Common hair problems – best home remedies for the common hair problems

Hair care is the necessary thing to good and healthy hair. The hair care involves the maintaining hair healthy, treats the hair problems and gives the beauty to the hair. Many of us treat the hair normally. They will not take extra care for the hair. Extra care is necessary for the good healthy hair. The hair can be appearing looking good when it is without any hair problem. Common hair problems faces by these days are oily hair, itchy scalp, dry hair, damaged hair etc. Find the home remedies to treat the hair problems.

The common hair problems to people include hair fall, premature graying of hair and dandruff. The home remedies are really popular to drive away these common hair problems ideally in a natural way. Instead of trusting the shampoos and hair masks that are available in the market, just go for the effective home remedies to treat the common hair problems. Apart from pollution and adulteration in diet, it is equally important to check your stress level as this can also give rise to variety of hair problems. You must go ahead with meditation in order to control stress. It has also been proved that the stress level gives rise to premature graying of hair. But you can now get some effective natural remedies to treat the common hair problems.

Home remedies for the hair problems

Hair conditioner

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The egg is the normal hair conditioner. Egg for the conditioner uses the total egg. Egg white helps for the oily and greasy hair. Egg yolk is for control the dry and broken hair. Apply the egg according to the hair type. Suppose if you have the dry hair, apply the egg yolk on the hair leave it for 20minutes and then wash it off. If you have the oily hair uses the egg white. If you want to use the egg as conditioner use the whole egg.

Damaged and dull hair

Apply the plain curd all over the hair evenly. Wait for 20 minutes then wash your hair with the cool water. The curd contains the lactic acid strengthen the hair from the roots. This damaged hair is due to pollution and hair styling products makes your hair dull and damaged so avoid them.

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Treat the itchy scalp

Itchy scalp is due to the improper diet, environmental changes and stress. The itchy scalp can be treated with the 2tbspof lemon juice and 2 tbsp of olive oil. Mix the bothwell. Now apply this solution on the hair scalp. Leave it for 30 minutes now wash the it off.

For limp hair

Apply the beer directly on the hair. The yeast in the beer helps for the hair. Add the egg and 1 tbsp of sunflower oil and 1/2cup beer. Apply this mixture on the hair to life can be get back into your hair.

Sun damaged hair

Take the ¼ cup of honey in to the bowl. Now add the 5-6tbspof olive oil.mix them well. Now apply this solution on the hair. The sun damaged hair can be treated with this solution. Honey keeps the moisture in the sun damaged hair and olive oil is the natural hair conditioner with extra vitamin E.

Frizzy hair treatment

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Take the fine ripe avocado and mesh the avocado. Apply this avocado on the hair. Wash it off after 20 minutes. Mix the avocado with the curd or egg yolk makes your hair free from frizzy.

Patchy hair with baking soda

Take the baking soda and mix the water with baking soda. Apply this baking soda mixture on the hair scalp. This helps to free the unwanted reside hidden on the hair.


One of the effective remedies of curing some common hair problems can be provided through various forms of coconut.  The milk from coconut extracted in a natural way contains the essential mineral, essential fats as well as protein.  This natural formula also contains iron and potassium which helps in reducing hair breakage.  You can also use coconut oil to strengthen your hair root and reduce hair fall completely. You must go ahead with coconut hair oil massage on a regular basis by heating it for some time.  After putting it in your scalp, massage it with your finger tips. Do this at night before going to bed.


Indian Gooseberry or Alma is an effective remedy to reduce many types of hair problems.  Since it has vitamin C, it will wipe away all oxidants from your skin and scalp. You need to take some Indian gooseberry and cut it in pieces. Now dry it under the sun and make powder out of it. Now combine a spoon of amla powder in a spoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Apply this mixture over your scalp in such a way that it covers the entire portion.  This will effectively reduce the hair falls.

Aloe vera gel

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If you have the Aloe Vera plant in your kitchen garden, the best way to extract its benefits is plug the leaves and tear it from the middle. You will get the Aloe Vera gel inside which is very effective in reducing dandruff from your scalp and keeping your scalp soothing. The natural extract also has the anti fungal as well as anti bacterial properties which will easily reduce the amount of dandruff over your scalp. First of all take the gel out of the leaves and apply it over your scalp covering each portion. Now keep this gel intact for 30 minutes.  Once the time is over you need to wash your hair with a trusted shampoo.


You all must be aware that apple has a wonderful benefit for health but how is it beneficial for your hair is an important factor. Even the apple has both anti inflammatory as well as anti fungal properties that will help removing dandruff from your scalp. You can now make a paste with the orange juice and apply pulp. Mix both of them together and apply over your scalp. Make sure that the pulp and the mixture covers the wider portion of your scalp especially the corners and the hair roots.  Keep it at rest for 20- 30 days. This will be really effective to remove dandruff from your scalp ideally.

Vegetable oil

When your hair becomes dry, it becomes prone to brittleness and leads to hair breakage. Thus, this is also one of the reasons of damaged hair. Oiling with vegetable oil can help removing dryness from the hair shaft and replace it with proper moisturizing agent. You need to take a spoon of vegetable oil and heat it under the flame for 1 minute. Let it become lukewarm in appearance and also tolerable to your skin. Now apply vegetable oil over your hair covering its roots as well. Use your finger tips to massage your scalp. Now cover your hair with a towel while you are approaching bed at night. This will give your hair a healthy texture and reduce all common problems suffered by people.