How to get rid of white / gray hair. Tips to reduce white hair

It does not from which part of the world you are belong from. You can suffer greatly by premature hair graying.  What is annoying when you look into the mirror, a grey hair? You have not turned that old, but in spite of that caught by white hair. It decreases your inner confidence and you get conservative in making a social appearance.

It has not spared any age group, as today even a child can witness the same. Old age arrives with plenty of grey hair on your scalp and it is obvious too. There are certain home based remedies which can help you in a lot of ways to cope up with the problem of white hair on the scalp, so that next time you won’t get in the eyes of the people.

There is no age of graying your hair. Your hair can prematurely get grey in any age. The normal age of graying hair for Asian people is mid 30 but for African and American people the age of graying hair is mid 40.

White hair comes with the age factor as the hair loses its pigmentation and turns white. However, genetic issues, heredity, illness are other factors causing this problem. Getting grey hair is quite embarrassing and disheartening. Let’s find the solutions to come out with this problem.

Here are some effective Home remedies to get rid from gray hair.

How to get rid of white hair?

Amla to prevent white hair (Indian gooseberry)

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Amla is said to be valuable as stones. Here are thousands of benefits of using Amla, so as in hair. One of the most effective techniques which have been passed on from generation to generations is application of Amla on the scalp. People who have oily hair they can not use oil to their scalp externally. In such cases the Amla is the perfect solution to get rid from Gray hair. Amla is also known as India Gooseberry. Not only applying but also you can eat Amla as pickle or you can eat it raw. An Amla has the twice Antiscorbutic value as an orange. The most important thing is Amla does not lose its quality even if you make its pickle, or you boil it. The quality remains intact.

  • Soak dried Amla pieces in water overnight and apply it the next day.
  • Massage Amla paste or Amla hair oil on scalp daily to get those lustrous traces.

Fenugreek to reduce white hair

This is the tips of grandmother. This is an old wives technique to get rid from Grey hair. This seed is not only useful for hair but also for the whole body.

  • It is a great health supplement which benefits the entire body.
  • Consuming adequate amount of fenugreek sprouts daily.
  • Fenugreek paste is also applied on the hair to prevent premature grey hair.

Sesame seeds to remove white hair

You can prevent the graying of hair. But what about those which are already gray?? The sesame seed works surprisingly on this act.

  • Take almond oil and mix it up with the grounded sesame seeds to make a paste out of it. Apply the paste on the scalp for about 20-25 minutes to see wonders.
  • Making sesame seeds as a diet supplement also empower quality results.

Even you can apply sesame seeds along with carrot juice. It will give you e very effective result.


How to use fenugreek seeds

An ancient remedy our grandmas were always advising for, ghee is great for shining hair and prevents greying of hair. Massage your hair with clarified butter two times a week.


Before taking bath, apply onion juice on hair scalp and put it on for about 30 minutes. Rinse your hair accompanied by shampoo.

Carrot juice

Carrots have a list of health benefits. But many people don’t know that carrot prevents whitening of hair also. Consuming a glass of carrot juice regularly can avoid white hair.

Black tea

Take a cup of black tea (without sugar and milk) and add 1 tbsp of salt in it. Mix well and apply it to the hair and scalp. After an hour rinse it with plain water. It will act like a natural conditioner to your hair. It will make your hair shiny and gorgeous.  You can also use it as a natural conditioner. Make light liquor and wash your hair with this liquor after shampoo.

Henna for grey hair

We all are aware about the appreciable effect of henna on hair. It is easily available and possesses effective results. Henna is a natural colorant to our hair. It gives a natural shiny color to the hair. Besides coloring your hair it conditions your hair too. It gives strength to your hair.

Take henna powder (2 tbsp), yogurt (1 tbsp), fenugreek (1 tbsp), coffee (3tbsp), basil (2 tbsp), and mint juice (3tbsp).

Mix all well to get a paste like consistency and apply on your hair followed by washing after 2 to 3 hours.

Wheat sprouts to treat white hair

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A healthy supplement is wheat sprouts, consuming the juice of wheat sprouts daily can also help to resist premature grey hair.

What you intake does matter, as it is compelled on your health. The grey hair before age is also a significant reason for improper health habit. You need to consume what shows on your health and appearance. A stringent routine based on a quality health must be executed to flaunt that everlasting look.

Lime juice and coconut oil – A great combination

Hair needs food as our body. Nourishment is a necessary thing for ones hair. Coconut oil gives natural nourishment to your hair. It nourishes your skin, stimulates your hair growth and helps to fight against the fungal infections. If you use this solution for a month you will see that it helps to remove the gray hair, because it is packed with tons of antibiotics.

  • Mix coconut oil and small amount of Lemon juice together.
  • Apply in your hair and massage your scalp thoroughly with the figure tips.