How to use cocoa butter in this winter season?

People feels really frustrated and irritated if they find their skin dry and itchy even after applying variety of skin acre lotions from branded companies. Many skin care products manufacturing companies include alcohol as its main ingredients. Thus, this eradicates the procedure of moisturizing your skin completely. If you can use cocoa butter as your ingredients, it will help in getting healthy skin during winter season. This will moisturize your dry skin and heal your crack portions.

Winter brings dry weather which gives rise to variety of skin problems. You would actually require good nourishment of your skin during winter. Cocoa butter will help you in replenishing the moisture content of your skin. There are some homemade effective ways through which you can easily use the cocoa butter in a right way so that you don’t get dry skin during winter. Let us find out the combination in this article. You must have cocoa butter at home and use it in your kitchen. But, using it for beauty benefit needs some techniques.

Cocoa butter can work miraculously on dry and damaged skin. It has the ability to nourish and replenish the skin quickly. The best thing about Cocoa butter is that the small chain fats present in this butter are much similar with the fats created by the human skin and hence the fats of cocoa butter are easily accepted by the skin as its own, which helps in improving the skin quality drastically. Cocoa butter is expensive but you will need only a little bit of it for regular use. Instead of applying cocoa butter directly on the skin, it is best to use it mixed with other ingredients. Here are some of the cocoa butter formulas that you can prepare and use this winter.

Benefits of considering cocoa butter

Best butter for your skin type

  • People prefers cocoa butter flavor in their moisturizer due to its sweet smell
  • Cocoa butter helps retaining moisture in skin layers
  • It absorbs moisture quicker than the petroleum jelly
  • With the use of cocoa butter, you skin will feel as velvet
  • When you apply cocoa butter in your skin, it gets absorbed very quickly without leaving your skin greasy
  • You can apply this on your hand, legs and whole body to reduce dryness of your skin completely
  • It includes anti oxidants that helps eradicating free radicals appearing in your skin
  • If you have scars and stretch marks in your body, cocoa butter is very effective in healing the same.
  • Since it can be melted in very low temperature, you can quickly apply this on your skin leaving your skin beautiful and attractive

How to use cocoa butter?

If you first purchase a tube of cocoa butter from the market, you might get confused about the quantity. There is a particular procedure of applying cocoa butter over dry and clasped skin. First of all you have to wash the area where the lotion needs to be applied. If the cocoa butter has become hard due to excess cold climate, you have to melt it slightly. It is effective to use cocoa butter cream over the freshly washed cream.  Apply the lotion over the affected area. Gently rub it with your hand palm till the time it gets inside the skin through its pores.

You can find many types of cocoa butter in the market. Some varieties of cocoa butter might not suit your skin tone. You must try a drop in your skin near your hand to see whether the cocoa butter suites you or not.

Benefit of cocoa butter in scars

Body butter for healthy skin

Due to injuries or other skin problems, you may end up getting scars on your skin. These scars can be of many types. Some appears in brown color whereas some have white and pinkish touch. If you do not treat them on time, this can end up being temporary marks on your skin. You can now use cocoa butter to treat scar marks on your skin. The cream color fat extracted from the cocoa skin has been used by people around the world to prevent the treatment of scars. Since, cocoa butter has high content of fat in it, it also provide exclusive moisturizing benefits for people using it on a regular basis. It is also an excellent emollient.

Using cocoa butter in winter

Hot water method

This is an effective way to use the cocoa butter in winter so that your skin becomes soft and beautiful. Since it is winter, there is a good chance that your cocoa butter will become solid. In order to apply it on your body, you need to liquefy it. By the hot water method you can easily make the butter appropriately soft and apply it proportionately on your skin.

Method to shave cocoa butter

When you have brought the cocoa butter from the market, it will be solid. You need to shave it in an appropriate way so that it can be used in an effective way.  Since cocoa butter is hard as compared to normal butter, it will be difficult to cut it in shape. You can place it in a plate and cut it into small pieces but that too in a very careful way. You must use a special type of knife for this.

Cocoa butter for hydrating lotion

Cocoa butter is used in an effective way as hydrating lotion. You can now combine two types of butter such as cocoa butter and Shea butter in a SAUCE PAN. You must keep it in a sauce pan in low heat placing both the cocoa butter and shea butter. Now once it is melted add few drops of coconut oil and clove essential oil. Whip it properly and apply it over your skin throughout your body. You can also store it in a container and keep it aside.

Cocoa butter with aloe vera

Winter night creams for dry skin

You can easily prepare a cocoa butter and aloe vera cream at home and use it on your face and body this winter. If you use this moisturizer religiously you will not suffer from skin dryness and within a few months your skin will get that healthy glow.

Collect Aloe Vera leaves and scrape out the pulp. Grind this pulp and squeeze out the juice. Heat 1 spoon cocoa butter in an open pan. Once the butter melts completely remove it from the flame and add 2 spoons of the prepared Aloe Vera extract with the hot cocoa butter. Mix the two well while it is still hot. Store the resulting mixture in an airtight container and your winter moisturizer is ready.

Cocoa butter and glycerin winter formula

You can also prepare a formula with cocoa butter and glycerin for regular use. Glycerin has the ability to hold in moisture and cocoa butter has maximum and natural skin nourishing abilities. A combination of these two can actually make your skin healthy.

Take 1 spoon cocoa butter and heat it on a pan. Once the butter melts, remove it from the flame and add 2 spoons of glycerin in it. Mix the two well while the butter is still hot. Store the resulting mixture in an airtight container and use whenever you feel like moisturizing your skin. Using it right after taking your bath and at night before going to bed is most beneficial.

Cocoa butter with apricot seed oil

You can now find variety of homemade butter recipes to treat skin during winter. Cocoa butter is one among the wonderful ingredients that works really well to make your skin beautiful. The recipe that I am going to discuss is quite rare. It is having the main ingredient as the cocoa butter and apricot seed oil.


For this you have to take 2-3 spoons of cocoa butter. Also add 5-6 spoons of apricot seed oil in it. Raw sugar of around 1 spoon is required here. Few drops of essential oil too is required in this recipe. Mix all of them well with a spoon. Now pour it in a jar that can be sealed well. Now, store it in a refrigerator. This recipe is used while you take bath. You can use it twice in a week to get soft and decent skin in winter.

Natural hair sealant

Some of you may be surprised to know that cocoa butter can also be used in treating your hair. But, the fact is true. During winter your hair becomes too unhealthy with dryness all over. The frizz of hair makes you look really unattractive. But, the good news is, cocoa butter can be used as a conditioner. The toxins present in your body can be mainly responsible for making your delicate hair rough. But, the cocoa butter can be used over your wet hair to seal the moisture present in it. This will provide an extra hair nutrition.

Cocoa butter as shaving cream

Do you know that cocoa butter too can be used as a shaving cream? Yes, the shaving creams that you have been using from market can be substituted with cocoa butter. This also have nature’s benefit without any cosmetic’s effect. Following are the ingredients used for this.

  • Liquid castle soap
  • Baking soda – 1 spoon
  • Tea tree oil – 10-15 drops
  • Cocoa butter- 2-3 spoons
  • Coconut oil – 2 spoons


First of all you have to take a double boiler container. Put it under the flame. Now put coconut oil, cocoa butter one by one and let them melt. Now pour them to a bowl. Now you have to add tea tree oil, baking soda, castle soap. Mix them well and use a blender to get a foamy shaving cream. Use this shaving cream daily to get perfect shave in natural way during winter.