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The most important part of Christmas decoration is the Christmas tree. It is that one thing which has a lot of significance, and without it there is no proper Christmas celebration. The evergreen fir tree is well known as the Christmas tree. It signifies as a sign of eternal bond with God. A Christmas tree is mandatory for celebrating Christmas. It is decorated and presented as a symbol of joy, happiness, love, affection and peace. A day before Christmas, a fir tree is bought and draped with different decorative objects, lights, etc. It is then surrounded with gifts and presents.


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The above picture shows a fir tree or the Christmas tree which is well decorated. If you take a better look then you will notice some specific and some aligned things which are used to decorate the tree. First of all the tree has 6 levels. Each level follows the same color theme. You will notice that the tree is covered with blue, red and golden balls. At each level the size of the ball differs from the other. Further you will find stars, angels and snowflakes hanging from the edges of the branches. You will also find a chain of light has covered the whole tree, starting right from the bottom and climbing up towards its peak.


The above picture shows the Christmas bell. These bells are made out of plastic, found in a set of 3. These are small in size. These bells are golden in color and have beautiful designs all over it. The texture of these bells makes them look attractive. It enlightens the tree and enhances the glow of the tree. Small lights which cover up the tree makes it look so beautiful that it lifts up the beauty of the surroundings.


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There are more than just colorful balls, lights and snowflakes which can be used to make the fir tree or the Christmas tree look beautiful. As you can see in the image above, this tree is decorated with different colored balls of different sizes. There are bells hanging on and around the tree of different colors and beautiful designs. Apart from these there are small and medium sized Santa décor dolls, sticks, ribbons of multiple colors and a garland of rainbow lights wrapped all around the tree.  All these ornaments are very light weighted which allows the tree to hold them tight. Each and every decorative ornament used to decorate the tree have a glossy touch which makes them sparkle and shine when light falls on them.


Here you can see that the tree is wrapped in multiple ribbons and garlands of different colored small thermocol balls. Garland of sparkling plastic threads, which are dense in color and have a very attractive as well as glossy effect on the Christmas tree helps in enhancing the beauty of the tree. It increases the gorgeousness of the tree and makes it look heavenly. You can drape the tree in such garlands and other ornaments which makes the tree look like God himself has crafted it with his own hands.


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Well these are not exactly what we know you as Christmas tree but are a kind of Christmas tree. These are wooden bars decorated with white bulbs. These bars are attached to a long bar which is supported by a base to stand straight. Here you can see four different types of Christmas tree. Each one is different from the other in terms of size, color theme and lighting arrangement. The first from the left has a dual color theme, one bar is red and the other is green. A garland of light is draped all around it. The next one is completely white in color and has the same lighting arrangement. The third one in the row or the second last one is bigger in size and is green in color. If you can take a closer look then you will notice that the lights are placed on either sides of the tree. The last one is a small red colored tree with the same light arrangement as the third one. These have less decoration which makes them look simply beautiful.


Golden is the color which can turn any dull thing into a gorgeous piece of beauty. This Christmas tree on the image above is all wrapped in golden ornaments which make it look so beautiful. Take a moment to appreciate its beauty as it is covered with golden colored glossy balls and golden colored stars which are hollow from inside. You can also locate some golden ball with the matte texture. These different ornaments o the color golden lightens up the beauty of the tree with simplicity. It has a very simple decoration but very attractive. The gracefulness of the green tree is enlightened by the gorgeousness of golden ornaments. Small lights all over it enhances the beauty.


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Christmas trees are all about decoration. Innovative and beautiful decoration can actually make the surrounding beautiful too. There is a huge line up of ornamental décor for the Christmas tree which varies from bells to balls of different sizes, colors and textures. There are ribbons, heart shaped ornaments with unique designs. Snowflakes of different sizes and design which makes the tree look so beautiful. Lighting is an important part of decorating Christmas tree as it holds the maximum in making a Christmas tree what it actually is. Colors and light are the carriers of joy, happiness and love, so the decoration has to be colorful.


Apart from other décor ornaments there are some more which looks brilliant when hanging from the edge of the branches of the Christmas tree. Gifts are an integral part of Christmas. Gifts are packed and distributed on the very same day of Christmas because happiness increases with sharing and caring. Care to share your happiness with your loved ones to get the most of it. There is no better messenger of happiness than gifts. Decoration doesn’t ends with Christmas tree ornaments and lights, gifts play an important role. A small gift can also be a big surprise for your loved ones.


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Christmas tree decoration looks more decorative, innovative and creative when the entire surrounding is decorated along with the tree. A simple, neat and clean surrounding gives you that feeling or peace which makes everything very beautiful. A peaceful and happy surrounding is a great idea for celebrating the joy of having an eternal bond with god. Maintaining a theme for not only the Christmas tree but the entire surrounding of the tree rather your house is very much unique. After all its Christmas and you cannot let be that simple.


You can be clueless about certain things but the Christmas tree cannot be colorless. Add more colors to the tree as it will add much more happiness to your life. Christmas is a day to celebrate the larger than life bonding with God and the fir tree or the Christmas tree is the symbol. It doesn’t matter how big or small the tree is but the way you guide yourself to decorate it matters the most. Each and every ornament has its own beauty and importance. Everything which makes the tree look so amazing serves their respective purpose. Christmas tree decoration may vary from one another but its beauty is always the same.