bump affected areas. The application should be done consecutively for three days after the appearance of the bumps. The perfect application will cause the bumps to recover. The topical ointments come with contents of polymyxin B sulphate and it also contains bacitracin zinc. This is the reason the ointment can treat the bumps the best way. Now you have no more chances of the spreading of infection and you feel so relieved and painless.

Keeping the bumps clean

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There are perfect ways you can get rid of those red pimples on the skin after waxing. The sensation is worse and you have to look for a remedy then and there. Once your skin has bumps it is important that you keep the area absolutely clean. It is important that you clean the area with the medical stuffs. It is best that a pre wax cleanser is used for an effective treatment of the specific spot. It is important that you talk to a skin expert to know how best you can keep the area clean and perfect.

Wash your hands nicely

It is also important to be careful when you are handling the bumps. In case you are careless infection can spread. If you are applying medicine on the bumps make sure to clean your hands well before and after the application. This will help in preventing the spread of further infection. You can even use water and soap to keep the hands clean. Before you plan to handle the bumps you can wear the safety gloves so that the bumps remain fine and heal in time.

After waxing bumps remedies

Lemon juice can help heal bumps

The bumps are painful and infectious and this is the reason it is important that you apply something which will not harm the skin. At home you have so many things to use in order to eliminate conditions of severe bumps. When the bumps are not extremely painful and infectious you can try applying lemon juice on the same. This is rich in Vitamin C and this is the reason it can cure the bumps in the right way. The juice will help the bumps dry up faster. For this you need to apply the fresh lemon juice and not the artificial juice that comes in bottles.

Tea tree oil for pimples after waxing

You can also apply tea tree oil on the after wax bumps. This is an excellent solution for the pimples and the acnes. The oil has the antibacterial properties and this makes the stuff ideal for the bumps. The oil will help to fight the bacteria and in the way it can eliminate all the skin related issues and problems in the wink of an eye. You must take a cotton ball to dip in the oil and then you can apply the ball in all the bumps to make the skin less sensitive and free of infection.

Baby powder to prevent bumps

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Baby powder is specially made for infants and toddlers, because they are good for sensitive skin. These are known to have more benefits than regular ones we use, which is why they can be used for more than one purpose. Baby powders helps in reducing the rashes from skin. Diaper rashes are one important reason to use baby powder, and on the other hand, it can help you preventing bugs after waxing. After you are done with the waxing process, sprinkle some baby powder on your hands and legs. This is also good for ingrown hair, to smooth them down, while removal.

Coconut oil for after wax bumps

Coconut oil, in its purest form, is good to treat skin conditions including after wax bumps. After you have waxed the desired area, it is good to apply pure coconut oil. This not only soothes your body but also prevent bumps from occurring. So, rub some good quality coconut oil on your body and let the oil soak in. It not only smells good but makes your skin moisturized and supple.

Coconut oil sugar scrub

Another recipe with pure coconut oil would include sugar, and together they can be turned into a scrub! This is an amazing treatment for women who always have bumps or pimples after waxing. If you have been avoiding waxing all this while, it is time that you get back to it. This remedy will help you cure your condition, which was probably supposed to occur, post process. Add 2 tablespoons of sugar and 2 tablespoons of brown sugar, with 4 tablespoons of coconut oil. It is better to add 1 tablespoon of honey to make the mix better. Apply this on the specific zones and let it saok for some time. Rinse as you take a shower and feel your skin renewed!

Removal of after waxing bumps using aloe vera gel

Different types of skin problems can be cured with the help of Aloe Vera Gel. Prevention of premature signs of aging, skin moisturizing, acne reduction, skin lightening, helps sunburn and treatment of inflammation is all done by Aloe Vera Gel. After waxing the redness and irritation left behind can be get rid of by using this. Your skin remains hydrated and soft due to this gel. Using the gel directly from the aloe vera plant is more beneficial than the ones found in the market.

How to use aloe vera gel after waxing

Use it five times a day for curing the after waxing bumps or rashes. It is a very beneficial home cure of rashes and skin problems caused by waxing.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E can cure the bumps, redness and rashes which are caused due to waxing and help in healing your skin. It helps in disinfecting the skin and keeping it soft and smooth. It has a whole lot of goodness to offer to your skin. It goes deep in to the skin to remove harmful dust particles and keep it cleansed.

How to use vitamin E

After waxing to cure the rashes you can easily opt for vitamin E oil and then apply it on the affected part of your body such as face, back, arms, hands, etc. Apply it three times a day for effective results.

More tips to treat bumps after waxing

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  • Gently and softly wash your skin after wax.
  • Ignore usage of any harsh soap or scrub for washing.
  • Use cotton clothes to cover the waxed skin as skin can be affected directly by the outside dirt and pollution.
  • After waxing try stay in a place which is comfortable away from extreme heat like oven.
  • To heal the pain you can try non-prescription drugs such as ibuprofen, naproxen, and acetaminophen.
  • Rub the affected area with solution of liquid hazel using a cotton ball. This will keep your skin cool and will also soothe it.
  • To hydrate your skin, use a quality moisturizing lotion. The natural healing process of your swollen skin is accelerated by this method.