Do’s and don’ts workout

Here with this article I would like to share few basic workout mistakes we often get carried away with be it a newbie or pro.

Pre-workout basics

Workout empty stomach: what’s best for you?

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This is the common question that most of us face whether to eat or not before a workout session. If you’re working out sessions is meant to lose weight then go empty stomach – here is why and how it works. Good news to all the overweight and obese people out there – working out on an empty stomach is a very biological and logical way to burn fat with ease.

How? Because your body is already fasting since midnight i.e. for about 8-12 hours and in the morning if you start to workout / walk / yoga doing it on empty stomach – there is a science that works to pull out the calories off your body’s stored fat.  No food to fuel calories to workout. Adding on, the rate of burning fats is significant than work-out after a healthy breakfast/lunch. This should work if you are sweating moderately for 1hr – 1 half.

If you want to maintain muscle and lose weight have a small snack mix of protein or carbs 2 hours before high-intensity workouts or fast cardio.

For high intensity workout, empty-stomach may not help

High intensity work-out needs steady amounts of fuels to gear up as fats from the body takes times to convert into energy than the carbs you get from food.

Your body gets exhausted easily if working on high intensity workouts on empty stomach – but – naturally tend to eat too much later the day. If you over-do and stress your body to fuel the workout on empty stomach – stress hormone called cortisol –breakdown protein in your muscle which is bad for your body.

Get most of your workout sessions by having carbs with high G.I. (simple carbs) digest easily and produce spikes of blood sugar levels – very easy to digest – more energy – more workout.

Low G.I. foods are good for pregnant and diabetic people who need slow running calories running into the bloodstream for a longer time and feel fuller for long.

  • Have smoothies filled with bananas, spinach, low fat yogurt, honey or have fruits, oatmeal anything that is energy boosting.
  • Make sure you empty your bowel movements before work-out too to help yourself from being constipated.


Prepare your body muscles before leaping into the weights or treadmill.


Stretch your body before/after workout sessions to ease out any muscle contractions.

Don’t wait for the thirst

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Drink sips of water before / after / during your workout to keep up hydration levels in the body.

If you still feel more thirst and enjoy working out more; opt for sport drinks to balance the loss of fluids and electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium.

Post workout basics

Protein and fats take longer time to digest. If you take high amount of protein content food before workout you will end up have stomach congestion leading to constipation. Recover your body post workout having a big meal full of high protein and carbs in your gut after a workout.

Stick to 5

Pick any 5 workout exercises of your choice and work with them for 5 days. Your body gets most out of the workout and starts responding weather to lose weight/gain muscle.

Following a same routine everyday makes you bored and the desire to workout loses its taut. Keep changing your exercises every 5 days or a week, this way you stick to daily workout sessions.

  • For long term goals, its best to work-out under a professional trainer. It motivates you to do more in a competitive work atmosphere.
  • Keep track of your progress
  • Get adequate sleep

No to short term goals

Don’t try to diet or starve together with work-out seeking more weight loss it will literally leady to muscle loss. Your workouts sessions should be more of fun to leady a healthy life. Stop exhausting…