Pulse points to apply perfume to last it all the day

Perfume is usually the finishing up of getting ready to go out.It can liven up a date night, and attract the desired partner. One must learn the proper method of applying perfume, types of perfumes and the correct places to apply perfume so that the scent lasts longer.

Application of perfume is an art as it defines the spread of fragrance to reach people. If you don’t apply the perfume at the right place of your body, the smell won’t spread and the effect of perfume application will be totally a waste. It actually becomes important to know the pulse points where use of cologne is important. You need to find out the appropriate pulse points. These points are actually the places where the skin makes closeness to the blood vessels. The use of the scent in such point will spread it right to the air. We will find out some areas over the skin in this article.

How to choose the best perfume?

All perfumes have top notes and bottom notes. Top notes are the initially smell on opening the perfume bottle.These are mostly citrus, fruit, and herb smells. These smell goes off very soon. The bottom notes can be revealed by applying the perfume on the back of the wrists. These smells are generally woody and natural. Choose the one which appeals to you on both the notes. Also select different perfumes for daytime and night time. Some of the perfumes are lab led for daytime and night time. Otherwise you can choose a bright yellow or orange perfume for the day and dark blue, red and purple perfumes for night time.

How to prepare for applying perfume?

How to use perfume to make it last

Always take a warm shower before getting ready so that the pores are open. Then dry and moisturise the skin. The perfume has a much better chance to last long ifthe skin is smooth and soft, rather than dry and rough. Perfume need to be applied before wearing clothes as perfume can stain clothes.

Where to apply perfume?

Pulse points on the bodyare the places where the blood vessels are closest to the skin. These spots emit heat and help the fragrance to come out from the skin into the open air. The important pulse points include the inner wrists, the neck, behind ear lobes, in the cleavage, behind theknees, and the inner part of the elbows. When perfume is applied on the pulse points. It will react with the body heat and continue providing a good fragrance throughout the day.

Earlobes are the best points to apply perfume as the ingredients in the perfume activate when the heart beats and spread the fragrance throughout the day. Dab perfume with fingers instead of spraying it behind the ears.

Some people believe that the strands of hair also carry fragrance into the skin. Perfume need to be brushed or combed into the hair evenly. Since the hair are not washed during the day the fragrance will remain there for long. The whiff of the scent will attract the passer by people.

Spraying of perfume in the cleavage isthe best place for wearing a perfume to the office on to a family get together.  The part between the breasts becomes warm as it is covered with clothes and the warmth activates the perfume and intensifies the fragrance.

The smearing of perfume on the inner part of the elbows lasts longer because the perfume on the wrists can be washed away while washing hands but the  perfume on the inner elbows will remain all day long.

How to apply perfume?

Always spray perfume on the body by holding the bottle 5-7 inches away from the body.  Spray the perfume on the pulse points as this will increase the effectiveness of the spray. Liquid perfume can be dabbed with the hands on the pulse points and gently rub in small circles. Dab the perfume behind the ears especially at night time because it gives immediate effect.  Rub or spray a small amount of perfume on the collar bone.  Next spray perfume down the back.  Apply it behind the knees and on the inner part of the elbows.It is advisable to apply only a small amount of perfume at a time. More can be applied after a few hours.

Tricks to make perfume last all day

Many people face the problem that the fragrance of the perfume does not last for the whole day. It is perfect when applied but diminishes as time passes and then it disappears altogether. Here are a few tricks that will help is making the fragrance last for the whole day.Scent lasts longer on oily skin. Women with dry skin will have to keep their skin moisturised by applying an unscented moisturiser on damp skin before spraying or dabbing perfume on the body.Pulse points on the body are the places where the heat activates the perfume. Perfume must be applied only on the pulse points which are located behind the ear, on the neck, on the wrist, inside the elbow, and behind the knees. Perfume should never be rubbed into the skin as rubbing breaks down the molecules of the perfume and makes the scent diminish in the air.Heat, light, and humidity can break down the compounds presentin a perfume. This will reduce the fragrance of the perfume and damage it. Perfumes should not be stored in bathrooms as the heat and humidity from the showers can damage it. It must be stored in a cool dry place away from sunlight. Vaseline need to be rubbed on the pulse points before applying fragrance. Vaseline will hold the fragrance for a longer time.

How to make the perfume last longer in winter?

Different perfumes must be used in winter. Summer requires light and fresh fragrances whereas winter calls foe robust ones. The skin stays cold in winter and so the effect of the perfume becomes dull. In order to overcome this problem concentrated version of the perfume must be used in winter. Heavy concentrations will be able to penetrate the clothes and the fragrance will become noticeable. Perfume should be applied in layers during winter.  Try to choose the same fragrance in body cleansers, moisturisers as that of the perfume. The winter perfume has to pass through he layers of winter clothes. Hence it must be applied on the wrists and ears because these areas are always exposed. For stronger fragrances the clothes that are wore under other garments can be misted with the perfume to avoid staining the best clothes and making the fragrance last longer. Lastly to keep the scent continuous throughout the day the perfume can be applied on the body again during the day.

Pulse points to apply perfume

Inner wrist area

Best perfumes to use in night

The inner wrist area is the portion here all the blood vessels accumulate. If you spray the perfume over that area it will remain close to both your skin and the blood vessels. This will help the fragrance to stay for a long time. People around you will definitely get the nice smell.

In the cleverage

Cleverage is the most attractive part of every woman which stays exposed. This is yet another pulse point to apply the scent. Since it is at the upper portion of the lady just below the face, People coming near to the lady will definitely get the sweet smell.

Behind the knees

Perfume can also be applied behind the knees so that you can stay fragranced for a long time. The portion of skin behind the knees can be effective if your dress sense is modern such that you are wearing the short skirts. The fragranced knees back will be spread in air as you move forward and walk.

Inner elbows

Just like your wrist, the inner elbow is another effective place where your body sprays last for a long time. Sometimes people apply scented liquid as they sweat too much. The sweat can bring unwanted odor which can be suppressed with the smell of perfume. Even applying the scent throughout your inner elbows will make a wonderful smell spread throughout your body. Since this is the joint area that is likely to accumulate sweat, the perfume can suppress it.