How to make small breasts look bigger

WHO WHO WHO Doesn’t wants to have beautiful physique with fuller breast!! Especially Women blessed with the smaller ones always tend to concentrate and stress more on the part and end up getting depressed trying lot many tricks and tips to make them big.

I do not say you to stop trying massages and oils to naturally enlarge your balls but there are ways to make your smaller breasts LOOK fuller and bigger with few CRAZY tricks for that hotter and sexy cleavage look.

Turn heads – with these simple easy fixes on how to make your smaller breasts look bigger and gain attention.

Padded bra

How to make breasts grow bigger

Stop stuffing bras Cup bras or say padded one works amazingly great.

The right kind of bra can help you get that fuller breast look in just seconds. All you need to do is invest in a good padded bra or push up bra which kind of lifts the breasts up and gives additional volume to your breast.

But with one little trick here – a size or couple bigger in size than your breast size works pushing your boobs upwards with a defined cleavage. Say, your breast size is 30; opt for 34 padded bras and you can actually FEEL and even SEE the change.

Be it any kind of bra one has to adjust and lift the balls from the bottom to the upward for the right fit. There are few bras like Up-bras you can shop for to even adjust that cleavage line by snatching on the adjustable straps in centre.

Dressing fixes

It’s all about shapes – illusion and the magic works. Cheat it with geometry – vertical lines and darker shades helps slim down the body to literally to a few inches while to the contrary the horizontal lines creates and lighter shades gives an fuller illusion.

The dress or outfit you wear to flaunt your looks should help you make a statement – wear dresses that are more horizontal to get that boxy fuller look of your breasts. Alternatively, darker shade dresses and tops helps trims down the body while the brighter shades and light tones help make a stand.

Opt for lighter shades tops and you should see a difference – your smaller breasts get more curvy and enhanced.

The waist

To make a specific part look bigger make the adjoining parts look slimmer. Yes – that is the trick. Make your waist look slimmer to highlight and spot your breasts out and big. Try working out more on trimming down the waist – or a good waist band works. Use tight

Accessorize smart

Don’t accessorize more on shoes, hand bands, hair, or waist which can turn off a stare off your assets. Make things turn your way – get attention to your breasts by accessioning more around your neck like long chain and pendants work just great.

The confidence posture

How to enlarge breasts naturally

Stop nagging behind whether you have small or bigger breasts. Feel like queen every time you step out – It is all about confidence – The right posture.

Slouching and bad posture can make your boobs look droopy and saggy. For the perky breast look lift your back straight and chest forward with shoulder and neck standing more straight making your personality and breasts more attractive.

makeup for breasts

Yes – makeup can make give that contour to your breasts making them look more bouncy and fuller. It is just a simple fix – all you need is a dark shade eye shadow and a brush to run in between the breasts or say cleavage.

Use a golden or one tone fairer eye shadow on your breasts and under collarbones – a light strike of shadow on upper breasts contouring the natural curves can give you a transformed rounder and bigger breast look in just seconds. The dark shadow in cleavage and lighter one on the upper breasts makes an impression.

Hope this article makes you happy and more confident. Share for more!!