Healthy tips to reduce weight fast, safely

Tears well up the second you longingly stare at the sexy black dress or your best friend’s bikini body. You no longer fit in that favourite backless blouse during the wedding season. Your name has been replaced by ridiculous ones for your body fat. Every New Year’s resolution to hit the gym more often to eat healthy and be the change you want to see flushes down the toilet. You’ve not lost the battle yet and you can still turn heads your way when you bring about these little but significant changes in your lifestyle.

Re-arrange your wardrobe

Best foods to cut the fat from body

No kidding but throw away those baggy clothes you proudly own and buy that dress right away you have been eyeing for so long. The minute you own that dress or those pair of shorts you will feel all charged up to burn that fat and slither in those clothes you’ve always wanted to wear.

No more elevators and escalators for you

Technology is the greatest gift mankind can gift itself but the disadvantages come handy as well. When you start walking up and down those flight of stairs you will feel the calories that are burning up.

You’re what you consume

Whatever you feed yourself is going to show on that body of yours. As simple as that. So, put down that slice of pizza with extra cheese and bid adieu to foods with high calorie count, trans fat, added sugar and saturated fat. Eat protein rich food that will not only keep you healthy but also subdue your quest for hunger.

Go for that only when your stomach asks

Your hand reaches out for that bag of chips or cookies even though you’re not hungry. Wait for that sign from your stomach and then go for it. Satisfy your hunger with a protein bar and for meals switch to complex carbohydrates like whole grain bread or pasta, broccolis, legumes and beans.

Blue is the colour for you!

There is a reason why diners have every sort of bright and vibrant colour in mind while planning their interiors except for blue. Blue will subdue your pangs of hunger whereas orange, yellow and red are going to do wonders for their profit margin. Surround yourself with blue as you sit down for your meal. Blue plates, blue napkins and blue tablecloth. Believe it or not, this trick is going to do wonders.

Run, jog or hop towards your goal

Best foods to help lose weight

Without sweating out that fat you’ll never achieve you have been day dreaming of. Cardio is not only going to improve your physical health but do great things for your mental state. Your mood swings are going to go away. Your depression and stress levels are going to vanish into thin air. So, rather than putting those keys into ignition and starting your car, walk down to the supermarket.

Keep track

As silly as this might sound, keep a notebook where you track what you’re eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Try for a week and then bring about the changes. Switch to grapefruits, walnuts, almonds,oatmeal, brown bread, brown rice, eggs, zucchini, salmon, carrots, beets, broccolis, avocados, blueberries and legumes.

Try the mirror effect!

Stop huddling up in front of your TV while you eat and start watching yourself in a mirror as you consume your meal. You will notice how aware you become of how much you’ve been eating so far and instantly switch to smaller portions.

Brush, Brush, Brush!

Brush your teeth after every meal or use a mouthwash. The refreshing feel of your mouth will prevent you from eating when you’re not supposed to.

Stay hydrated

Don’t replace water with your soda cans. It will never let you stay healthy and bring you the shape you want. Those soda cans containing added sugar is only going to add inches to your waistline. Drink as much as 4 litres of water per day and kick start your day with a glass of lukewarm water with two tablespoons of lemon juice and honey.

People are going to stare why don’t you make it worth their while. Never forget one golden rule which is a moment on the lips will stay forever on your hips. So, cut down a few bad and unhealthy habits and replace them with healthy ones, today. Go for it.