How buttermilk is useful for health and beauty

Buttermilk is rich in lactic acid and is a natural pro-biotic. Lactic acid is found in most of the beauty products and is one of the best facial peels for softening, brightening, and exfoliating skin.

Buttermilk is astringent nature and is high in acidic property and helps to treat freckles, tightens skin, and age spots. Buttermilk is healthy drink taken along with meals. You can drink it plain, little salt, with herbs, with spices, or even sweetened.

Buttermilk is prepared using a few spoons of natural yogurt mixed with plain water and blend them well to remove lumps. If you want, you can add some spices such as cumin powder, pepper, ginger, green chilies, curry leaves, and coriander leaves that are crushed and added to the mixture to enhance its taste and therapeutic benefits.

Health benefits of buttermilk

Digestive aid

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Buttermilk is rich in probiotic microbes that helps to promote digestion, and has a positive impact on the immune system. These healthy microbes prevent the proliferation of unhealthy bacteria which is why buttermilk can treat and even prevent stomach infections and diarrhea.

Buttermilk with ginger and jeera soothe the digestive system and prevent indigestion and excessive gas. With the presence of good bacteria and carbohydrates present in buttermilk has extraordinarily benefits that improve the immunity of the body. On the other hand vitamins, minerals and probiotics make the digestive system stronger.

Summer drink

Rather than choosing the cool drinks and other beverages, it is always recommended to prefer the buttermilk in the summer season because it reduces the heat and makes you cool.

Buttermilk contains salt, assorted electrolytes and water that makes it the perfect way to stave off dehydration. It is better to carry a bottle of cold buttermilk with you so that you can chug it down whenever the heat starts to get to you.

Weight loss choice

People who are craving to lose weight need to increase the intake of buttermilk to quest many benefits. Whenever you feel hungry, eat less with the addition of glass full of buttermilk. Buttermilk has various nutrients such as minerals like phosphorus, potassium and calcium.

Reduces blood pressure

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On daily consumption of buttermilk can lower blood pressure. It has an individual that is slightly and moderately high blood pressure. This effect is due to the presence of unique protein in buttermilk that can lower cholesterol levels.

Beauty benefits of buttermilk

Reduces the marks

Buttermilk is rich in lactic acid and alpha hydroxy acid, which is used in most of the beauty products and treatments. This lactic acid helps to soften and brighten skin. To unmark the marks and spots caused due to various reasons like scratches or acne or some other, you can try this.

Grind dry orange peel and combine it with buttermilk to make a paste. Apply this paste on your skin and gently massage on your skin. Leave it for about 30 minutes. Then, wash it off with cold water. You will notice visible changes in your skin within a month.

Cleanses the skin

Buttermilk works as an excellent cleanser for the skin. Buttermilk is used to cleanse and nourish your skin. Mix equal amount of buttermilk and rose water. Add a drop of almond oil to the mixture.

Soak a cotton pad in this liquid and gently scrub your face clean of dirt and grime. Leave it at least an hour and then rinse it off with cold water. Repeat it regularly for optimum buttermilk skin benefits.

Makes the scalp cool

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Take a banana and one cup of buttermilk. Blend them well and apply this paste to your hair and scalp. Leave it for about an hour and then wash it off with cold water.

This is the perfect solution for those with frizzy hair and it helps to leave your hair soft and free of knots.

Alternative method, apply the buttermilk alone or in addition with lemon extract to the scalp and leave it for an hour. Rinse off with cold water and find your hair gorgeous.

Reduces sunburns

Blend half a cup of cold buttermilk along with half a tomato and a handful of mint leaves. Apply this liquid to your skin. Leave it until it dry up.  It helps to soothe your sunburn and accelerate the healing process.