Top health benefits of taking Sweet potatoes / yams

People are consuming potatoes regularly in breakfast while making sandwich, vegetable curries lunch and dinner. There are also some drawbacks of such potatoes as it is high in sugar, diabetic people can be in trouble. But, apart from those potatoes that are used in making curries, there are also sweet potatoes which can be consumed regularly to get some vital nutrients.  It is very important to note that the sweet potatoes are inexpensive and delicious in taste. You need to have a look at some of the important health benefits of the sweet potatoes that are really essential for your health.

Sweet potatoes or yams are good food that everyone should include them in their diet. They contain the fiber which easily digests. Sweet potatoes are good food for the diabetic patients. They contain the vitamins fibers and carbohydrates .So they have many health benefits .Below are the some of the health benefits.

Working as antioxidants

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Sweet potatoes contain the beta carotene and vitamin A .It also contains the vitamin C. vitamin A and Vitamin C together works well as antioxidants to remove the dead blood cells in the body. These antioxidant properties prevent us from getting blood cancer and heart diseases.

Anti cancer food

Sweet potatoes or yams contain the carcinogen and beta carotene will helps to prevent the cancer by working as antioxidants in the body. Yams prevent the cancers like colonel cancer, blood cancer, kidney cancer etc.

Anti-inflammatory agents

Yams contain the magnesium, zinc, vitamin B .They work as Anti inflammatory agents in the body

Easy digestive food

Sweet potatoes contain the rich fiber they are helpful in the food digestion. Sweet potatoes are just starch and carbohydrates nothing more than that. So they are easily digestive mainly in mouth .They are also helpful in avoid the stomach ulcers.

Cure congestion

Sweet potatoes contain the iron, vitamin C which are helpful in  cure the congestion nose, lungs.

Diet for pregnancy women

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Yams contain the folate , folic acid which are best supplements for the pregnancy women. This folic acid is much important for the baby’s formation and proper birth defect free baby. Yams do it for it’s folic acid.

Strong muscles

Yams contain the potassium which helps in building the muscles strong. Bananas are also rich sources of potassium.

Healthy heart

Sweet potatoes contain the potassium which is helpful in maintain the body fluid levels and electorate the blood levels in the body. they prevent the heart attacks and heart blocking problems.

Top health benefits of sweet potatoes

Preventing cold and flue

Sweet potatoes have good amount of vitamin C which can be easily supplied to various parts of your body after consumption.  Since different people have been consuming vitamin C regularly in their diet, they want themselves to stay strong with regards to immunity power. Whenever any sort of virus spreading cold and flu attacks, vitamin C in sweet potatoes will play an important role to eradicate that virus completely.

Strengthening bones

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Today, hardly any individual or kids can take the natural vitamin D from sunlight as they are quite busy with their work at office or home during the time when the sunlight is not very strong but people can stay under it to get vitamin D naturally. Thus, you can consume sweet potatoes which can be another wonderful substitute to vitamin D. You can get healthy and strong bones with the vitamin D present in sweet potatoes.  Even for strengthening the root of your teeth, this vitamin D within your body is essential.

Skin elasticity

Today, ladies crossing 35 years of age complains about wrinkles over the skin layer. This is due to the fact that the skin has become inelastic in nature. Now, a natural way of bringing back the skin elasticity is done through regular consumption of sweet potatoes. You will stay youthful and beautiful for a longer period of time with regular consumption of sweet potatoes.  Stress is also one of the reasons behind getting wrinkles all over the skin.  Since the toxin production inside the body can be restricted with sweet potatoes consumption, you can easily get a very clear and youthful skin tone.

Anti stress medication

People are highly stressed out throughout the day due to variety of workload and target issues.  Thus, something must be done in order to bring the stress down completely.  Sweet potatoes are an important way to do so as it contains good amount of magnesium which can provide a way of relaxation. Even to make the various parts of the body such as muscle, bones, heart, and nerve to function well, magnesium is very well required. One of the effective natural ingredients to keep adequate level of magnesium in your body is sweet potato. It has been found out that most of the people are deficient due to this mineral throughout the world which must be substituted adequately either naturally or through supplements.

Iron content

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Iron is one of the most essential mineral that is required by every human being especially women. Since female sex has a periodic cycle every month, they lose good amount of blood in it. Thus, blood loss can be replaced with iron substitute or the mineral. Even during the pregnancy period, the blood loss is excess for the mothers going to give birth to their babies. You must consume sweet potatoes in your diet as it contains adequate amount of iron which is really essential for your body.

Good for eyesight

After peeling the skin of the sweet potato, you can get a yellowish orange color flesh inside the sweet potato. This color indicates the content of high carotenoids which is not less than Vitamin A. This particular factor is very essential for every human being s it helps in making your eyesight stronger. If your immunity level is low, sweet potato will be really an important factor of replacing your immunity level. If you have any one in your family suffering from cancer, you must take precaution by consuming sweet potato in diet as this will easily restrict cancerous cell and bring back a healthy state of body.

Sweet potatoes have taste and health benefits for human being. Most of us might not have known it or explored. But the article will list and explain the top health benefits of yams. The advantages of sweet potatoes are many. You get good amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals in sweet potatoes. The top health benefits will be defined easily. Sweet potato is regarded as a wonder food loaded with magnesium, iron, vitamins to keep your health and sound throughout your life.

Top health benefits for yams/ sweet potatoes

Anti stress property

Since the sweet potatoes are rich in magnesium that acts as an anti stress mineral, you can stay relaxed even after a long stressful schedule. This health benefit of sweet potato is not just restricted here. Rather you can get effective nerve function, health artery and muscle.

Contains vitamin D

Vitamins for the skin & beauty care

Sweet potato also contains vitamin D that is really necessary for your body. The health benefit of yams also includes building stronger immune system in every individual. If you are not getting time to face the sunlight and extract vitamin D from there, sweet potato is the substitute.

Reduce the chance of degenerative disease

Sweet potato is loaded with vitamin B6 that works in a wonderful way to decrease the chance of degenerative disease. The health benefit of sweet potato includes the presence of vitamin that effectively reduces the chemical homocysteine.

Youthful skin

Today most of the people complain about getting very scaly and unattractive skin. They also complain about getting wrinkles and fine lines even if they are not having such age. There are ways to postpone this effect. This is another health benefit of sweet potato. Regular consumption of this food can help you gain the skin elasticity. The toxins produced in your body can be washed away.

Regulates nerve signals

Another health benefits of sweet potato remains with the fact that it regulates the nerve signal. Since it has good quantity of potassium, it regulates heart in an effective way. This will help the body perform all essential functions. If you have been suffering from swelling or inflammation, this is the natural remedy.