Best stylish and fashionable mehndi designs

Mehndi is considered to be very auspicious by Indian women and is adorned by all during the festive seasons. Women have a lot of fascinations regarding the designs of mehndi on their hands. Intricate work requires skill hands whereas there are simple yet pretty designs which any woman can try themselves.

Best stylish mehndi designs

Simple Pattern Mehndi Design

Simple Pattern Mehndi Design

New year mehndi designs

The design of this mehndi adds grace to the overall look and appears as simple yet stylish appropriate as per the event. The finger parts share a fashionable look too.

Simple Modern Arabic Design

Simple Modern Arabic Design

Just like an Arabian Henna design, the design shares an elegant look along with a sleek but stylish appearance. The beauty of the floral patterns remains intact.

Full wrist Length Mehndi

Full wrist Length Mehndi

The design shares the look of a little bit of Rajasthani henna patterns. The big central flower is what catches the eye of the seeker.

Peacock and Marigold Mendi Design

Peacock and Marigold Mendi Design

As shown, the pattern enhances a large peacock on the center of the back side of the hand. The models of Marigolds add a spectacular look to this mehndi.

Mehndi on Back side of the Hand

Mehndi on Back side of the Hand

It covers only half of the back side of the hand. It is a compact design that includes different flowers up to the wrist.

The blend of two worlds

The blend of two worlds
easy back hand bangle mehndi design

Round henna designs for hands

Bringing the beauty of two worlds together, the design is a beautiful blend of modern trends and traditional imprints.

The palm end of the design is exclusively designed with the traditional patterns that are common to a lot of mehndi designs. The detailing on the fingers are fresh and modern-day designs. We love how each finger is given a unique design for them to stand out!

Artsy traditional trail mehndi

Artsy traditional trail mehndi
simple peacock mehndi design on hand

There is this simplicity yet bold detailing of the design that appeals the most. The trail starts from the corner of the hand building up beautiful whimsical designs in the form of flowers. Most of the design here seems to be taken out of the historical fabric art. The deepening of some areas adds to the appeal of the design making it more detailed and exceptional.

The jewel design

The jewel design
jewel style mehndi design for back hand

The central artsy piece is a jewel like flowery structure that attracts the eyes immediately. The beautiful alignment of the design makes it exceptionally crafty. The simplistic detail on the fingers matches with the design and give it a balanced structure. A few leaves here and there add a touch of beauty!

The rose chakra!

The rose chakra!
attractive rose chakra mehndi design for back hand

The central rose design is delicately put together with the leaves that are shaded to give a definite structure. The special design in the center attracts the eye and the building up of petals around it in the form of a chakra just make it even more attractive. The chakra is finished with some little details. Little flowers are put on the fingers play with the blank space.

A fresh take on flowers

A fresh take on flowers
beautiful flower mehndi design

This design that begins from just below the thumb has some fresh take on the flower patterns that plays with the deepening of mehndi in some areas and putting in the petals carefully.

A large portion of the hand is left blank so that the designs can stand out even more. The special flowery design with leaves and petals starts at the end of the pinky finger.

Mehndi patches all the way

Mehndi patches all the way
beautiful patchwork mehndi design for back hand

Classic mehandi designs for your beautiful hands

The simple flowery caricature made in the form of patchwork in the hand as well as a mini feature of it on the finger brings about a charm to the hands. The design plays with the perspective and is quite artsy too! Where everyone is keen on applying the traditional heavy designs – this beautiful patchwork mehndi design will give a new fresh look to your hands!

Best mehndi designs

simple mehndi design for palm

Floral patterns are very popular with most of the mehndi designs. This design is very unique among many common mehndi designs found. The beautiful and comparatively larger flower sits pretty at the left corner of the hand just below the thumb. The petals are done up deeply adding to the uniqueness.

There is a cute flower just diagonally opposite to it and is connected to the other flower by simple bead patterns. Each finger has a different design. The interesting part is that the designs get going more intricate as we move from the little finger to the index one while the thumb is left completely blank.

The tips of the fingers are done traditionally by simple deep application. This design is very pretty and easy to make. Newcomers can definitely try this one.

easy mehndi design for back hand

This pretty design is also hassle free but looks very smart. The beautiful flower has been unusually placed at a right hand side corner instead of the centre. The flower has a simple yet elegant look since the centre is done traditionally while the outer petals are done with shades.

The half done tilted design to the left upper corner of the flower adds to the beauty. The same design is again repeated at the right hand side corner of the flower at the bottom. The design inside the border has been done intricately.

