Foods/diet to enhance your beauty

Only makeup and application of creams and cosmetics may not enhance your beauty, rather the food that you eat also contributes in giving your skin and face look beautiful and advantageous. In order to get a beautiful skin right from inside, it will be important for you to have some healthy food regularly in your diet routine. You must have seen many ladies without makeup but their skin glows like anything.

This is probably the effect of the food that we eat. Even there are some people quite visible with wrinkled skin tone. The reason behind it is consumption of excessive junk food and the curries rich in oils and spices. Your appearance will be easily affected if any of your organs is not well or unhealthy. Healthy skin of a person is affected due to excessive stressful routine both physical and mental faced by different individuals. But, the healthy food contributes a lot in making your skin glow again along with a wonderful physical appearance. Let has have a look at the food that enhances beauty.

Coating your face with the cosmetic products and getting the high end beauty parlor treatments help your skin to glow for some extent, but there are foods – beauty foods, which have the magic to spread radiance on your face. Yes! They are not discovered newly, they are hidden inside our daily routine food items but the key is most of the people don’t know what are they and how do they work on our skin and make it healthy, glowing and youthful! So, this article is dedicated for the people who are thriving to get the natural beauty.

Some people think applying makeup is all about staying beautiful.  This is not true always. Makeup can make you beautiful on a temporary basis. Rather, you need to keep your skin healthy and clear with some food habits. Thus, the beautician asks everybody to have proper nutritious food along with the skin treatment. Have you even seen your favorite celebrities without makeup? You would be better looking than them when they are seen without makeup. Since they are accustomed with makeup, they don’t look good without makeup. Thus, it is better to apply very less makeup and care your skin in a natural way. Let us find out some food to enhance beauty.

Foods to enhance beauty


Top healthiest foods

Sipping 1-2 cups of coffee a day is one of the super beauty food you can choose. Indeed coffee consists of rich amounts of antioxidants – the fighters of free radical molecules, which helps to keep down the wrinkles and fine lines on the face as we age. They are necessary to protect the skin from the sun damage and to restrict the break of collagen in the body.  Coffee beans pertains to heat stable category, so when you drink a cup of coffee in the morning, all the antioxidants will be perfectly observed by the body unlike the other plants and veggies. A cup of coffee consists of more antioxidants than in a cup of fruit juice. Coffee controls the insulin there by the blood sugar levels will also be lowered. But keep your limit to two cups.


Lemons are another beauty food you can add to your food items and juices. The high vitamin C amounts in the lemon works like detoxifying agents, they helps in removing the bad from the kidneys, liver and colon, there by the system will be cleaned and promotes the good skin from within body. It lifts the taste of any food item whether it is a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian. Lemons are the sources of nutrition so add it in your daily diet.


The strong smell from the garlic may not give you the good breath, but is required for ahealthy diet and healthy body. It consists of rich amounts of antioxidants, vital mineral selenium and the traces of B vitamins, by which it become a super food to maintain thebeauty.

The antioxidants keeps the aging problems away whereas the mineral selenium is major for the maintenance of good skin condition, hair and nail health, and is good for the health as like the remaining minerals. Selenium is available at sunflower seeds, Brazil nuts, garlic and some of the animal sources of protein.

Green tea

Beauty tips for glowing skin

There few alkaline foods available to us, among them green tea is a simply made recipe. Remember the foods which are known to be alkaline in nature works active in reducing the acidity and inflammation in the body there by our skin looks great. Most of the people prefer green tea to help their waistline, heart and the diet but is highly recommended due to its antioxidants and alkaline nature. In addition to the above all green tea have the heart healthy compounds and the compounds which aids in reducing the anxiety.


You can now get a golden glow on your face by consumption of orange in a day. You must have seen people belonging to countries with winter climate who have a fair and flowing skin. It is juts due to the reason that oranges grow in ample in such places which is also known as citrus fruit. These fruits have vitamin C that heals different types of skin infection right from the depth of the skin layer. It will remove all toxins from your body and boost a golden hue to the skin.


You must consume good amount of vegetables in your meal as it helps in increasing your bowel movement and initiate a proper digestion procedure. People suffering from constipation or an improper bowel movement get its remains over their faces in the form of small spots. This looks really odd when you are out with your friends or facing an official meeting. But, if you can consume green vegetables on a regular basis this will help you regulate your bowel movement and a clear skin.


Best healthy diet foods

Tomatoes are used in curries to make it tastier or are also used as one of the ingredients in salads. You can easily stay away from tan skin due to excessive exposure of the skin with the regular consumption of tomato in the raw form. You can also get natural radiance over your skin layer with the help of these tomatoes. You must have used tomato face packs for your skin to look good. But tomato consumption is really good for your skin as this will absorb excessive fat and make your face look plump and attractive.

Sweet potatoes and banana

Your diet chart should also contain banana as well as sweet potatoes as potassium content in these foods are also really essential for your body. The iron content in banana is very essential for individuals especially ladies as they need to lose blood from their body on a regular basis. It is really important for the pregnant lady to have banana on a regular basis as loss of blood is quite common in such a situation. Banana helps in increasing red blood cells in your body so that the lady can make herself capable to hold the baby inside and stay healthy herself as well.


Avocados is a wonderful fruit that helps in removing the brittle as well as dry skin formed over the body. You should consume ripe Avocado at least twice in a week to stay away from brittle skin tone. 30 years of age look like 40, with the dry and brittle skin tone. Thus, this is the time to  be cautious about the skin tone and go ahead with regularhealthy diet. Along with consumption of this fruit you can also make a wonderful face pack with it just by taking out the ripe pulpy portion of the Avocado. Mix it with milk and then apply it over your skin. Do this once in a day to get a moisturized, brittle free andbeautiful skin tone. Try this today and see the difference on your skin health.

Black berries

How to get the glowing skin

Blackberries are organic foods which can be grown right at your orchard. You can consume adequate quantity of such black berries to enhance your view with regards to your facial presentation.  This has antioxidants that will help reducing wrinkles and fine lines that grow on your face.

Tofu for beauty boost

Tofu is a quality food that is having lean protein as one of its constituents. This won’t make you flabby and bulky.  The food also contains isoflavones which is a particular variation of organic compound. The food is having powerful antioxidant capacity.  This will have a control over the breakdown of collagen. This includes the protein that will support your scalp and restrict hair fall.


Cocoa is an ingredient that helps in making your skin soft and beautiful. The beauty products manufacturing companies have manufactured facial packs that include cocoa butter. Now you can use cocoa in natural form to help your skin benefit. This is really wonderful in improving your skin texture. All you have to do is take a spoon of cocoa powder and mix it with half spoon of honey and same quantity of milk.  Apply it over your face and keep it for 20 minutes. There after you must wash it and see the difference.


Cucumber provides a great boost to your skin and beauty. You can get a clean and beautiful skin tone with the natural cucumber face pack. Apply the juice of cucumber over your face and keep for 20 minutes. Once the fluid is dry you can wash it with simple cold water. This can give you a fresh feeling with the cucumber extract over your skin tone. Do this regularly and see the difference.