How to grow taller during teenage – Exercises, Foods to grow taller

Teenage is an important phase where people can think of getting a height with regular exercise, nutrition and other associate effect. Individuals belonging to the family with taller height get it through their genes.

But, not all individuals have same genes in their family. But even individuals belonging to the family of average and low height can get a boost up in their height. There are certain stages of life till which an individual can get on height.

There are certain tips and techniques with the help of which you can boost your body such that it can grow longitudinal as well as latitudinal.

But, there should be proper balance and proportion between both the sequences so that an individual does not look odd. Following are some of the through which teenager can grow taller.

Growing taller during the puberty ages will be an important factor especially when you wish yourself to become successful in your life. The short height can make you face number of hurdles but the taller physic will be an advantage in this regard.

This is the time for you to go ahead with some steps which will make you stay taller and attractive for a long time. Puberty is the stage when you have good option to grow taller. This is the stage in every individual’s life when the body starts increasing significantly.

Ways to grow taller during teenage

Boosting energy in the morning

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Right in the morning after you wake up, you should feel fresh and energetic. But, if you feel lethargic and drowsy, this energy may not come. Thus, the best way is having a fruit that helps you boost energy. It includes banana or an apple.

Hang and pull

Once you have boost up your energy level by consuming energy giving fruit, the next step will be to go ahead with hanging and pulling activity. You can get a long rod at home or within your garden where you hang and pull yourself.

According to the scientists, if you can hang on a regular basis, it helps in elongation of your spine and your joints of your body. This is a wonderful way to keep your body taller.


Next step to increase your height will be some effective exercise. Even if you can go ahead with some of the cardio exercises such as running and jogging, other exercises include swimming, cycling as well as jogging.

This will keep your heart rate normal once you settle down. The prominent growth hormone as well will be easily stimulated with the help of some exercise. This will easily boost your height and an individual can become taller and attractive in looks.

Balanced diet

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It is important to have a proper breakfast after a long meal less night. All types of nutrients must be in your diet such as eggs, orange juice, calcium, carbohydrates as well as yogurt.

The meals must be settled in such a way that it gets a proper stimulation of bone. Orange juice is also an important part of your food as it contains vitamins and carbohydrates which will ideally boost your energy so that you can work throughout the day.

No late meals

When you are having your dinner, it is important to remember that it is taken at least 2 hours before you sleep. Some people have a bad habit of consuming meal and then going to bed instantly.

It is a very bad practice as the food cannot digest well and gets stored within the body in the form of fat. Thus, the energy becomes nil and you cannot increase your height as well.

Eat small meals

Never ever fill your stomach with excessive food; rather have small portion of meals at a time. If you are hungry again have some portion of meal to stop your hunger. Only if you are half eaten, you body can boost up energy level.

If you consume large meal, it will allow your body to release insulin and even get regulation of the blood sugar level. But this procedure will ideally affect the human growth hormone of individual. But if you have small meals, it will easily all your body to convert nutrients to energy. This allows growth of muscles and height.

Adequate sleep

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Many people ignore the sleep and its importance. But, according to the medical science sleeping regularly for 7-8 hours in a day is very important.

Even when you are willing to get a good height with exercise and balanced food, without proper sleep, the whole procedure will go to veil.

Generally every human being has a growth hormone which is naturally produced within the body. If you can get a sound sleep every night, HGH will be produced in the pituitary gland and will initiate body height.


Urbanization is something that has provided with great advantage over the growth and development of individuals. If we compare the standard of living and facilities given to child between a rural as well as urban atmosphere, urbanization has created a boost.

Due to urbanization your kids are getting proper sanitation facilities, good food for growth and development, high level of education. There is enough scope of exercise with urbanization.  Thus, this will give a positive trend towards the upward rise of children’s height.

Inclusion of zinc in diet

Along with other nutrients that are needed for individual’s body, zinc is also an important consideration. This is such a mineral that helps in activation of bone cartilage.

This will react with other hormone inside your body and give rise to better scope of body growth. The hormones with which it reacts are thyroid hormones, testosterone, vitamin D3 as well as insulin.

You can make your child have some vegetables and fruits rich in zinc. It helps in making you healthy and sound along with an increase in your height.


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Very less people will be aware that insulin helps in regulation of an individual’s body growth.

This will supply the metabolic substrate to the particular cells in your body and initiate the growth.

You can also consider this when you are in the verge of helping your child in growing in heights. Insulin is also responsible to interact with other types of growth factors which in turn will help the fetal growth. This is probably another tip to grow taller.