8 best calcium rich foods

Calcium is one of the most required mineral for proper body functions. Calcium is necessary for healthy heart, bones, teeth, blood and muscle contraction. Signaling of nerve, discharge some of enzymes and hormones that help in the movement of nerves. Calcium can strengthen your bones and protects you against osteoporosis.

We must have to intake the sufficient amounts of calcium in everyday of our life otherwise the deficiency leads to several health problems and diseases like muscle cramps, numbness in fingers and toes, loss of appetite, abnormal heart beat, lethargy and convulsion. However, it is needed to consume in the limited amounts, because excess calcium levels in the body call for the increased risk of cardiovascular health problems like heart stroke and heart attacks and kidney stones. Here is a list of food sources where you can find the rich amounts of calcium.


Soybeans are the tasty beans, which most of the people like to add to their diet. Soybeans and other soy products such as sweet-free soy milk, non-fat soy milk, tofu and soy nuggets are the richest sources of calcium. With the intake of one cup cooked soy beans you will cover up to 175 mg of calcium.


One of the top foods that is having high amounts of calcium is spinach. Couldn’t you remember Popeye, who used to gain instant energy after eating spinach. It is not limited to fairy tales it will aid you to load lots of energy, calcium and strength when consumed in good amounts. The intake of one cup spinach will give you about 250 mg of calcium. Add it on salads, curries and other culinary items increase the intake.


Addition of broccoli to your diet helps to get the good amounts of calcium along with that it aids to manage weight. Eating 150 grams of broccoli makes you to get approximately 60 milligrams of calcium. Broccoli is good for health and is a balanced diet of plenty of cruciferous vegetables. It is great for bone health and contains high levels of calcium and vitamin K. The broccoli is an essential food for bone health, bone strength, and the prevention of osteoporosis. You can add broccoli to your diet as it improves your blood pressure, immune system, and heart health.


Yet another source to fulfill the calcium requirement in the body is watercress. You can get nearly 120 milligrams of calcium from 100 grams of watercress. Watercress is rich in calcium, i.e., 120 milligrams has 100 grams. 1 cup of watercress equals to 34 grams of calcium. 1 sprig of watercress equals to 2 grams calcium. Vegetables are rich in calcium such as spinach, kale, turnip, greens, and lambs quarters. Vegetables in green are abundant in calcium blockers, which are called as oxalic acid that inhibits your absorption of some of the calcium in your green. Greens for calcium and other minerals reduce oxalic acid in your food.


Okra is another food item that gives you equal amounts of calcium like in soy beans. A cup of cooked okra will offer you 175 mg of calcium, make sure it is not over cooked. The over cooked okra won’t give you that much calcium. Okra is rich in calcium that is, it has a fair amount. Half a cup of okra contains around 70 mg of calcium. Garden Greens have a solid amount of calcium. Turnip greens, spinach, kale, and greens dandelions greens and lambs quarter are good sources of calcium. Oxalic acid in greens is advantageous and has a good part calcium.


Almonds are the powerhouses of many nutrients and minerals. Add them to your juices, salads and dishes get crunchy taste. Within just 50 grams of almonds you will acquire about 132 milligrams of calcium, isn’t it interesting! So,  add them in dishes whether they are vegetarian or non vegetarian. To increase the level of calcium add it with milk and drink, this drink is rich in taste and calcium.

Chinese cabbage

Chinese cabbage when eating in the raw form will provide 52 milligrams of calcium from 50 grams. Chinese cabbage helps to lose weight and is rich in fiber too. It is a good source of nutrients as well as a balanced diet for good health. A cup of Chinese cabbage contains 9 calories and virtually no fat. A cup of cooked cabbage juice can provide almost as much calcium as a glass of milk gives. That is at around 43 mg of calcium per 100 grams of Chinese cabbage.


Salmon is one kind of fish which offers rich amounts of calcium. You can acquire approximately 141 milligrams of calcium from 50 grams of salmon fish. Salmon is an alternative for red meat and is heart healthy. You can enjoy salmon on a regular basis as it is a rich source of calcium, Vitamin B12, nutrients. Half of a salmon fillet provides about 20 milligrams of calcium. Salmon can prevent certain cancers. It also increases cognitive function and improve the health of skin, bone, heart healthy and hair.