Luxurious Interior Design in Bangalore: Know How to Transform Your Space

Anyone who spends even a few minutes on Pinterest or Instagram looking at living spaces will be green with envy. However, creating such lovely spaces in your own house is easier than you would think – especially if you know a few tips of the trade. Today, we’re sharing some exclusive tips from prominent interior designers in Bangalore. So, get ready to take your home to the next level by following these five interior design hacks from the best interior designers in Bangalore!

# 1 Stick to a Colour cheme

The first and most important step is to choose a colour scheme for your house. Choose a maximum of five colours. Three colours are generally used in a well-balanced interior: dominant, secondary, and accent. You may choose your colours based on how they make you feel or what you prefer to wear.  Interior Designers in Bangalore suggest that when designing your space, give the major colour 60% of the attention, the secondary colour 30%, and the accent colour 10%. However, you are free to alter this ratio as you see fit. Try a well-known scheme like monochromatic or complimentary if you’re unclear about where to begin.

# 2 Arrange Art Placement

Before you hammer a nail onto the wall, plan out your artwork. First, place the art pieces on the floor until you’re satisfied with the layout. Second, make templates for each item and tape them to the wall with masking tape. You may now mark and place nails and start hanging your art collection.

# 3 Perfect Rug Positioning

Simply placing your rug in the proper position is a no-fuss interior design tip that can be used in every area, from the bedroom to the lounge. In a spacious room, for example, lay the rug beneath the sofa’s front legs. The rug should also be touched or hovered over by the adjacent furniture. If in doubt, large carpets are always preferable.

# 4 Play around with the layout.

If there’s one interior design advice to remember from the best Interior Designers in Bangalore, it’s that rearranging your furniture can make a big impact. Experiment with a few different layouts. Change things around until you’re happy. Even the weird ones are worth a shot. This will assist you in determining what could work in your area. However, begin the furniture shuffle with the largest pieces first, such as a sofa!

# 5 Go for Layered Lights 

Your home may be made to stand out with the use of light. So, add three levels of lighting to get it right: tasks, ambient, and accent. This is a trendy interior design idea that works well in living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. Layered light is not only practical, but it also provides depth and mood.

# 6 Increase the Size of Your Curtains

Interior Designers in Bangalore say that curtains can make a space appear larger and more opulent. In fact, simply bringing your window treatments closer to the ceiling and utilizing a wider curtain rod will make the space appear larger and more expensive than it is.

So, these were a few interior design tips from the best Interior designers in Bangalore. While these tips can help you get started on your interior design journey, getting professional help will allow you to take your home décor a notch higher. Professional interior design firms like Livspace offer end-to-end interior design services and give your home a stunning new look. From sourcing to installation, Livspace takes care of every step of your interior design journey and lets you sit back and watch your dream home take shape.