Types of face packs and their uses

Face packs!! Every girl falls for it – be it the most charming glowy girl to the one finding ways to clear the skin off pigmentation and get a clear skin. FACE MASK makes us go woo.

Have you ever gave a thought on why would one apply facemasks? Or will face masks really help relieve you from sun tan, or make your skin a step whiter than before. The answer is a BIG YESS.

Many of us hate using homemade face packs – not face packs – but the waiting time is that irritates and we end up clearing them soon – eager to see the results – clear, flawless, tan free skin.  Read this article of benefits using face packs and you would fall in love with the face packs.

Let’s find out some root benefits of using Face Packs.

Eating healthy is not just enough

Green tea face packs for glowing skin

Face packs are for everyone – the right mix and ingredients do the magic. Choosing the right face pack for your skin is the basic root science of any face pack. What your blood is your skin. Apart from healthy eating habits, your skin needs some extra maintenance from outside by pampering with magical ingredients that soak your skin for a while.

Healthy eating habits take care of your skin from within but there is also pollution, dust, sun tan, excess of oil secretion, hydration issues, dry skin, cold weather, flaky skin, allergies and many other problems that pushes one to opt for outside maintenance.

Face packs are here for rescue – add them to your daily skin regime.

Skin soaking

Soak your skin just like you do to your clothes – it helps pull out those stubbornly blocked skin pores, dead skin your blood excretes and impurities. It is the detox treatment you give to your skin. If your skin is dry and flaky then any moisture based face packs would give that moisture your skin needs making it glowy and shine. If oily then a clay based mask would do.

Skin tightening

Many skin products can help rinse of that dirt and excess oil but for tightening of skin pores – face packs stand first in the line. Face packs are expertise to delay the ageing process. Face packs helps contract the collagen fibers in the deep layers of skin leaving a smooth and tight skin.

Why wait long with face packs on?

No patience!! I’m one of you who hate waiting long and cannot stand that tingling face packs cause to my skin – but there is a lot more science you have to know.

It’s hard to put on face pack for long but think of dirt filled pores of your skin, that’s multiplying bacteria – making your skin prone to pimples, breakouts, while/black heads and blemishes – that’s not a good sign. This tip would really help you in putting up a face pack for a longer time. Try mixing a few drops of your favorite fragrance oil into the mix.

Face packs help remove that dried and dead skin off in the drying process. The dead skin gets stuck up to the pack you wore unleashing the new one.

Feel messy

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Be prepared for it. The residues of face pack struck underneath your ears, neck or hair line may irritate you or make you smell fishy. Taking a shower is the only solution to get out of that feeling.

  • Make use of face packs 15 minutes before you take bath to keep yourself ending up messy the whole day.
  • Unless you are going organic, don’t overdo the mask. If the face pack is meant to be on for 10 minutes – don’t leave it on for 15 minutes for that extra skin lightening, cleansing effect. Set up the timer and stop watching at the clock.
  • Try using the brush to apply face pack to reach every corner of your neck and ears
  • If you are constrained to use face packs in the morning/evening for any reason you can use them at nights – leaving them all night long for ultimate results.

Spending hard on those expensive lotions and face creams and foundations for a beautiful you alone would damage your skin. Get them alongside face packs to neutralize the damage they cause to your skin overtime.