How & where to use perfume to last it longer

People generally use perfume but they hardly get it in their skin. We get variety of essence and fragrance in the market but some are chosen according to suitability.  Even after applying wider push, people hardly get the smell at the end of the day. This is just because they don’t know procedure how to keep it for a long time. There are some steps that will help you get the perfume last longer than usual. You can now get some tips that will help your perfume stay in your body for long. You won’t get a stinking smell of sweat from your body even when you are striking the end part of the day. There are several ways that will allow your perfume to stay longer. You can look at such ways and get the appropriate variety.

Some people are still not aware about how to use perfume perfectly. Some sprays the bottle randomly throughout their body. Few apply the perfume in underarm portion. There is some process of spraying so that the scent lasts for a long time. You have to know some facts about application of perfume before getting the tricks of fragrance last longer. All individuals have different skin types. Not all skin types can hold the smell for a long time. Thus, you need know the method that will convert your skin to perfume applicable skin.

How to apply perfume to stay longer

Use it just after shower

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After the shower your skin pores become open. This is the time when your body can absorb perfume easily and let it stay for a long time.  This is a wonderful trick that people apples to get the perfume stay for long. You can also avail this tip to stay with perfume scented for a long time. This will also help your perfume stay for a long time. You don’t have to spray perfume on your skin several times.

Skin moisturizer

It is better to have your skin moisturized before going for perfume on your skin. This is also a wonderful tip to keep skin indulge with perfume. You must make sure that your skin is effectively moisturized before applying perfume. Even perfume has chemicals that can affect your skin. Thus, it is always better to have a protective coating layer before applying the perfume in your body.

No rubbing with fingers

Some individuals have a tendency of rubbing the perfume after applying it. They think this would increase the smell. But, actually they are diluting the essence. This will end up with not getting it last for a long time. Thus, you must stay away from this habit. Instead try using the spray directly without doing any alteration.

Spraying on hairbrush

If you have a hair brush, it will help you keep the perfume stay on your body for a long time. You must attempt applying the spray little bit on your hair brush. Now let it run throughout your hair. Most of the time people gets a nice smell from their body but their hair suffers. But if you spray on hair brush and apply it over your hair. Even your hair will be fragrant. This stays for a long time even at the end of the day.

Layering fragrance

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This is yet another way to let the fragrance stay for a long time. For this you have to use perfume or body washes together. This is commonly known as body mist. You must mix all of them together and apply over your skin. But, even here, great mistake is made by people using the perfume. They think layering means engaging too many fragrances. This is totally a wrong step. Rather it is ideal to engage only a few fragrances together.

Before dressing up

Some people apply perfume right over their dress. But, this is not a right process. All the fragrance will be placed at your dress leaving your body away from fragrance. The best way will be to apply the perfume on your body just before getting dressed up. The perfume also becomes really effective when it stays in contact to your body. Perfume touching your clothes won’t last long.

Keep distance

Many individuals have a tendency of holding the spray just against the skin and pushing. But this is a wrong process. Rather, it is really important to keep distance from the source and your body. If you avail this process, the fragrance of this perfume will last for a long time. It is better to keep the bottle six inch away from your body while applying the spray.

Where to apply perfume to stay longer

Sometime we lack knowing the place in our body where perfume application will smell awesome and will stay for a long time. Following are some areas:


You have to apply the perfume just behind the ear lobes. Generally it is known as the pulse point. This is the place where the body is warmer. Thus, this is the portion where your perfume will be duly enhanced.


Wrist is also an area where the perfume is applied. Again this is known as a pulse point. The body warmth is ideally felt in this area. If you can apply perfume in this area, it will ideally end up with a long lasting effect. This will enhance the heat inside your body and keep your fragranced.

Inside elbow

Even inside the elbow you can say it is a pulse point as well. This will again provide enhanced fragrance. There can be slightly obscure of smell within the blend of arms. This will easily make the fragrance last for a long time. This will keep your skin hydrated and will make the fragrance last long.


Another important place where your perfume would likely stay is the collarbone area. You should spray your perfume at that particular area. You will be highly fragranced at the neck, shoulder and back. The fragrance from dip in bone structure is effective. You will be happy to stay fragranced when you wear the exposed variety of dresses.

Behind knees

Behind the knee, there stays a joint where the sweats gets accumulated and can stink. This is also an area where you must apply perfume as this will help your stay fragranced for a longer period of time. Since the sweat will be affected with this phenomenon.  You can easily get long lasting perfumed skin after applying it over the joint of knees. But it’s better to apply moisturizer first before applying perfume.

Tips to use perfume that last long

Check your skin type

Before applying the perfume so that it lasts for a long time, it is important to check the skin type. If your skin is extremely dry, this won’t hold perfume for a long time. Thus you must make your skin moisturize and make it stay hydrated. But if you have oily skin, this can help you keep the fragrance last for a long time.

Apply over the pulse points

The sprays applying over the certain body marks will give an effective result. Yes, those portions of the skins are known as the pulse points. Applying the perfumes over all these portions will provide a wonderful result. The pulse points are the places where the skin and the blood vessels are closer. The places in your body such as inner wrist, inner portion of elbows, exterior portion of throat, cleavages etc are the places where the fragrance stays for long.

Layers of fragrance

If you want the smell to last for a long time, not a single spray will be very effective. You must be travelling in a hot summer day and get drenched with sweat. This will definitely create a bad odor in your body. In order to prevent it will be applying the layers of fragrance. First of all wash your body with a scented soap. The next step is application of deodorant. Lastly you can apply the perfume of your choice. You can also use perfume in your clothes. This will definitely stay for a long time and make your stay fragranced.