Indian diet plan to lose weight in 2 months

When you are planning to lose weight, but you want to go easy on yourself by giving it two months of time you should be aware about both the pros and cons of the 2 months weight loss diet plan.

The good thing about it is that, in this case as you give yourself enough time to adjust to a changed food habit and works for losing your weight slowly, hence the chance of any side effects due to weight loss is highly minimized.

When you lose 3-8 kilos over a span of two months, the change is slow and your body gets more time to adjust with it, making it more comfortable and less strenuous.

The weight that you lose over a period of 2 months is most of the time more than what you can lose in a month, and in addition to that, as here you lose the weight slowly, so the chance of putting back the weight quickly once you shift to your normal diet is also less.

The negative side of the 2 months weight loss diet plan is that, you have to strictly stick to this plan for 2 long months.

In most of the cases people are not able to maintain the same seriousness about the diet for everyday in the whole of the 2 months and the chance of dumping the plan in between is high.

So, before you pick the 2 months weight loss diet plan, check out your priorities and start following it only if you are serious enough to maintain it religiously for the whole of 2 months.

For the best weight loss effects, here we have divide the 2 months’ time into four quarters, each consisting of 2 weeks and will suggest different diet plans for each of these quarters in order to ensure that there is enough variation in your diet, which can make it easier for you to maintain the diet plan religiously.

So read on and follow the sample Indian diet plan for losing weight in 2 months,

Indian 2 month weight loss diet plan for the first 2 weeks

Morning drink

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Your weight loss diet should start right from the morning. Break your fast in the morning with a glass of slightly warm water, added with honey and lemon. This drink will kill any dehydration caused during the night and will also increase the rate of metabolism in your body, helping you to lose weight quickly.

Pre-breakfast snacking

A pre-breakfast snacking is important to fill your hunger. Choose foods loaded with fiber and less calorie, so that you do not feel much hungry while having your breakfast.

In the first quarter of the diet snacking on 4-5 almonds, without any added salt or oil, can make a good choice.

The breakfast diet plan

If you wake up at 8am in the morning, you should not have your breakfast later than 9am-9.30am. Your breakfast can include,

  • 2 bread toasts / 1 chapatti
  • Homemade sour curd

Do not add any salt or sugar to the diet.

Pre-lunch diet

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You need to include a pre-lunch diet between your breakfast and lunch; because keeping yourself starved for the whole 4-4.30 hours will only increase your hunger and result into more eating.

The best pre-lunch diet that you should take at around 11am is a fruit of your choice. Opt for the fresh seasonal fruits that are loaded with water and nutrients.

The diet plan for lunch

The right time for you to have your lunch is between 1pm and 1.30pm. The first item in your lunch should be half plate of salad, made with cucumber, tomato and carrots.

Do not add any salt or sugar to the salad, you might add some lemon juice to it if you prefer. The next part of your lunch should include,

  • 1 cup rice
  • 1/2 cup dal without tadka
  • 1 medium bowl of vegetables
  • 1 medium size fish that is not deep fried

Keep the oils used in preparing the foods to minimum and do not add any sugar to the dishes.

The evening refreshment diet

You should take a cup of tea without sugar or milk along with two cream cracker biscuits at around 4pm as evening refreshment.

The diet plan for dinner

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For the first two weeks of the weight loss plan you should not take your dinner later than 8pm at night and ensure that there is at least a gap of 3 hours between your dinner and the time when you jump to bed. Your dinner of the first two weeks should include,

  • 1 bowl soup (veg/chicken)
  • 1 chapatti
  • 1/2 bowl of vegetables prepared with minimum oil

Pre-bed drink for weight loss

According to the latest studies, a fat burning drink, 1 hour before going to bed can keep your body metabolism high for the whole of the night helping you to lose weight even while you are sleeping.

You can easily prepare a fat busting drink at home by mixing grated ginger with warm water and drink it 1 hour before going to the bed.

Note: In the first two weeks of the diet you are most expected to see the maximum weight loss. To be certain about how much weight you lose through the dieting, always maintain a weight loss chart with you from the day 1.

Indian 2 month weight loss diet plan – for the 2nd quarter (3rd and 4th week)

The morning drink

From the beginning of the 3rd week change your morning drink to warm water with 1 spoon of pepper powder and 1/2 spoon honey.

Pepper has piperine, which gives it the characteristic color and flavor and is known for being a great fat busting agent. A morning drink with pepper powder, honey and warm water can keep your metabolism high for the whole day.

