Latest floral mehndi designs for hands 2020

Hands look beautiful with the mehandi designs and the floral designs are more common in hands. Flowers are a part of the nature and are symbols of purity in any occasion. The inspiration for the ceremony is heightened with the presence of different flowers and the mehandi motifs add to the serene and pure atmosphere.

Flowers in the Garden of Texture

Flowers in the Garden of Texture

Gujarati mehndi / henna designs for hands

The texture of this design is intense and dense, which provides it with a beautiful look. The floral patterns over the design add beauty to it.

Arabic Full-Length Back Side of Hand

Arabic Full-Length Back Side of Hand

It is an Arabic design, full of different Arabian patterns and florals. It is simple and sober yet trendy and catches everyone’s eye.

Arabic Mehndi Design for Back Side of Hand

Arabic Mehndi Design for Back Side of Hand

The design inherits a fantastic and beautiful texture of the florals present on the back side of the hand. The flowers and leafy parts on fingers do the magic too.

Light Floral Mehndi Design

Light Floral Mehndi Design

The pattern of this Henna design shares a free drawing of lots of flowers that have interlinking chains with small roses, a stylish look.

Arabic Upper Hand Mehndi Design

Arabic Upper Hand Mehndi Design

The pattern of the design contributes to creating flowers in Arabic texture. The fingers share florals representing a majestic view.

The floral garlands in hand

Flowers definitely add a touch of nature and bring auspiciousness to the occasion when they are put artistically into the mehndi designs. The simplicity of this design is what appeals the most.

The garland of simple flowers is build from the end of the back of the palm and encircles the hand all the way to the index finger. The little string left on the open and end of the garland show how an open garland can be thing of beauty.

This design leaves a lot of space empty in the hand but somehow manages to catch the attention. The fingers too are added with a little of details to give it a finishing touch.

Arabic mehndi design with flowers

Best mehndi designs for legs

This awe-inspiring mehndi design is a result of a lot of hardwork. The Design tends to have taken into its delicate detailing a range of patterns to be put together and weaved in the form of a complete design.

The design begins from the arm where there are danglers, flower bands and mehndi motifs which are made in the form of a band and then taken towards the fingers like a trail. The trail has special flowers that are shaded quite expertly to give them an edgy look. The special daffodil flowers and Arabic touch to the filler designs makes this design stand out.

One of the most remarkable thing about this design is that it leaves the center of the palm empty. The blank left makes the rest of the design stand out and does the expression. Indeed a very fresh change in flower mehndi designs.

Boho floral mehndi design

Flowers can be interpreted in your own unique way when putting it in the form of mehndi. This gorgeous design takes a unique artsy twist in the design by making the flowers and leaves extravagant with their deep reddening effect. The motifs are made from the arm towards the finger in the combination of simple twists and depended flowers.

The use of minimal designs strategically has made the design exclusive. The perfection in crafting the flowers and leaves makes this design a hit. A work of only a professional, both the hands is very differently designed but stick to the concept.

The chakra on the back of the hand and the finger details bring out a boho touch which makes the design even more interesting for the younger generations.

Simple flower mehndi design

Flowers bring out the best of its design when they are put together in a form of a garland with leaves, danglers and more to form a trail in the hand with mehndi. This pretty yet minimal design is a simplistic flower garland trail that starts from the arm and ends into the index finger on both the hands.

The designs on both hands complement each other and are almost mirror images. When you are searching for something simple for a cousin or friend’s wedding – this one fits the idea!

Shaded flower mehndi design

It isn’t a tough task to incorporate a little of flowers in your mehndi designs. If you are keen on applying mehndi all on your own – this design is the best to pick initially.

The single large flower that starts at the arm starts building up like a bunch of flowers put together and ends up at the index finger. The flower petals are given a good detailing with shading and deepening of the ends so that it appears quite real.

All the motifs are carefully designed to match with the first flower and carry the concept forward. This design leaves other areas empty for making the design look different. The fingers too aren’t given much of attention as the design itself is attention seeking.

