Best Patterned Comforters to Keep You Cozy

A home is a place where we can completely relax and forget about everyday worries for a while. The atmosphere plays an important role in creating this effect. Trendy and stylish patterned comforters will help to make the atmosphere cozy.

Comforters with patterns — the secret of the original interior

Properly selected comforters will not only keep you warm in cool weather but will also become a bright accent to the overall composition. If you want your bedroom to look like the pictures on Pinterest, feel free to choose bedding with ornaments!

We are used to calming bedrooms decorated in pastel colors. However, mixing textures, colors and prints are becoming more and more popular today. Modern designers are often advised to enliven the situation in the bedroom using the following methods:

  • choose comforters with patterns;
  • use bright pillows, light blankets, and bedspreads as decor;
  • complement the interior with soft rugs, knitwear;
  • pay special attention to the lighting system, using soft light from several peripheral sources.

Models with patterns for connoisseurs of the classics

If you like unobtrusive and calm colors in the interior, the best solution for the bedroom will be blankets with classic patterns, such as stripes or checks.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose between horizontal or vertical stripes of different widths. A white and blue pinstriped set will look stylish in a Scandinavian interior, a pink blanket with white stripes will harmoniously complement a teenage girl’s room, and fans of original solutions will like a gray model with an ombre effect.

Floral ornaments for a romantic mood

Floral designs are another popular option for patterned bedding lovers. Such products look very gentle and are in perfect harmony with other elements of the interior.

As prints can be used:

  • leaves;
  • flowers (for example, magnolia);
  • abstract compositions (garden, countryside, herbarium, etc.).

As a rule, sets and blankets with floral patterns are made in different shades of gray and white. But you can find other basic pastel colors, including powdery.

An ever-popular abstraction

Products with intricate ornaments will not only decorate the bedroom but also help develop imagination. In abstract patterns, each person will see something of their own. These can be images in the form of a mandala, urban motifs, or models with worn or starry sky effects.

Benefits of microfiber bedding

Many modern comforters are made from microfiber combined with down filling. The innovative material is of high quality, practicality, and attractive appearance.

Microfiber products:

  • hypoallergenic. They can be safely used by patients with allergic diseases, people with hypersensitive skin, and children. Such products will not cause an aggravation of the condition, the occurrence of coughing, itching, and other symptoms with constant contact;
  • wear-resistant. The material is highly elastic, stretches well, and practically does not tear even after frequent washes;
  • easy to care for. To preserve the properties of the material and the original state, it is enough to wash the products in cold water without aggressive agents and do not iron them;
  • guarantee uniform distribution and preservation of heat. These blankets are a great solution for the cold season.

Soft all-weather comforters with patterns made of microfiber are the choice of customers who value quality and comfort. Thanks to a wide range of products and affordable prices, everyone can choose the right option for their bedroom.