Breakfast diet plan

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  • 1 cup cocked oats with skimmed milk and slices of 5-6 almonds

This is a highly filling breakfast and will also supply all the nutrients that your body needs. Oats and almonds being high in fiber will keep you satiated for long. Do not use added sugar with your oats. If needed, add 1/2 spoon honey.

Mid-day diet

The food between your breakfast and lunch can be best substituted with a glass of vegetable smoothie. Use vegetables like kale, bottle guard for the preparation.

You can also add a few slices of fruits like pineapple into the smoothie or a few drops of lemon to add to the taste, but stay away from adding salt or sugar.

The diet for lunch

The right time to take your lunch should be within 2 hours of the pre-lunch diet. Include the following in your diet for the 3rd and 4th week of the diet plan,

  • 2 brown bread/ 1 chapati
  • Raita made from sour curd and cucumber
  • One boiled egg

Evening refreshment diet

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As in the 3rh and 4th week you take a lighter lunch, hence it is best to replace your evening refreshment for a cup of double toned milk instead of a cup of tea. You can also include 1 wheat rusk biscuit along with the cup of milk depending on how much hungry you are.

The diet plan for dinner

During the third and fourth week of the plan take your dinner around 7.30pm. You dinner should include,

  • half plate of salad made with carrots, beets, cucumber and tomatoes
  • 1 chapatti
  • 1/2 bowl of a preparation made from beans and pulses

The post- dinner diet

As you are taking your dinner as early as 7.30, you should have a fresh fruit of your choice around 8.30 at night.

Pre-bed drink for weight loss

Take a fat burning pre-bed drink made with cinnamon and warm water 1 hour before going to the bed.

Indian 2 month weight loss diet plan – for the 3rd quarter (5th and 6th week)

The morning drink

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Make your morning drink with grated ginger and warm water. This will help in burning calorie.

Breakfast diet plan

  • 1 glass of skimmed milk
  • 1 boiled egg
  • a fruit of your choice

This diet will fill your stomach, give you sufficient energy for the whole day and will add minimum to the total calorie intake.

Pre-lunch diet for weight loss

A fruit of your choice will make the best pre-lunch diet during this stage. Opt for fresh and seasonal fruits that have high water and fiber content.

The diet for lunch

  • 1 cup upma / 2 Idlis
  • 1 cup of vegetables of your choice

Take your diet around 1 pm, maintaining a gap of around 2 hours from the pre-lunch diet.

Evening refreshment

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During the 5th and 6th week of the diet plan, you need to increase your food intake during evening refreshment, which you should take around 4pm and reduce what you eat after sun set. It is best to complete your evening refreshment during this time with the following,

  • 1 cup of boiled chana (chickpea) / 1 cup of corn preparations without oil

Diet plan for dinner

You should take your dinner around 7.30pm and it should include,

  • 1 bowl chicken stew
  • Salad made from different vegetables, added with Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is another excellent fat burning agent.

Post-dinner diet and pre-bed drink for weight loss

1 hour after your dinner take a fruit of your choice as a post-dinner diet and you can take a pre-bed drink made with warm water and cinnamon powder to get the best weight loss effects.

Indian 2 month weight loss diet plan – for the last quarter (7th and 8thweek)

Morning drink

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The best morning drink to have during the last phase of the diet plan is a glass of Aloe Vera juice, made from 1 spoon pure Aloe Vera extract and a glass of slightly warm water.


Your 9am breakfast diet during this stage should be,

  • One glass of fruit juice prepared at home without any sweetener
  • The white of an egg

Pre-lunch diet

Munching on 4-5 Almonds and then taking a glass of warm water with a dash of lemon and honey can be most effective during this stage as a pre-lunch diet.

The diet for lunch

As you have been on a light diet right from your breakfast, your lunch, which you should take around 1pm, needs to be comparatively heavy. Your diet for lunch should include,

  • 1 plate salad
  • 1 quarter plate rice/ 2 chapattis
  • 1 bowl vegetables

Ensure that your salad has no salt and add ACV with it to get the best weight loss benefits.

Evening refreshment

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1 cup of skimmed milk with 2 cream cracker biscuits should be your evening refreshment during these two weeks.

The diet for dinner

Your dinner diet should include the following,

  • 1 bowl of soup
  • 1 chapatti
  • 1 bowl of vegetable

The post-dinner diet and pre-bed drink for weight loss

During the last two weeks of this Indian diet plan for weight loss you should completely skip eating anything after you have your dinner around 7.30pm. Take a glass of slightly warm water 1 hour before going to bed.

This 2 months diet plan, when coupled with proper exercises can give you noticeable weight loss benefits.