How to make breasts grow faster, bigger

Desire of getting an attractive breast has its inception from ancient age. You can view the desire among people by having a look at the sculptures of Leonardo da Vinci where the half nude women look awesome with big sized breasts. Even in the modern age, people are looking for women with big and attractive breast size.

Some women may not have big breasts, rather they are the once who have very small breasts.  But, today, people have become very cautious about their physical appearance and beauty. Thus, they have researched on the ways of making their breast grow faster and bigger.

Tips to make breasts grow faster

Breast size differs from one individual to another which is once again based on several factors. The age factor, genes and hormonal influence plays an important role in getting small or big breasts. There are ladies who have smaller breast but they wish to increase the breast size. You can now get variety of ways through which the breast size can be increased.

Surgery is a way which is adopted by many people but those who are not comfortable with surgeries must go for some home remedies. Let us have a look at some of the home remedies that will make their breast size grow faster.

Tips to make breasts grow faster and bigger

Nutritious drink

If you can drink milk and papaya juice daily, chances of growing your breasts faster and bigger will be possible. The vitamin as well as nutrient in these two ingredients is really awesome which helps in enhancing your breast and helping in plumping them up. If you don’t want to drink, eating fresh papaya will also do well.


Home remedies for firming breasts naturally

Some of the chest and hand exercises are very essential for growing your breasts and making it bigger in size. If you can carry on with some hand exercise that provides a pressure to your breast, this will help your breast to get a boost.


Some herbs available in our nature are really efficient in making your breast look beautiful and attractive.  These are ideally, the breast enhancement herbs that will make your breast fuller with an increase in breast size. You can also get some hormones for breast enhancement, but these might have some side effects. But, if you go for herbs, side effects will be nil.


As we all know that proteins are necessary to make our muscle grow. Thus, the body builders’ needs to consume good amount of flesh and egg that is filled with protein. Similarly, breast is also a particular type of muscle for ladies. You need to consume enough about of protein to get a fuller breast.

Breast creams

Market is flooded with variety of breast creams from different brands that is ideal for breast enhancement. You can now choose an appropriate cream which is suitable with your skin. Even the creams help in making your breast fuller and withstand from getting its slagged. But, it is important get the cream from reputed brand which has a good customer review.

Patience in breast growth

Your breast cannot grow larger and bigger in a day unless you go for a surgery. Just when a girl reaches her puberty, a very small lump of flesh grows on either side of the chest, it takes long time to grow a fully fledged breast. Thus, it is really essential for individual ladies to have patience after applying the tips for breast growth.

Breast massage

It is one of the effective ways for getting an attractive breast. If you can massage your breast with essential oil, getting a fully boosted breast will be very easy. You must do it regularly everyday before going to bed. This will help making your tissues fuller and breast size bigger.


It is one of the natural herbs that work really well in increasing your breast size. You need to extract the juice from this herb and rub it over your breast. If you can do this on a regular basis, getting attractive breast size will be viewed eventually. Since this is a natural herb, you won’t get any side effects.

Marshmallow root

If you can get marshmallow root in a raw form, it will be really amazing to get a remedy for breast growth. But, since it is not very easy to get it in the raw form, you can get extracts of marshmallow root in the market.  This has a proven effect on your breast size. Even you will not be able to see your breast stooping downwards once you avail this herb.

Flax seed

Another well known herb that works effectively on the breast enhancement technique is none other than the flax seeds. You can easily make some changes in your breast size after availing the flax seed herbs in right quantity.

Funnel seeds

There are many ways to enhance busts using funnel seeds. You can try funnel tea, massage and chewing them.

Breast Enhancement teas

You can try the bust enhancing teas making at home or buying them online. You may refer to our recent article about DIY breast enhancement teas.

Ways to make breast grow bigger

Serums for breast enhancement

Today the cosmetic industry have found out variety of innovative ways through which both men and women and getting a wonderful make over. The weak points present in their skin, face and other parts of their body are getting converted into the strong points. The breast enhancement serums are now available in the market that can be availed by many ladies who have a smaller breast size and wishes to make it bigger and beautiful.

