Best Health benefits of Curd(yogurt)

It is a proven fact that yogurt is good for the health. Most people love to have curd. The taste of the curd is yummy and the same is available in most of the Indian households. You can never deny the versatility of curd and the same comes with lots of health benefits. In this article you will come to know of the fact that how curd can help you stay fit and healthy. It is loaded with health benefits and these are good for you.

Curd makes the digestive system active and effective

Beauty & health benefits of yogurt

The intake of curd will help you have an effective digestive system. Curd has all the essential nutrients and these are well absorbed by the body. Curd even helps the digestive system absorb the essential nutrients from the other food items. It can be eaten with the spicy food items as curd can help in lessen the amount of heat created by hot and spicy eatables. Curd even helps in curing the H. Pyloric Infections and this is known to give way to peptic ulcers. There are even several home remedies which would help you have the best cure of peptic ulcer and curd is one of them. The daily intake of the curd is sure to help you have the perfect digestive mechanism.

Curd is best if you are lacto allergic

If you are intolerant to lactose you can have curd. If you cannot drink milk only because of the reason that you have allergic affects due to the consumption of lactose curd is absolutely safe for you. It perfectly converts the lactose of the milk to the form of lactic acid and this makes digestion of the food so easy and simple. At the same time you get all the goodness of the milk. This is the reason if your child is lacto allergic from the childhood it is best that you make him eat curd.

Curd makes bones and teeth strong

Like all the other dairy items curd too is extremely beneficial for the teeth and the bones. Just like the milk you are sure to have curd with rich content of calcium and phosphorous. This is the reason curd is best for the teeth and the bones. It helps in the perfect growth of the bones and at the same time helps the teeth become stronger. It is important that you take apt care of the teeth especially if you are suffering from ailments like osteoporosis and regular intake of curd will also save you from arthritis.

Curd helps in healing dandruff

How to use yogurt in beauty care

It is interesting to know that the regular application of curd can help in curing problems of dandruff. In fact, this is the trusted homemade solution to help you stay aloof from irritating dandruff. Curd has lactic acid and this is the best to have all the antifungal features. You don’t have to add anything else with curd. You can apply the same straight on the hair. This gives the hair the perfect nourishment and the hair feels good after the wash.

Curd helps in curing stress and tension

Do you know that curd can help you feel less anxious? It is the best solution for stress and anxiety. Once you are stressed your health is badly affected. This is the reason it is good to have regular curd intake. When you eat curd it helps in lowering the activities in the brain in relation to pain and emotion. This is the trusted natural solution in order to ease out stress. This is the reason if you start feeling depressed all of a sudden you should have the amount of curd to have the perfect mood status.

Curd helps in proper weight reduction

It is best to have curd as part of your diet plan as this is the food item which has the magical power to help you have the reduced weight. In fact, the presence of calcium in curd will prevent the body from pumping the extra amount of cortisol. When the amount of cortisol in the body becomes imperfect you tend to suffer from ailments like obesity, hypertension and cholesterol. This is the reason it is important that you take to the intake of curd which is sure to help you stay safe from the said diseases.