Natural homemade skin care tips for men and women

Both men and women have a desire to stay beautiful not from outside but even from inside. The skin is one of the important parts of your body that covers your interiors and makes you beautiful. But, if your skin catches up with damage layer, it will be really pathetic for you. If you don’t care your skin on a regular basis, this can end up with skin damage.

You need to take regular care of your skin and follow some strict skin care routine. Let us explore some of the natural skin care tips for both men and women.

It is necessary for both men and women to look after their skin. But it is commonly found that men are giving less preference to their skin care and spend more time on new attires, accessories, haircuts and gels.

They are concerned in maintaining a good diet and fitness. It is found that men’s skin is oilier than women and they have larger pores. Hence care of the skin is equally required by men and women.

Both men and women have three types of skin—dry, oily and combined or normal. The following natural remedies can be used according to each one’s skin type. Natural remedies of skin care are causing no danger and there are no side effects.

Facial masks

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The skin on the face tends to get affected more than any other part. With getting exposed to Sun’s harmful rays, chemicals (through makeup and other products), pollutants, and harsh cleansers, the facial skin would require more than a routine treatment to stay supple and soft.

Home remedies for the finest facial masks  are the most sort after subject by most of the youngsters, especially women.

There are wide range of ingredients that could be used to prepare facial masks at home. Most of these masks have a variety of ingredients mixed together to get that flawless and glowing skin. Some of the most common ingredients used in facial masks are as follows:

  • Honey: Nourishes the skin and keeps it naturally soft and smooth
  • Lemon: Almost a part of every skin and hair mask, lemon is considered to be the best natural remedy for every skin and hair related issues. Lemons are also good to heal a variety of stomach related ailments like indigestion, nausea and vomiting, burning sensation in the stomach and chest etc. Apart from these lemon and honey together acts as a very good remedy for curing cough and cold.
  • Turmeric: This is one ingredient that’s been used from ancient times to heal any kind of skin related issues. Turmeric is anti-bacterial in nature and helps in healing skin infections, wounds, cuts etc. Turmeric along with multani mitti (also known as fullers earth), sandalwood powder, milk and honey acts as a very good facial mask. Only turmeric with water/rose water can also be used on the entire body to lighten the complexion by 2-3 shades. However as turmeric is highly pigmented it should be used a day before going out else it will leave yellow stains on your skin.

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  • Milk: This could be used as a natural moisturizer. The creamy like texture of the milk leaves your skin smooth and flawless. Just massage your skin with raw milk or dip a bread slice in the milk and rub it on your face till it dries out and falls like dirt, it will help it getting rid of dead skin cells and also gets a radiant glow on your face. This is one of the easiest and fastest way to get a natural and lasting glow on the face.
  • Multani mitti: Also known as fullers earth, this ingredient is extremely important to get a smooth and flawless skin. It could be used along with milk, honey, rose water, turmeric powder, sandalwood powder or lemon. It acts as a perfect facial mask for every occasion.
  • Essential oils: Essential oils like almond oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, lavender, peppermint oil, tea leaf oil etc are very important to attain a youthful and beautiful skin. A combination of olive, almond and castor oil acts as a perfect remedy to a acne free skin. Just take a few drops of oil in a small bowl, mix it well and massage either the face & neck or the entire body with this mixture and notice the difference. It yields best results when left overnight on the face/body.

Apart from these you should also try the following tips

  1. Use a good facial cleanser before and after applying makeup on your skin.
  2. As far as possible use antibacterial products
  3. Try out the natural remedies to fix any skin related issue rather than resorting to chemical based treatments (which will only worsen the skin condition in the long run)
  4. Moisturize your skin daily
  5. Use a good quality toner or make a homemade toner using natural ingredients

Remember natural beauty comes from natural products. Do not give into any harsh chemical based products that will do nothing other than just worsening your skin condition. There are more than required remedies in your kitchen just stroll through and get a quick fix to all your skin related issues.

