New bangle henna / Mehndi designs

You can describe henna or mehendi as a form of temporary tattoo. The henna is mainly worn by women of India, Pakistan and some of the Arabic countries. The patterns and the designs of henna or mehendi vary based on the ages, occasions and preferences. Some of the mehendi patterns are very much elaborate and some of them are very much simple.

You can find a ton of variable designs for these temporary tattoos. But some designs are very much common; one of them is bangle pattern. The bangle pattern design is very famous and common among brides. In this design the bangle is made by henna or mehendi in the wrist of the bride.

The color of the mehendi is mainly in rich red brown color or black, but with new technologies people are trying various types of henna colors and glitters to make them more beautiful and attractive. The bangle designs are mostly made by the floral patterns and some curves.

Women love bangles and mehendi too so, why not combine two of them to make an impressing outlook?? If some people are bored with normal mehendi designs then they can make a fusion of these two. Are you one of them?? Then you must try the bracelet mehendi designs.

[New bangle mehndi designs in Hindi]

Decorated Bangle Design

Best full hands mehandi designs

Apart from the simple floral work on the palm this mehendi has a lot of charming features too. Take a look at the fingers that have been so beautifully decorated in intricate spiral and geometric shapes. Coming to the wrist you will see the magnificent work of art. Similar patterns make the entire wrist work and it is then covered in deep shade of henna. Perfect for every mood and occasion.

Bridal Bangle Mehndi work

Look at the simple yet elegant design on this Mehendi. The palms have been covered in decorative patterns and peacock heads. Similar styles using curves and geometric shapes make the wrist work so outstanding. It is a simple yet gorgeous design for any bride. If you are a newly wed then you can apply this design of mehendi for a party, event, festival or occasion.


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Sophisticated Bangle Mehndi Work

For those ladies who want chic, sophisticated, minimalistic and charming patterns. This design is applied on the back side of your hand. The geometric shapes and curves make the design for the wrists attractive whereas the fingers have only the slightest touch of designs. Both the hands have very distinctive pattern of art work.

Heavily decorated Bangle Mehndi design

Apart from the intricate work on the whole palm, you will be amazed to see the similar pattern of work on your hand. They start from your wrist and reach all the way to the elbows leaving equal gaps in the middle. What makes it so exciting is the touch of floral and different patterns on the hands.

Simple backside bangle mehndi design

Try top engagement mehndi designs for hands

How charming does this design look? For all those ladies who love simplicity, try out this pattern on your hands. You will see how the patterns repeat itself in an alternative manner. The small floral patterns and the other curvy designs are in total sync with each other.

Decorative golden backside bangle mehndi design


The rich, golden hue on the backside of the hand is what makes this design one of a kind. Gold, green and black shades of the mehendi blend perfectly with one another. The fingers have been beautifully decorated and look distinctive from one another. The wrist is covered in small patterns that have the touch of green. For every lover of mehendi this is perfect.

Bangle style Mehendi

Bangle style Mehendi

When you wear this beautiful mehendi, you will see that it give you the simplicity and the most elegant style. It is a fabulous design. It can be worn by making some nail art on your nails. It gives you and edge and you can also flaunt this new design.

bangle style mehendi designsThis is an irresistible mehendi design. This gives you the mehendi design of a hanging ring. It is simple and also looks elegant. It looks like embroidery on your skin. It is a body art and floral-inspired traditional design. It looks best when worn with ethnic wears.

Bangle style Mehendi

This is an exodus charming Moroccan magic design. This is also a floral-inspired design. It is made for those who love their hands to be covered with the beautiful flowery roar. It is one in a million designs and looks beauty in bridal wear. You can also wear it on your friend’s wedding.

The bracelet along the length of the arm mehndi design


Best arabic mehndi designs for hands

This design isvery simple and classic at the same time. Best inspiring bangle henna mehendi designs. The designs are done with floral patterns. In this pattern the floral design is starts from the tip of your palm and ends till the elbow. It gives the look of various color bangles in your limb. Here are many patterns that you can try on your hands. One of the designs is floral design. You can draw only floral patterns on the palm or you can try spiral patterns. Here multiple patterns can be drawn also. You can try a combination of both spiral and floral patterns. How to make bangles mehndi design?

Uncomplicated and classic net mehendi bangle patters


Full hand bangle mehendi design. May be this henna design is very much simple or uncomplicated but the appearance of this pattern is excellent. The work of net will be all over your hands and many bangles like structure will cover your hands. It helps to pip your writes with more detailed designs.

Wrist mehendi bracelet on your hands


Beautiful bangle mehandi design with images. If you want to look gorgeous then your mehendi tattoo also needs to be gorgeous. But it is not necessary that your mehendi will be elaborate always. You can leave your palms empty without any designs, can make a simple ring around your ring and also can make a very gorgeous bangle on your wrist. It is a unique and extraordinary design. This mehendi pattern isn’t an ordinary one. This pattern is very much ornamental and gorgeous at the same time.

Smart bangle mehendi designs for hands


Simple bangle mehandi patterns for hands. The mehendi is a part of our marriage ritual, so we have an idea that the designs of mehendi must be very much gorgeous and flourish. But youngsters don’t like fanfare designs. They like less flourish patterns. For those who want to look simple and trendy, but want to get a touch of tradition for them this pattern mehendi is very much suitable. You can look smarter than ornamental in this design. This pattern is so simple that you can try it of your own and not that time consuming.

Spiral mehendi bangle design


Best mehndi design with light bangle pattern in it. We all know that the henna patterns are just incomplete without the floral patterns. But, if you want to go out of the track then try the spiral shaped bangles. The large and elaborated spiral patterns may look excellent on your hands. The simple nature of this mehendi art gives it a more sophisticated look.

Large elbow length mehendi designs

Bridal Mehndi Design 2011

Beautiful arabic mehndi designs for hands

Henna mehndi design for half hands with bangle lines. Mehendi is very common in marriage ceremonies. In some tradition brides and the groom both has to wear mehendi on their hands. But, we all know mehendi is special for women. On marriage occasion bride wants to look best and mehendi plays a vital role in it. This mehendi pattern is very much gorgeous and beautiful. This mehendi pattern is very much complicated and filled with small detailed designs

Colored bangle mehendi


Mehndi design on the back of the hand with bangle and floral patterns. The Mehendi is found from the henna plant which is red or black in color naturally. If you are bored with this black or red color of mehendi then you can try many colors and glitters with mehendi. The base designs are drawn by the normal mehendi and the gaps are filled with colors and glitters. These henna patterns are uncommon, eye catching and much more attractive than the brown ones.

[New bangle mehndi designs in Hindi]