Various kinds of skin care body butters – How to choose best butter for your skin type


Body butter are become the essential cosmetic products in the womens beauty box. They have” the strong bondage with the women skin and shows the love towards the women skin makes the skin beauty, lovely”. Body butters are much more than the regular normal lotions and moisturizers. Body butters have the both lotion and moisturizing with additional benefits. Body butters make your body hydrated and open the skin pores for the better beauty. Body butters improve the skin textures and skin tone. Body butter make s you skin nourishment.

Different types of butters – Choose the best butter

Body butters are applicable for all the body except face. Face contains the thin tissues than the other parts of the body. If you apply the body butter on the face it may leads to face marks and face related allergies. So use the body butters except for face.

Shea body butter

This body butter is making with the help of shea tree which is popular in African countries. This shea body butter contains cinnamic-acid esters .Shea body butter is good for the body texture. Shea body butter is good for the dry and oily skin bodies.

Organic body butter

This butter is prepared with the natural organic plants and fruits. This body butters are good for the light body texture and oily skin types.

Lavender body butter

This butter is prepared with the lavender essentials. Lavender body butter used to prevent the over dryness in the body. This body butter is used in the massages. This is the one of the flower based body butter works well for the mixture skin.

Cocoa body butter

Cocoa body butter is prepared with the natural cocoa’s. Cocoa is the best antioxidant. The antioxidant property of cocoa clears the dead cells in the skin  gives the fresh look to the body. It works well for oily and dry combination skins.

Chocolate body butter

This body butter removes the free radicals which kills the skin cells. Better to apply chocolate body butter at night time. It hydrates the skin and makes the skin tone perfectly. It is ideal for normal and dry skin types.

Mango body butter

This body butters contains the vitamin A, vitamin E and beta carotene. All these vitamins and compounds are make benefits to skin. This body butter works as protective against the sun rays and decreases the melanin productivity in the skin. The origin to the mango body butter is Asian continent.This butter suitable for the mixed skin tones.