Top iron high foods – Foods with rich iron content

Food offers two kinds of iron — heme iron and non-heme iron. Heme iron can be found in meat, fish and chicken, and would be the form of iron that is quickly absorbed into your body and taken on in the body after you consume it. Non-heme iron can be found in vegetables as well as meat. Foods using non-heme iron are nevertheless good to eat, but the iron found in these ingredients won’t end up being absorbed completely because of heme iron. You absorb approximately 30 % of heme iron, found simply in food like meat, chicken, and fish. A person can absorb 2-10 % of non-heme iron, found in vegetables and meat. Eating beef generally raises your iron levels considerably more than feeding on non-heme iron. When you consume heme iron along with non-heme iron, the flat iron is more completely absorbed. Foods rich in vitamin C, like tomatoes, citrus fruits and crimson, yellow and orange peppers may help in the absorption of nonheme iron.

Iron is an essential mineral that is used to transport oxygen to all parts of the body. Iron deficiency causes anaemia and can also lead to organ failure. On the other hand excess of iron increases the production of radials and interferes with the metabolism in the body. This can cause damage to liver and heart. Iron from natural sources is safe and healthy but there is a possibility of over dose on taking iron supplements.

There are two forms of dietary iron–heme and nonheme. Heme iron is derived from hemoglobin. It is generally found in animal foods that originally contained hemoglobin like red meats, fish, and poultry. Non Heme iron is from only in plant sources.

It was once called “iron-poor blood, ” although now we know it as anemia. One strategy to help address it is to enjoy foods rich in iron (most doctors recommend going for a supplement, too).

Iron is an important mineral that is necessary for all of us body. Women need it n a larger quantity as they had to give away lots of blood every month through the periodic cycle. Even during their pregnancy period they lose a good amount of blood. Thus, the iron rich diet needs to be used for supplementing the deficiency. There is variety of green leafy vegetables that comes with good amount of iron. Even the meat and certain cereals have iron rich content. Let us discuss about some food that is rich in iron.

To boost the level of iron content in your diet, try these food red meats

Best calcium rich foods

  • Egg Yolks
  • Green leafy green vegetables like spinach, collards etc.
  • Dry fruits like prunes, raisins, etc.
  • Iron-rich cereals and grains (check the label on the food packet before purchasing it)
  • Mollusks (oysters, clams, scallops)
  • Egypt or poultry giblets
  • Pinto and black beans, lentils, chickpeas and soybeans
  • Liver
  • Artichokes

And here is a tip: In the event you eat iron-rich foods in addition to foods that include vitamin D, your body can absorb the iron faster than otherwise.

Iron rich foods

Sources of heme iron

  • Very good sources of heme iron are chicken liver, oysters, sardines, cooked beef, turkey, tuna, ham, and veal.
  • Breakfast cereals enriched with iron, cooked beans, tofu, pumpkin, sesame, or squash seeds are also an adequate source of heme iron.

Sources of non heme iron

  • Non heme Iron is found in plant foods such as lentils, beans, and spinach. This is the form of iron added to iron-enriched and iron-fortified foods. Our bodies are less efficient at absorbing non heme iron.
  • Canned lima beans, kidney beans, potato, chickpeas, broccoli, egg noodles and wheat germ contain enough quantity of non heme iron.
  • Some other oil rich foods are nuts, dry fruits, peaches, apricots, green pepper, rice, pumpkin and pasta.

Some foods help the body to absorb iron from iron-rich foods while others can hinder it. The most important way to absorb the most iron from the foods is to avoid drinking coffee or tea or consuming calcium-rich foods or drinks with meals containing iron-rich foods. The absorption of iron can be improved by eating iron rich foods along with a good source of Vitamin C like oranges or along with non heme iron rich foods like meat and fish.

Some vegetarian foods rich in iron

Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts are an essential source of antioxidants, vitamins and fiber. They are also an excellent source of iron, and are the best choice in helping to prevent fatigue and other symptoms of iron deficiency

Raisins contain

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Large amounts of iron like other dry fruits. A handful of raisins can be added to cereal, yogurt, oatmeal or salad to make them a balanced diet. Addition of other foods with Vitamin C wills it easier for the body to absorb the iron in the raisins,


Most vegetarians worry about not getting enough iron or protein in their diets. Different colorful legumes are packed with vitamins and nutrients like iron, protein, and essential amino acids


These are another super food packed with protein, unsaturated fat, fiber, and iron. It contains a high amount of iron and a cup of soybeans is said to fulfill half the amount of iron required by the body.


Dark greens like arugula and spinach have countless health benefits with a very little calorie count. They are rich in iron and are helpful in improving the health of the red blood cells. They can be used as salad or made into soups, used as pizza toppings or mixed with pasta.

Whole wheat pasta

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Whole wheat pasta is a healthy balanced diet and a great way to satisfy the cravings for carbs along with getting essential minerals like magnesium, calcium, potassium, and iron.

Black beans

These are loaded with fiber, protein, and iron. They satisfy hunger while providing an energy boost that lasts for hours.

Brown rice

This is rich in fiber and helps the body of get rid of toxins. The high iron content of brown rice also helps to fight anemia and fatigue


It helps a great in reducing iron deficiency. It is an easy healthy food which is packed with iron and plenty of other nutrients

Non-Vegetarian food high in iron


Best protein rich foods

Beef is known as a food contain high contents of iron particularly the liver of beef is very rich in iron


Another non vegetarian food high in iron is the pork. The liver of pork contains more iron than any other part.

Chicken and turkey

It gives substantial amount of iron. The liver of chicken and turkey is as rich in iron as those of beef and pork.


One can obtain sufficient iron from different types of seafood which are high in iron. The oysters, cuttlefish, octopus, scallops etc. are quite rich in iron and they can be a great choice where taste and other nutritional values are concerned.

Top food that has good amount of iron

Black eyes peas

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If you belong to vegan eater, it is the time to consider this particular cereal. The black eyed peas are really popular variety of vegan food that is consumed by people who does not prefers the non vegan dishes. If you are also a vegetarian, this is the type of diet you must consider. If you take one cup of such food in your diet, this will contain 3.6 mg of iron.


You must have heard about soya bean. Tempeh is one of the traditional soy products which have its origination in Indonesia. There is also a particular process of growing and getting such soy. The process of natural culturing is really efficient in this situation. If you get it through the fermented procedure, this will give rise to a cake form.


Olives are also one of the varieties of food that is beneficial for getting iron in your body. You can easily get this vegetable in the market that can help you get good amount of iron content. Individuals use this one in variety of forms. The raw form of olives is also easily used in salads and dressings. Even in cooked food these olives can be used.


Milk is known as the complete food which is usually been consumed by ladies and children. Even men drink milk to get energy. Milk also contain good amount of iron along with other nutrients. If you have deficiency of iron, milk is the best mean of drinking and staying healthy.