The wave pattern of the border gives a very artistic look. Together it resembles a peacock design. The fingers have been kept simple by putting drop like designs with the tip ending with a leaf pattern.


This design is an excellent piece of art which looks simple but requires great detailing to bring out the true beauty. The centre has been done with a simple flower pattern with basic layering.

The arrangement of leaves surrounding the pattern is the most significant part of the design and absolutely steals the show. The design on the wrist gives a beautiful resemblance of a bracelet. The tips of the fingers have been done with layering up to the middle of the fingers and ended in inverted leaf patterns, done same as in the centre.

The index finger stands out among the others with a simple yet beautifully layered flower at the bottom done up around the finger.


This is another unique design for a mehndi if you are looking for something totally different from others. A pair of flowers is there at the right hand side corner of the palm, which extends around the palm to the inner side.

The sides of the flowers are done with extreme care so that they give the impression of a dense bush yet they do not seem clumsy. The thumb is left empty unusually. The alternate fingers show same pattern of designs but are located differently to give a beautiful arrangement.

The ring like designs on the little finger and the middle finger are very simple with line borders and swirls in the middle.

The same swirls are done on the index finger and the ring fingers too. The index finger ends in a replica of the floral pattern joined with the swirls on top by beautiful lines of beads while the ring finger is joined to the basic floral design at the right corner. The most delicate work of art lies in making the crossover of bead lines with care.

awesome floral mehndi design for hand

Top floral mehandi designs for hands

This mehndi design is an excellent work of art done with great detailing and requires an experienced artiste. The unusual part of this design is that a lot of portion on the palm is left blank while the designed portions are very intricately done. The centre comes with the unfolding of a peacock done beautifully with floral designs consisting of layers.

Doing the design with continuity at the joint of the palm and arm is quite a difficult task, but if done, looks amazing. The floral pattern with unique shape of petals sitting pretty at the corner of the arm adds to the beauty.

The tilted border below it gives the design a new geometry altogether. The beauty lies in detailing every pattern made. Diamond shapes at the tips of the fingers are the most unique features of this design.

best arabic mehndi design on hand

If you look at this pattern from a distance you will notice a perfect alignment of each pattern along a single line tilted by a small angle starting from the tip of the index finger and ending at the arm. Floral patterns are the most abundant ones used in this design.

Alternate prominent flower and shell designs along the tilted line are beautiful to look at. They end delicately with drop like designs. The other fingers are also done differently with small floral and shell designs at the tip and rest with small drops.

beautiful floral mehndi design for back hand

This is an aligned design focusing to the left of the palm. It requires a lot of concentration to work up this art as detailing is present at a high level in this particular design.

If they are not done carefully, the design instead of looking elegant will end up looking clumsy. If you notice this work carefully, it has been cleverly done with use of high detailed flowers and shell patterns alternatively, one on the top of the other.

The talent of the artiste is to follow this detail with care and bring out the beauty of the design yet not making it untidy. The small temples throughout the border complement the entire design. The lengths of the fingers are kept blank while the tips have S-like patterns with box layers.

latest arabic mehndi design for back hands

This is a very smart design to wear for any kind of occasion and will surely turn heads wherever you go. It may seem to be the same repetition of the floral patterns as shown earlier but the unique design of petals is stunning. The main portion of the design here lies on the arm and not on the palms.

The other fingers are left empty while the index finger gets highlighted. It starts with a sleek design of leaves twirled around a single branch. It then goes on extending to form bigger floral patterns. For a change of pattern, a peacock design may also be used at the joint of the palm and arm.

The feathers of the peacock are done with leaf like pattern while the body is shaped from a shell. It goes on to a bigger flower whose petals have been beautifully done while playing with shades. So now you know floral patterns and peacock designs may be beautifully teamed up together.


Gujarati mehndi / henna designs for hands

This design separates two patterns, floral pattern and shell pattern to different areas on the palm. The shift of highlight from the index finger to the middle finger is a fresh change and looks unique.

Half done shells with line like detailing inside their bodies start from the mid length of the middle finger and extend up to the joint of arms and the palm. The beauty of the work lies in keeping equal distances from one shell to the other for a symmetric pattern. The arm is again a work of art.

The borders are done at first with simple lines. Then the inside is filled with layered floral designs which are individually simple but are half done so that they appear one on top of the other. It resembles the bracelets worn by women on their wrists.

Once this design is made the replica of the same are made on the tip of the fingers. The inside is filled with concentric circles complemented by drops.

Each and every design is a good work of art where creativity of oneself comes to view through their creations. Try these amazing, unique and smart designs next time there is a good occasion!