Best Essential Oils for Breast Massage & Enlargement

Change in lifestyle is highly affecting women in terms of their looks. For attaining a great look, women are self-conscious about their boobs. They think bigger the breast, prettier the look. There are many surgical procedures for breast enlargement but not many can afford it.

What is the best oil for breast massage?
Warm coconut oil, olive oil or essential oil such as Lavender oil are considered best for oil massage.
Does Tea Tree Oil make your breasts grow?
Regular and right massage with tea tree oil raises the level of breast tissue, which helps in enlarging the overall breast size.
Can massaging breast make them grow?
Genes and hormones are responsible for growth of breast. Massaging does not make them grow.
Does tea tree oil raise estrogen?
Tea tree oil either hamper your hormones or compete with them, this is due to the mimic compounds present in the oil.
Does rubbing olive oil on your breast make them bigger?
It is a popular belief that rubbing olive oil makes breast bigger but there is no study that proves it.
Can essential oils increase estrogen?
Essential oils like sage oil, lavender oil and tea tree oil are mimic and can hinder the hormonal balance.
Is avocado good for enlargement of breasts?
Avocado is beneficial for breast enlargement. This plant-derived oil is rich in Vitamins like A, D, E that promote the growth of breast tissues. It enhances the collagen formation that improves the elasticity of breasts. Massage the oil for 3-4 weeks for better results.

Can I use rosehip oil for bigger boobs?
Rosehips oil extracted from wild rose seeds that have firming and moisturizer properties that rejuvenate the breast cells. It also fights stretch marks and helps to lift the boobs. It prevents the sagging of the breasts and is one of the widely used oils for making breasts’ bigger.

Is ylang ylang oil used for bigger breasts?
Yes. The yellow-colored flowers derived from ylang-ylang oil reduces the sagginess of the breasts. The oil is derived from the CanangaOdorata tree. Massaging your breasts with a diluted version of this oil makes them firm and bigger.

Does soyabean oil help your breast to make them bigger?
Studies show that applying soybean oil around the breasts enhances the bust size and tightens the muscle. The oil can increase estrogen levels in the area so breasts become larger.

Is Clove Essential Oil for breast enlargement?
Yes. Clove oil is useful for increasing breast size quickly and effectively. Clove oil is a heating spice and it can be used to boost flow in the breasts. It is very powerful. Be sure that it is diluted and use 1-2 drops per cup of oil. It will naturally augment breast enlargement in your home.

If you think that your goal to get bigger and fluffy breasts is unrealistic, it is not!  Thankfully, you do have essential oils that work magically for breast enlargement.  Here are 10 essential oils that will do the trick for you. Not all oils are suitable for everyone because skin types vary with different people. Try them to find out a good choice for you.

Almond oil

Fennel seeds for breast enlargement

Almond oil has a magical effect due to the presence of vitamins and minerals.  The oil provides deep nourishment to breast tissues that make them fuller and bigger. It infuses sweet scent into your body and makes you feel fresh. Use this oil for just 10 weeks to see noticeable results.

Olive oil

The healthiest ingredient in your kitchen can also be great for your breasts. Toss a few drops of olive oil on your body (just think that you are a salad, haha). Massage this oil to enhance your breast and get soft skin. Olive oil has the power to keep breast cancer at bay. That is wonderful! Try it to reap benefits.

Fenugreek oil

Fenugreek oil gives quick results. Massage for 4 weeks and then observe your breast size. The results will just yell out wow! However, consistent and regular use is necessary to expand breast tissues and make them bigger. For effective results mix fenugreek oil with egg yolk. Apply and massage at night.

Jojoba oil

Another natural oil that works wonders for skin is jojoba oil. This oil has similar properties of sebum on the skin. Therefore, it serves as a best breast massage oil. While you massage, it does not clog pores instead oxygenates them. Further, it has vital nutrients like vitamins A, B, D, E and omega 9 fatty acids that are blessing for breast enhancement.

Flaxseed oil

Flaxseed oil is best for your breasts as it contains omega 3 fatty acids. Use of this oil is risk-free. It improves blood circulation in the breast tissues and hence helps in breast enlargement. Omega 3 has another major benefit; it keeps you safe from breast cancer.

Coconut oil

Benefits of massage therapy

Coconut oil has multiple benefits for skin, hair and entire health. Do you have stretch marks on your boobs? Coconut oil can eliminate them for you. Massaging of coconut oil will strengthen your breast tissues, get rid of pregnancy or weight gain stretch marks and enhance breast size. The mild scent of coconut oil is beneficial in calming your senses and balancing hormones.

Primrose oil

Primrose oil is a good for breast massage when mixed with Vitamin E. It effectively supplies nutrients to tissues and prepares them for enlargement. Regular massage can give you fuller and toned breasts. It is not only good for topical application but also can be taken internally to balance hormones. Vitamin E eliminates stretch marks.

Emu oil

Here comes one of the unique oil that has fatty acids similar to skin cells.  Thanks to the fatty acids that allow it to perforate deep into 7 layers of the dermis. Due to the inherent properties, it is the best oil for breast massage. Deep penetration pushes the skin layers to become fluffy, hence you get bigger breast. That is not all, you do have one more benefit- it fades stretch marks within 2 weeks.

Lavender oil

When you think of lavender, first comes the pleasant scent. The aroma is deep and calming, drives you to a peaceful world. Lavender oil mixed with tea tree oil is the best blend for breast massage. This blend nurtures breast tissue, firms up the skin and makes it ready to get fuller. After the massage of this oil, your complete outlook will change. You would be blessed with big boobs and beautiful skin.

Wheat germ oil

Wheat germ oil has extraordinary component vitamin E in it. Vitamin E soothes skin irritations and fades stretch marks on the breast. Further, massage this oil to moisturize your skin, fight ageing symptoms and get enhanced breasts.

Tips for effective massage

Tips to enlarge breasts

  • If you have sensitive breasts, mix essential oils with carrier oils like coconut oil or olive oil.
  • Rub your hands before the massage to warm up the oil. Massaging with heat give effective results.
  • Always massage gently in circular motions for 15 minutes.
  • You can massage the oil at night before sleeping or before bathing or after the bath. Choose a comfortable time for you.
  • Do the massage regularly to get positive results.