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Cleanse: Cleansing the skin is a very essential. Cleansing is just a fancy word for washing the face which should be done twice a day—every morning and at night, before going to bed.

This is to be done to remove the hidden dirt and grime caused by daily pollution, exhausts, smoking and room deodorizers. Washing with ordinary soaps will not be beneficial. It requires a good facial cleanser. When the skin is not cleansed on daily basis, the excess grime and oil could cause clogged pores and breakouts.

Exfoliate: Exfoliation is the process of removing the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin to reveal the new skin cells from beneath.  It also helps to clean the dirty stuff that can clog the pores. Normally the skin exfoliate naturally, but as age advances the process tends to slow down and it needs help.

Moisturize: Moisturizer is required to soothe the skin by replenishing the necessary oils from the skin. Men’s skin becomes harsh after shaving.It is better to choose  a moisturizer that contains SPF that  helps to  protect  the skin  from exposure to the sun’s damaging rays which can lead to premature aging, fine lines, wrinkles and  can also cause skin cancer

Eyes: The skin around our eyes lacks in both sweat and oil glands  and so the area shows  signs of  dehydration in the form of fine lines and wrinkles easily. The expression lines on the thin layer of the skin around the eyes can grow into wrinkles easily. A hydrating eye cream can be used twice a day to hydrate, smoothen and protect the skin around the eyes.

Lips: Like the skin around our eyes, the lips also lack in sweat and oil glands. They age drastically with time and lose their collagen. They start looking dull and fine lines and wrinkles can be seen running in different directions on the lips. They need added protection which can be given by lip balms containing SPF

Homemade masks for skin care for men and women

Daily skin care tips

  • Oatmeal and onion purée face mask: A mask formed by onion purée, leftover oats and mineral water replenishes the skin the best way. Oatmeal helps in clearing clogged pores and the anti-inflammatory property in onions help in healing acne scars. It is an excellent mask for oily skin.
  • Lemon and yogurt whitening mask is highly beneficial in fading acne marks by the bleaching property of lemon.
  • Yogurt face scrub is one of the most natural preparations made by using brewer’s yeast, yogurt, almond meal and honey. All these ingredients when blended and applied on the skin promotes effective blood circulation to the face.  The healing properties of honey helps in getting rid of acne and other skin problems.
  • Clay and egg masks provides a shield  on the  skin from harsh environmental factors,  sun, dirt and pollution Add egg white and corn flour to the two main products  white clay and chamomile oil and make a paste.. It is a great mask for deep cleansing and face lifting.
  • Apple cider and aspirin toner—Crush two tablets of aspirin and mix with apple cider vinegar and water to make a toner. It softens the skin and provides a smooth skin.

A healthy skin care routine is just as important for men as it is for women.  Men’s skin is very thick and has more pores and there are more collagen fibers than women. The sebaceous glands in men are more active and so their skin becomes oilier.

Natural homemade skin care tips for men and women

Face wash regularly

Best skin care tips

Both men and women must clean their face with a regular face wash. Once early in the morning cleaning of face is vital so that you can get rejuvenation.

There after you will be working whole day with enough carbon deposition over your skin. This is the time when you need to clean your face once again. Use any face wash to do this that suits your skin.

Skin toning

There are certainly times when the blocked pores of your skin need to be opened. Here is where the skin toning works in an effective way. Just after cleaning your face, you can do this toning work. Take toners and get few drops of it in a cotton ball.

Now rub that cotton ball over your face such that the dirt gets clicked on the cotton ball. Slowly you can see the cotton ball becoming dark brown or black. This will open your skin pores and help your skin to breathe.

Aloe vera gel

Now comes the part of moisturizing which will keep your skin protected from further dirt accumulation and damage. If you don’t want to use the moisturizer available in the market, you can easily get it done with Aloe Vera gel.  This is a natural extract that helps you stay hydrated and free from excess oil. Aloe Vera gel also has many more skin care benefits.  This will remove dark spots from your face.