Grow taller activities for teenagers

There is a myth that says if the parents are short; the child will also remain stunt. Also those teenagers stop growing in height but it has been seen that boys and girls grow in height until late twenties.  It is also true that proper care given to teenagers at their growing age can help them to increase their height. For example stretchingexercises elongate and increase the length of the bones of the arms and legs. A teenager’s height is determined by hereditary and environmental conditions

Factors affecting the height of a person

How to grow taller during teenage

Genetics is the first factor determining the height of a person.  There is very little growth after this as usually teenagers from stunt community cannot gain much height and similarly those from tall communities   face no problems.

Body composition Bone structure of a person plays a vital role in determining the height of a person. A person with wide bones looks broader and shoulder than one with slim bones which give a taller appearance. Exercise and lifestyle of a person can bring changes in the composition of the body.

Metabolism helps in dissolving and absorbing nutrients inside the body and disposing of toxins and bad things from the body. Slow metabolism will lead to lack of nourishment to the body.  The process of metabolism can be boosted by exercise and by keeping the body active. 

Exercises for teenagers to become tall

Grow taller exercises for teenagers

Stretching stretching exercises against the wall or on a rod or simple stretching of legs and hands are the best exercises for increasing the height of a growing teenager. Another good method of stretching is to sit on the floor with legs wide apart and try to touch the right toe with the left hand.  Repeat with the other hand and other toe. This toe touching exercise helps to stretch the spinal cord.

Yoga A few yoga asana like Surya Namaskar and the Adho Mukha Syanasana help to stretch the whole body. Chakra asana is also very effective in stretching the whole body…

Hanging from bars is something kids of all ages love and it definitely a sure sign of increasing length. Hanging for 10 minutes a day with legs bent and chin up helps the child to lengthen his bones.

Sports like basketball,baseball, tennis and badminton are best to stimulate the growth hormones and help in growth of the height of the child. . Running, swimming and cycling are equally helpful in growing tall.

Other factors that play a role in increasing the height

Grow taller games for teenagers

Diet Besides exercise a diet rich in amino acids helps   better growth and development of the body. The diet of a growing child must include fats, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and calcium tobe sure of the overall development of the child including growing tall. It is essential to have three meals a day of which two of them must be rich in proteins. Zinc must be added in the diet as it is essential for thegrowth and strengthening of the bonesother healthy foods in the diet include foods like fresh, green vegetables, and fruitsmilk,eggs, leanmeats and  fish,

Posture A good posture must be maintained to look taller.  A bent body while sitting and walking will look crooked and reduce height.

Sleep It has been proven that the human growth hormones (HGH) are produced while sleeping.   The degenerated tissues are also repaired in sleep. A growing child needs at least 8-10 hours of proper sleep in a comfortable, silent and cosy atmosphere. 

How to show a bit of height?

  • Height does not play a very important role in depicting one’s personality. But definitely gives a smart look. Here are few steps to take when all methods of increasing height fail.
  • Short or medium haircut will reveal the attention of the neck and make a person look taller than those with long hair. These styles look best when the neck is long
  • Tight fitting clothes like skinny jeans will also reveal the height of a person. They will define the leg length and bring out the shape of the leg. Short skirts for girls will also reveal the length of their legs.
  • Dark colours like black, navy blue and dark green are slimming coloursthat make both boys and girls look taller and slimmer. Clothes with vertical stripes will make one look tall. Teenagers with short height must avoid horizontal stripes.
    Heels and platform shoes will provide instant height to the person.