Outfits / dressing ideas to look thinner and taller

Slimming has become a necessity for every lady with little or more flab around her body. Along with healthy food and regular exercise, outfit also plays an important role in making an individual thinner or fat. Most of the people have no perfect idea about their outfit as hardly have knowledge about which one would make them look good. Expert from the fashion world will be able to know about this face clearly. If you are among the people who does not know how to look thinner and taller, this article will provide the perfect view on how to look really thinner and lengthier in height. 

Slimming with western outfit

Choice of to design

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Generally individuals look thinner and taller in western outfit than that of traditional and ethnic wear. First of all think about the top which you will be putting over your upper part which needs to be designed in such a way that you look taller and slimmer. Go for a V neck top which can be withering tees, cardigans and camis. It is important to wear the top in such a wear which will hide your major cleavage.


Under the outfit, you also need to be cautious about your under garment. Always go for a minimize bra which will be deep low at the front so that it matches with the V neck style of top.

Longer sleeves

Even the sleeves of the top play an important role in making you slimmer and taller. Generally a flabby lady has less toned arm. In such a case you need to choose a garment that si having longer sleeves. Even the three quarter sleeves can go really well.

Tips to manage belly

Tummy Tucker


In order to stay slim and look taller, it is very important to manage your tummy and let it look in such a way that you look really slim and trendy. You can now tummy tucker or shaper in the market which you can easily wear to manage your tummy. When you are going to wear a western outfit where your belly is a problem, this tummy tucker will be a wonderful option.

Feminine jackets


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Jackets with short length have a capacity to make you look slimmer and taller. Always go for such a trendy jacket over your top if you want to hide your tummy. Since the jackets with feminine details lifts the individual eye upward this is a way you can look taller. But you must choose the jacket in such a fashion that fits your bust and shoulder really well. Also the jacket should be of such a length which will just touch the upper portion of the hip.

Monochromatic dresses

The monochromatic dresses will be ideal if you want to look slim and taller as those dresses keeps you in an aliened fashion which does not have a break. Since it is in a continuous fashion, an elongated look will be presented with whittling of waist.

Slimming tips for thighs and hips

Once you are done with the upper side slimming venture, the next important factor which you should consider is your thighs and hips.

Choice of skirts

If you are going for a business formal dress where along with your blazer you need to wear a skirt, choice of a skirt will be an important consideration. It is important to choose the skirt style which will ideally flatter. The type of skirts that needs to be considered is trumpet, straight cut as well as pencil skirt. Go for a Lycra blend as this will give an extra support.

Choice of trouser


Today, most of the ladies considers the trousers instead of skirt whether to make a formal look or a casual appeal. If you are going for the trousers, go for the designs that are wider in dimensions and straight legged design. Even when you are choosing the jeans make sure that you get those which are built in panels that will smooth the bulges. You must remember and always try to avoid the trousers and jeans that are having pleats, pockets and buckles.

Rear view look

If you are going for the slimming look, not only the front view is important, rather the rear view is also equally important. You must try to show an attractive curve of your waist that will make your backs as well as hips different from one another. There are options such as C-cups as well as built in underwire which will easily boost your shaping view. If you want to go for curve in full figure, go for molded camisole.

Don’ts for slimming

If you are going for slimming and getting a taller view, it will be important to consider some don’ts. You should always avoid the styles of muffin tops. When you are considering wearing jeans, you should avoid those that are having contrast stitches. Also the grommets, rhinestones and large buttons must be avoided. Light jeans should also be avoided when you are sure that you want to look thin and slim.

Lengthening lower


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You should also go for visual tricks if you want to present yourself to be raised in height visually. Try to go for short dresses may it be mini skirt or dress that is above knee length. This will bring your legs out and creates an illusion of getting taller in looks.

You must go for the clothes that slim your figure. Some people have a habit of wearing skin tight pants and jeans. But this can only highlight the bumps. It is important to wear the boot cut jeans. Also you can choose the long and flowing skirt to get a slimming deal and taller look visually. There are experts who can speak about the dresses and attire that will make you look taller and attractive. Along with a height you should also look slimmer and attractive. Apply the above mentioned tricks and tips on your attire and get a skin trim and attractive attire.