Pushups for bigger breasts

You must have viewed your husband’s as well as other male personalities in your family going ahead with push up exercise on a regular basis. This is the exercise that makes their chest broader and muscles stronger. Even in case of female this push up works really well for those who wishes to get a bigger and sexier breast. You can now come forward and go ahead with push up exercise to get bigger breast in natural way.

Estrogen Rich Foods

You should also be really cautious about your diet especially when you are willing to get a bigger and attractive breast. Estrogen content in food must be consumed by ladies willing to get bigger breast as this is responsible to for increasing the breast size of individual ladies. The foods rich in estrogen include kidney beans, yogurt, lentils, chickpeas, wheat, spices like oregano, sage as well as clover etc. The fruits that contains good amount of estrogen include plums, apples and cherries.

Choice of bra

Even if you have smaller breast, if you can choose appropriate bra it will help you get a bigger appearance of your breast. Don’t go for bra that is loose or bigger than your breast size. The bras that are of right size can be put on. Try to wear the bras that are slightly smaller than your breast size as this will hold your breast and make it look bigger. Also go for push up bras as that mechanism will push your breast from below and give your breast a bigger appearance from the front.

Contouring your breast

Another effective method to make your breast bigger which you have never thought off is putting makeup to your breast or contouring. Many women has a habit of wearing low neck tops and dresses. For them getting a attractive appearance of their breast is an important factor. Just with few brush strokes you can get your breast look wonderful. After applying the light foundation and dark bronzer, it is very important blend it on your skin. You must brush a lighter shade of eye shadow or simply a face powder over the top portion of the breast that will be visible. Just below it apply bronzer with darker shade.

Birth control pills

Many of us are not aware of the fact that even birth control pills work well in enhancing your breast size. Since the level of estrogen is higher in birth control pills it helps in making your breast look bigger and stronger. As estrogen is one of the hormone present in women that is responsible for making your breast size bigger, you can use birth control pills to boost your breast size.

Soy products

You must have heard about many benefits of soy products but did you know that it works really well in enhancing your breast size? Yes this is a true face and hundreds of ladies who are willing to enhance their breast size have go benefit from it. You can either go for soya milk or have the food products to have an increase in your breast size.


• What foods should I eat to help my breasts grow faster and bigger?

Eating foods that are rich in phytoestrogens, such as soy, flaxseed, nuts, and legumes, may help to promote breast growth.

• Are there any exercises I can do to help my breasts grow?

No, unfortunately there are no exercises that can help your breasts grow.

• Are there any natural herbs or supplements that can help my breasts grow?

No, there are no natural herbs or supplements that have been proven to help with breast growth.

• Is there any way to reduce the amount of time it takes to see results?

Yes, by focusing on and implementing strategies that have been proven to be effective.

• Are there any risks associated with trying to make my breasts grow faster and bigger?

Yes, there can be risks associated with trying to make your breasts grow faster and bigger, such as hormonal imbalances, breast tissue damage, and potential scarring.

Does Vaseline increase breast size?

Recently one popular idea is that Vaseline can be used to increase your breast firmness and size. You need to apply Vaseline on your breasts every day for a certain time period (for around 30 days.) You will find that you are getting bigger boobs.

Does toothpaste enlarge breasts’ size?

No. Toothpaste has elements that actually dry up. So while you use them on your breasts, your skin feels a bit drier and tighter. It makes your breasts smell minty.

Is onion juice good for increasing boob size?

The combination of honey, onion juice, and turmeric are helpful to firm up sagging breasts and maximize breast size. For the best results, apply it before sleep and leave till morning. Wash them with lukewarm water.

Can essential oils stimulate breast size?

Yes, the mixture of tea tee oil and lavender oil stimulates breast tissue that induces the overall breasts’ size. Mix these elements in equal proportion and apply them to the breasts for 10 minutes. Rinse with water and do it regularly for a month.

Can seafood induce breast size?

Certain seafood helps to promote the growth of breast tissue. Seafood like prawns, oysters, and shellfish contain properties that develop more breast tissue. So include such foods in your diet.