Natural face cleansing tips for women at home

Take a look at your face at the mirror and in case you feel that your skin is in need of nourishment you have lots of things in store for the best of skin treatment. In case you feel that your lacks oil and nourishment there are lots of things from the kitchen cupboard that you can do to make the face appear normal and glowing. Much depends on how you take care of the skin. For the same you need to dedicate at least 15 minutes in the morning and night, to help the facial texture revive and appear fresh for the rest of the day. Here you have some of the tips which can really revive the condition of your skin.

Face washes basics


How to use Multani mitti for oily skin

The first step to follow is to clean your face with the face wash or face cleanser of your wish, and pat the skin with the towel.


After cleaning the face, cleanse it. Pick a good quality cleansing milk and wipe your face with the cleansing milk with the help of cotton ball. It will remove the dirt particles that are present in the skin and open up the skin pores.


Give steam to your face for 10 to 12 minutes, and then wipe your face with the facial tissue. Steaming helpful to wide the skin pores.


Taka an ice cube and retain in a cotton cloth, massage the face with this cloth in a circular motion. This massaging will tighten up the skin pores which have wide up during the steam process and it also reverts your skin temperature to the normal level.


Take sufficient amount of your facial scrub and rub over the face for at least five to ten minutes or until the scrub turns off. Scrub in circular movements in order to exfoliate your skin.

Apply honey

After scrubbing, dab a small amount of honey over the scrub applied face. Gently massage the honey for few minutes and rinse off the face. The natural anti-bacterial properties of honey helps to turn off the break outs and it also offers a glowing skin with its moisturizing properties.

Face pack

Multani mitti face packs for glowing face

Pick the face pack in which you are interested and apply it. Leave it for enough amount of time until it dries. Wash your face and wipe your face with the help of rose water dipped cotton balls.


Pat the face and dab toner of your wish and then apply moisturizer followed with the application of under eye cream.

Face cleansing tips

  • Cleansing takes good points for the clean face. Cleanse twice a day but don’t do more than that. If you do so, it will wash off the natural oils present in the skin. Cleanse regularly especially before going to the bed time to stop the skin eruptions and build-up. While choosing a cleanser keep a point that it must suits your  skin type. Don’t go with soap, it will turns your skin harsh and dry.
  • Prefer a cleanser that don’t irritate your skin and don’t dry the skin too. For the dry skin, choose a cleanser that is containing of oils and natural herbs. Whereas people with oily skin can get the cleanser that is composed with herbs which balances the oil secretion and that fosters clarity. Sensitive skin type people need to  opt the one which not irritating, gentle and fragrance-free.
  • Use only tepid water to cleanse your face. Usage of hot water will damages the skin.
  • Before you are going to cleanse your face, wash your hands thoroughly other wise it is nothing but injecting the dirt in to the skin. Like wise, check the quality of  the cloth you use for wiping your skin, you can use your fingertips otherwise.

Cucumber for the skin

You can cut a thick cucumber slice and apply the same on the face. Take the piece and rub it over the cheeks and on other parts of the face in circular motion. There is no need to peel off the skin of the cucumber. Continue the process for fifteen minutes and then wash your face dry. This is no doubt a healthy skin solution and helps in maintaining the astringent level of the skin.

Milk is a great skin healer

Milk is a good solution for the skin. Arrange for one tablespoon of boiled milk and apply cotton ball to soak the milk and rub it well on all parts of the face. Use circular movements to continue the process and in the neck area you must apply upward strokes. After you have completed the running leave the milk on the face for fifteen minutes and then it is time to wash the face dry.

Tomato is also a skin healer

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You can apply tomato on the face. This is a vegetable great for the skin. Rub the tomato well over the neck and face area and wash the face well after fifteen minutes. Once again, tomato is a great skin healer and nourishing agent. This is the reason you should take help of the solution at regular interval.

The magical mixture

You have one magical mixture for the face. You can take rice flour or green gram powder and mix it well with curd. Then it is time for you to apply the solution on the face and feel good. The solution is best for oily skin. Once the mixture is allowed to get dry on the face you should wash away the paste and make the skin appear so fresh and clean.

Treat your skin with buttermilk

You can dilute solution of buttermilk and dab the same on the face. After the dabbing is done the solution should be left in the condition for fifteen minutes and then you should wipe out the same with wet cotton wool before application of make-up.

Ice cubes for the skin

In case your skin turns dry and warm you can apply ice cubes on the skin texture. This helps the skin get soft and cold and the pores are unleashed for proper breathing. Ice can even heal when the skin has a burning sensation. In the way you can quickly make the skin feel so cold and soft in the least time span.

The magic of honey

Honey is also an apt facial cleanser. Honey is independently good for the skin naturally and you don’t need to mix the same with anything else. You can use honey to clean your face regularly. This helps in moisturizing the skin as well.

Oil can help to clean and heal at the same time

Natural tips to get glowing skin

You can apply oil for the apt cleaning of the skin. Moreover, oil helps in making the skin appear so fresh and radiant. However, this is the easiest method you can adopt to clean the face aptly. You just have to apply the oil in circular motions and this is sure to do great to the skin.

The best solutions for all skin types

Here you have some of the popular solutions which can really help in rejuvenating the texture of the skin. You can take lemon juice along with water for the sort of oily skin. In case the skin is dry you should apply the solution of milk, yogurt and cream. This is once again an effective solution in improving the skin texture. In case you have a normal skin type it is best that you apply a solution of water, glycerine or peppermint tea and honey. These are elements to help the skin recover in the least time span.