How to make waxing less painful – Tips and tricks of waxing

Waxing has become a important activity as ladies wishes to stay skin free of hair. But, the process is really painful even if the person has done it several time. But there are some ways through which you can get pain reduced while waxing. You can either go to a parlor or ask the experts to go ahead with the task of waxing or initiate the process right at home with the help of some homemade ingredients. There are many wax products readily available in the market which you can avail and put on by yourself at home without any difficulty. Some people who have a desire to get their skin free from hairs but they are afraid of the pain which they are going to face. This article will find out the way through which you can get waxing in very less pain.

Getting hair less skin is the aim of every lady. These days even the males are willing to stay hair less over their body skin. Waxing is the way through which you will be able to get hairless skin. But, it is also important to note that the process of waxing is equally painful. But there is nothing to worry as this article will bring you options through which getting the process of waxing will be less painful. Let us find out some tricks in this article.

Tricks to make waxing less painful

Start from very small portion

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Since waxing is going to give you pain, it will be a good idea to start from a very small portion. If you are going to do waxing on your entire arm, start from the top portion of the wrist where you place the dial of your watch. Similarly if you are going for waxing in your legs, you must start from your ankle. Once you have accustomed about the type of pain in small region, you can extend your region.

Numbing cream

If you are too much scared about the pain in certain area such as bikini line or some sensitive area, the best way will be to use a numbing cream. This works really well in creating numbness over the portion where you are going to get the hairs removed completely. You can now get numbing creams at various cosmetics or medicinal stores from various manufacturing companies. You can easily get them and carry on with the numbing process.

Distractions to reduce pain

People say that distractions can always take you out of pain. Diversion of mind will be an important consideration. Even doctors apply this technique when they go for an injection or a surgery. It is really important to distract or divert the mind of an individual when they are afraid of the pain of waxing. They will hardly feel the pain if you can divert their mind in such topic where they have interest.

Exfoliating scrub

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Another procedure of removing pain while waxing is, using an exfoliating scrub over the portions where you are going to apply the wax. Sometimes due to excessive dead skin trapping the hair and its root, the pain while waxing can be visibly realized. Thus, you can simply go for exfoliation of your skin and then the second step can be waxing. While exfoliation your dead skin will be removed and you can get less pain while waxing.

Wait till quarter inch

If you are going to get the waxing in a wonderful way without any pain, all you have to do is allow your hair to grow at least half inch.  This will make a standard hair growth and the individual will not get much pain while carrying on with the process of waxing. If your hair is less than the quarter inch, allow the hair to grow adequately and then go for waxing. The pulling the root will be quite easier and pain less if the hair strand is more than one inch or at least an inch.

Soothing lotion before wax

It is important to apply soothing lotion before waxing is done. This will give you a soothing effect for a longer period of time.  The procedure of waxing will be wonderful without much pain. You can easily adopt this procedure of removing hair from your skin layer.  The process of waxing will be really easy and with less pain. You can also suggest this particular type of waxing procedure to your friends and relatives who have a fear of getting wax done.

Cold compress

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Another way of staying away from the wax pain is the cold compress. Since the ice of cold compress work really well in creating numbness to skin, you can easily have fun with the waxing procedure just after application of the cold compress. You can also apply this cold compress after the waxing procedure is done as waxing will give you a lot of pain and burning sensation. The cold compress will give you a soothing touch on your skin.

Use hand to pull skin

Tighter the skin, more comfortable you can stay while waxing is carried on. Thus, when you have applied wax and wish to pull it off, after placing the think cloth you need to hold your skin tightly so that it becomes tight while you are pulling off the cloth. This will help you to lessen the pain in your skin. You can try this and get the waxing without much pain. Even in beauty parlor, this procedure is carried on so that u get less pain.

No tight cloth after wax

Once you have completed the process of waxing, all you have to do is give some care and affection to your skin. Wearing tight cloth can give your skin trouble. It is really important to stay away from tight cloth after completion of the process of waxing.

 Stop drinking coffee

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Coffee can also prove to be a wonderful element to boost pain of waxing. You must not drink coffee before having waxing as the caffeine in it help in boosting and stimulating the nerve  and can give rise to more pain while waxing. When you are going to initiate the process of waxing, it is better to avoid drinking coffee on that particular day.

Avoid tensing of skin

It is important not to tense up your skin as this can increase your skin pain. Try to stay relaxed and also get your skin in a relaxing stage so that you can get less pain while carrying on with the process of waxing.

Take yoga class

You may not be able to know but Yoga is a wonderful way to keep your skin free from excessive pain. Since your blood circulation will increase there will be good chance that you stay free from excessive pain. This trick will be really effective before you proceed for the Brazilian waxing.

Mint extract

As you know that mint leaves will leave a cool and soothing touch over your skin, you can either apply a mint solution over the area where you are going to do waxing or apply the powder that contains the mint extract. This will work really well to create a soothing touch and keep your skin away from excessive pain while waxing.

Read a magazine

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You can easily read a magazine while your beautician is going ahead with the waxing process. This will help you to get your concentration over somewhere else and keep your focus away from waxing. This way you may not be able to realize how soon the waxing process is over without getting much pain. This is a simple and effective process you can avail.

Drink plenty of water

Did you know that drinking plenty of water can reduce your pain while you are carrying on with waxing? But this is totally a true fact. Once you drink water your skin will become hydrated. This in turn will make your skin plump as well. These types of skin will be quite easier to proceed with waxing. Also the pain will be really less as compared to the waxing for people who do not drink water.