Grow taller exercises for teenagers

Every parent especially mothers notes each step of their kids starting from his first cry till the time he grows up. When your kid starts attending school, he will study with children belonging different families. Even he will face his classmates who are taller than him. This makes him envy and an urge of growing up in height increases within them.

There are varieties of ways through which you can get an increase in height when you are in a stage of teenager. Exercise is one of the best ways to grow taller and attractive with regards to your physical built.

But, not all exercises are appropriate in this situation. There are some proven exercise that gives you an increase in height. Let as have a look at some of those exercise that will increase your height.

Children with different genre and a different family background will be different with regards to the height and physical feature. Individual with a good height have a better recognition in the society.

Whether you are going to face an interview or have an intention to make your career in the airline, it becomes mandatory to have a minimum height. But, most of the kids have a short height. Their parents are really tensed about their height which may lead to obstacles in future. The grow taller exercise will be one of the best considerations.

Grow taller exercises for teenagers

13A ring bar

A ring bar

How to grow taller during teenage

You can install two rings in your garden up within your tree branch which is strong enough or get the same inside your home where you have placed a horizontal rod joining two walls.

Just place your two hands over the ring bar and hang like a monkey by folding your feet. Do this for 30 seconds 5 times in a day to initiate height progress.

12Posture improvement

Posture improvement

Sometimes even due to poor posture you can be represented as a short height person in front of the mass. Poor posture includes too much relaxation of spine whether in the condition of sitting or standing. If you are stooping too much while speaking to your friends and relatives, this can be a bad posture. Try to stay erect while sitting or standing.

11Stretching exercise

Grow taller activities for teenagers

Stretching exercises are very effective in the process of gaining height ideally. There are some effective exercises that will initiate persistent stretching to increase height vertically.

But, you would require abundance enthusiasm for this stretching exercise. Energy is an important factor in this situation. Have nutritious food to initiate exercise easily without any difficulty.

10Cat stretch

Cat stretch

In order to do cat stretch, first of all you need to get your hands and knees in such a way that your arms will be locked out. While flexing your spine down, you must go ahead with inhaling activity. Now you must raise your head up and exhale with an initiation of spine up. As you repeat this process, you must be in the same position for 3- 8 seconds.

9The bridge

Grow taller games for teenagers

It is the name given to another type of stretching sequence where you need to lie down with your knees bent with the placement of your knees flat over the floor.

Now raise your body upward and grab your ankle with your hands that are perpendicular to the ground. You need to be in same position for 3-10 seconds.

8The yawn

The Yawn

Here you have to stand up straight with your hands fold and placed at the back of the head. Now slowly bend backward with your head falling back and forming an arch over your waist. Do this for 5 – 15 seconds and see the difference.

7The bow down

The bow down

How to grow taller for girls at 14

To do this you have to stand up straight with your spines upright there after bend in the forward direction with your waist down forming an inverted U shape. Hold your body in stooping position for 10 seconds and then get back to the same position.

6Touch toes

touch toes

Stand up straight with your hands up facing the ceiling and then stoop down with your hands touching your feet. You need to keep your knees straight without bending it at all. Stay in this position for 2- seconds and then again stand up.



How to grow taller for girls at 15

Here also first of all you need to manage stand straight. Now push your arms backward after placing it straight vertical to the ground.

Now bend your waist as much as you can. Now make a slow progression to swing your hands up pretending to touch the ceiling. Stay in this position for 4-6 seconds.

4Wall stretch

Stand against the wall with your body perpendicular to the wall or vertical to the ground. Now stand on toes and raise your hands up leaning on the wall and touching the wall. Stretch your body as much as possible to gain the height.

3The bench press arch

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This is an exercise which your child can do on a regular basis in order to get a taller and attractive physic. In order to start with this first of all you need to stand straight over a plain land.

Then slowly allow you’re both hands to raise upright in a vertical position. Now slowly lean backward by keeping your back straight and stretch your hands backward to touch the ground. This is a wonderful stretching exercise that will make you taller.

2Lunge posture


This is once again a stretching exercise that will stretch your legs and make it grow taller. The muscle will become flexible and will become a tool to make you attractive. Here you need to sit with your one knee up and the other one down.

You need to keep both the hands over your knee that is stood up. The other one must be stretched and made to touch the ground. Stay in this posture for some time and change the legs.

1Back arch stretch


How to grow taller for girls at 16

The posture that you can see in this picture is also a form of an arch which you can easily adopt. Here you have to lay down on your stomach and then try to lift your legs and hands simultaneously.

Now try to hold your legs with your hands and pull till upward. This is a wonderful exercise that can definitely make your height taller and attractive. You can try this and practice on a regular basis to see the development.