The flower patches & finer detailing

The flower patches and finer detailing

Little detailing always brings out the best of a mehndi design. In this one we see a center flower piece on the back of left hand surrounded with a few leaves intricately designed. The patches of flowers are carefully completed with a lot of tiny detailing around to give it a painted look.

The shading on the petals, the lining on the leaves, the twisty curves as the fillings of mehndi motifs all make the design very appealing. Where left hand is left with a lot of empty space, the right one is crafted opposite with loaded designs. There are small flowers on the back of right hand and has about a lot of tiny detailing to catch the attention.

It is when mehndi is used with fine imprints and careful precision that this design can be successfully implemented. What looks like a design straight out of nature is quite a show stealer and makes your hand do the talking!

Shades floral mehndi design

Shades in flowers for hands

The floral motifs are of various types and this one has got dual shades done in darker and lighter brown color. The petals decorate the palm and the back of the hand with style and the fingers of the hand are done with designs like jewelry. The petals are shaded to bring the natural look of flowers.

Floral henna designs done with chains

Best flower mehndi designs for legs

Flowers are beautiful and they can be made more beautiful when they are done with taste in designs. This design is done in such pleasing quality that it remains in the viewer’s eyes for a longer time.

Simple floral design

Simple design that enhances purity

Hands must look clean and on special occasion they must give a pure exterior. The design is exquisitely done to bring the resemblances of a rose and the ring finger is done so that the design becomes the ring. The simple design is nice to look at and will be a favorite of the young people.

Simple floral mehndi design

Flower bouquet in the center of your hands

Small exquisite flowers make the design and this has got its own specialty. The flowers are done so that it forms a chain on the middle finger. The other fingers are bare and hence it resembles an ornament for the finger.

Bridal mehandi with blessings of flower


The complete hand is covered with the designs. The bridal hands look gorgeous and the contrast colors make it magnificent. The designs are floral petals that are inlaid with more intricate motifs.

Floral patterns with black mehandi


Hands that are fair can be the best backdrop of black mehandi designs. These are Arabic mehandi and some designs are also from the Middle East. The small and continuous leaves pattern makes the hand look radiant. The half circles and the floral patterns are done with great care.

Complete and intricate design


Easy circle mehndi designs

Bridal wears are often done in elegance and this design of mehandi adds to the exquisite elegance. The hand is done with floral motifs and small half circles that looks like petal of flowers. The center of the hand is done with two shades and the design flows towards the elbows.

Arabic mehandi with small shaded dots


This is the Arabic design that is often seen in the central Asia. The fingers have got lesser concentration of designs and the wrist is done with heavy and intricate patterns.

Simple flowers diagonally

Simple flowers diagonally

Gujarati mehndi designs for full hands

This design is done with imagination and artistic view. The bigger flower petals are done with bold strokes and the tendrils and the dots add to the beauty.

Bold and beautiful floral petals

Bold and beautiful floral petals

Designs of the hand is done in bold curves. The floral pattern is simple and still the bold lines give it a permanent beauty. The reddish hue of the mehandi makes it look ravishing.

Golden dust interspersed with curves

Golden dust interspersed with curves

New mehndi designs for feet

The hands look classical with the goldern color in between the designs. The golden shade makes it perfect with any gowns or saris that are oriental and has got golden threads for decoration.

Cute and simple designs for kids

Cute and simple designs for kids

Children have small area for their palm and these designs will look stunning on their hands. The small flowers and the chain of leaves gives a admirable look to the hands.

Classical flowers and chains


New bangle henna mehndi designs

Many people like these simple and continuous flowers. The hand looks classical and the design is good for any occasion. The petals complete with small tendrils rising from them and boundaries in chain are exquisite to look.

Lotus done with shades

Lotus done with shades

This design will make any hand look elegant and stunning. The lotus is done withouter shades so that the open area becomes the shape of the flower. The design travels up to the elbows.

Thick net like glove for exquisite hand


Best full hands mehandi designs

This design is good for broader hands. The hand is done with small designs and thinner lines in the middle and the net like effect is done on the wrist and the fingers. The whole image is of a hand with a delicate net like glove.