Best tips to stop and prevent the hair fall / hair loss

Hair fall is most common problem we watch out among many people due to several reasons, one may experience the fall due to insufficient diet and other due to pollutants, artificial colors or stress. What ever the condition may be, go natural and keep your hair growing with these simple tips.

You can only think of styling your hair if hair fall does not take its place creating other types of hair problems. Attractive locks can only take its place it you have been enjoying without the complaint of hair fall. Today, not one or two but thousands of people are suffering from the problem of hair loss due to one or the other reasons. Dandruff and baldness can be the result of excessive hair fall or can also be vice versa. Since women are always cautious about their beauty, hair is one of the important parts of their beauty standard. Hair fall can easily make their face and physical appearance feeble. Sometimes due to excess use of chemicals and cosmetic products in the market, people have experienced hair loss. When you are going to a treatment or remedy, it is always better to adopt natural and home remedies.

Tips to prevent hair loss

Hot oil therapy

Best tips for hair loss prevention

Pick oil of any kind like coconut oil, olive or canola and boil it up, after heating for five to six minutes get it down and allow it to reach room temperature. Massage the oil to the scalp with the fingertips and keep a bath cap for an hour. Then rinse off the hair with warm water.

Coconut oil

Cut the coconut into pieces and grind them, squeeze and filter the milk from it, apply over the scalp and calm down for an hour to two and rinse off. The fine tissue nourishing properties will makes your hair strong and you can notice the less hair fall with this tip.

Apply extracts

Grind or blend the garlic and separate the juice from it, apply to the scalp and leave it for whole night and take a shower in the morning. You can also use onion or ginger instead of garlic. Using of the garlic and ginger may give pop up little burns, so check yourself before applying to the entire scalp.

Massage your head

Try to give massage for your head at least two times a week, it improves the circulation of blood. Good blood circulation promotes the activeness of the hair follicles and strengths the roots. The levels of circulation can be increased with the addition of sesame oil or almond oil or any essential oil.

Use green tea

Home remedies to prevent hair loss

One of the easiest and effective method to reduce the hair fall is using green tea. Warm the green tea and apply it to entire scalp with the help of q-tip, allow it for an hour and rinse off thoroughly. The rich antioxidants present in the green tea will boost up the hair growth and also fights with falling hair.


We can see people with hair loss though their care is excellent from external and internal, so in such conditions we can suspect the hair fall problem is due to mental tension and stress. To come out from the stress scales practice meditation, it also restores the hormonal imbalance.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is consisting of natural conditioners and vitamins which can help prevent the hair fall. Cut a tentacle and remove the gel from it. Apply the gel to scalp and rinse off with lukewarm water after an hour. It works effectively for the dry, infected and irritated scalp. Work with this for two times a week to nab the best results.

Neem hair tonic

Neem has got many advantages for the skin, hair and health. It has many benefits when it is used regularly. To prepare the hair tonic with neem, boil the neem leaves in water and let it to become half of its initial amount. Rinse off the hair by using this topic for two to three times a week to get rid off the hair fall problem.

Onion juice

How to use methi seeds for hair

It has been years when you heard your grandmother suggesting you about onion juice. You can now choose among drinking or applying onion juice over the root of each hair. You can take an onion of big size and cut it after peeling it. Now, put it in the grinder and add some water. Make a puree out of it and Steve the pulp from the liquid. Apply the liquid juice over your hair root or drink that glass of onion juice to stop hair loss naturally.

Drink water

Hair fall would ask you to do the worst thing, i.e drinking gallons of water. Many people are very lazy about drinking water but on not drinking the same they might end up with variety of complications along with hair fall. You must drink enough water as it will wash away the toxins present in our body and blood which makes the hair follicles weak and gives rise to hair fall.

Egg yolk and green tea mask

In order to make a healthy hair mass, the main ingredients required are a single egg and green tea. Break the egg in a container and separate the egg white from egg yolk. Now prepare green tea separately in another container. Once the green tea is prepared add 2 tablespoon of the solution over the container where the egg yolk is present. Now beat the egg yolk where the green tea is present and let the color change into light peach. Apply this solution over your hair by using a hand gloves so that it touches each hair follicles and the roots. Keep this for 30 minutes and wash with cold water.

Consumption of balanced diet

Best homemade hair masks

When you are going to control hair fall, it’s not only the hair where you should add or apply several things, rather it is equally important to take care of your diet. The food you eat also affects your hair especially when you are recklessly consuming fast foods. Deficiency of certain vitamins nad minerals in your diet can also lead to hair fall.  Thus, it is always important to avail a balanced diet that contains right amount of carbohydrates, vitamins, fats and minerals. Green leafy vegetables and mega 3 fatty acids are also very essential for your hair health.

Wide toothed comb

Sometimes comb is also responsible to create hair fall especially when you are using a wrong comb. If you are suffering from excessive hair fall, using comb with bigger gaps will be suitable. If you have messy hair, hair struggles to pass through the comb with narrow gaps and gives rise to hair break. But the wide toothed comb is very well suitable for the hairs that have the risk of hair fall.

Stop combing wet hair

Wet hair is really sensitive and needs extra care especially when you are combing the hair. It is better not to use a comb when your hair is wet. Stand in front of the fan or under the sunlight so that your hair becomes dry naturally. Do not use a hair drying as well as this can make your hair dry and gives rise to hair break. Follow the simple tips when your hair is wet and enjoy the benefit of healthy hair.