Easy simple hairstyles & haircuts for silk saree

Silk sarees often make a preferred choice for women of different ages, particularly because of the sophisticated look they offer. Silk itself can be of different types and there are thousands of variations in silk sarees. Be it the material, the color, the design or the embellishments, you can find different patterns and varieties in silk sarees.

The other best thing about silk sarees is that they are generally light in weight, unless they come with heavy embellishments, which make them easy to carry and style. When you are putting on your favorite silk saree it is important to have the right hairstyle as well in order to get that perfect look.

Irrespective of the length of your hairs you can have different hairstyles that can look better with silk sarees. Here are some ideas of easy, simple hairstyles for silk sarees.

Buns hairstyles for silk saree

Buns always look gorgeous with silk sarees and they give the right touch of sophistication to ones look when paired with a silk saree. The other best thing about bun hairstyles is that you can bring in several variations in buns. You can even combine buns with braids to get the style of your choice.

You can also decorate the buns with different types of hair accessories or with fresh flowers and garlands. You can also decide to leave it simple or messy. Here are some easy bun hairstyles that can look really gorgeous with silk sarees. Check them out and pick a mixed bag to maintain variation in your hairstyle.

The classic bun hairstyleThe classic bun

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A classic bun placed just at the nape of the neck can look simply gorgeous with a silk saree. Parting the hairs in the middle gives this hairstyle a truly classic look. You might or might not use the mangtika with this hairstyle depending on the occasion and your choice. To get this hairstyle you only need to sweep your hairs loosely to the back and then secure it in a bun and set it with bobby pins and clips. Do not miss the light puff at the front. This hairstyle is very simple and you can get it even without using a hair spray.

Bun with a twist hairstyle on silk sareeBun with a twist

This is also a bun hairstyle but here the front part has a twist which gives it a unique look. Do, not worry, this hairstyle is not as complicated as it might look at the first glance and you can have it easily. Here a small bunch of the hairs at the front has been side swept and secured with pins. The hairs on the crown have been back brushed while the hairs at the sides have been brushed up-backwards and pinned. The bun has been done on the nape of the neck. You will need to use more bobby pins and a hair setting spray to get this hairstyle right, but it is surely worth the effort.

Bun with crown puff hairstyle on sareeBun with crown poof

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A crown puff can give your total look, a new dimension. If you are planning to wear a silk saree to a wedding, this bun hairstyle can be a good option. Part the hairs in the middle and side sweep small sections of hairs from the front. The hairs on the crown have been puffed and the bun has been secured at the back with the help of bobby pins. Here the bun is not placed on the nape of the neck rather it is placed just at the back of the head. Adding a hair accessory is always optional.

Doughnut bun with fresh flower decorations with traditional silk sareeDoughnut bun with fresh flower decorations

Doughnut buns are not very complicated to make but they look absolutely gorgeous. Here the doughnut bun has been placed at the back of the head, but not in an up do style. The fresh flower covering the bun completes the look. Here a light crown puff has also been done and some hair strands at the front have been left free to get the look.

The smart bun hairstyle for fashion sareeThe smart bun

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This bun style can give you a very smart look in saree and it is pretty simple to do on your own. Part your hairs in the middle and roll up the hairs at the sides a little. Crate a little puff at the front and secure the rolled up section at the back of your head with bobby pins. For the back part, you can simply back brush it and opt for a little puff. If you want to make the puffs really suitable for long, using a setting spray can be helpful.

Bun with central hair accessory wedding hairstyle on sareeBun with central hair accessory

When you are doing a neat bun you can always accentuate the look by adding a central piece. Here the bun has been secured at the back of the head and not on the neck. The heavy kundan central piece makes this hairstyle look absolutely gorgeous.

Simple bun with floral decoration and central piece hairstyleSimple bun with floral decoration and central piece

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This bun hairstyle is ideal for weddings. Here a simple bun has been done at the back of the head and it has been covered with two layers of flower garlands which gives a distinct look. The white central piece also matches perfectly.

Low side bun hairstyle with accessories for traditional lookLow side bun 0

Low side buns can also look gorgeous and artistic with silk sarees. These buns are easy to get and truly brings out the diva in you. As the name says, here a low bun is done on the side and is placed either at the nape of the neck or lower. Check out the next pictures to get the one of your choice.

Braids hairstyles on Indian silk traditional saree

If you have long hairs you can style it in different easy braid styles to get the right look with silk sarees. Here are some easy braid ideas that can add glamour to your look,

Long back braid with flowers and hair accessoriesLong back braid with flowers

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If you are trying to get a soft traditional look on the day of your wedding, long back braids with hair accessories and flowers can certainly do the job. If your hair is not that long like as seen in the pictures below you can easily opt for false hair extensions and no one will know the trick. These braids look best with a front or crown puff, but you can also opt for a different style as per your wish. You can also opt for several variations in the hair accessories.

Side braids with light hair accessoriesSide braids with light hair accessories

To get a soft look for parties and occasions a simple side braid with minimum hair accessories can be ideal. You can either opt to pin the hair back and then start with a neat braid or simply take your hairs at the front from over your shoulder and then make a loose braid with it. This hairstyle is always on trend and is one of the most simple ones to have without using a lot of bobby pins or setting sprays.

Fishbone plaits hairstyles on sareesFishbone plaits

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Fishbone plaits also look classy with silk sarees. Just like normal plaits, you can choose to do the braid after pulling your hairs to the front from over your shoulder or you can pin your hairs at the back and then continue with the braid and finally place it from over your shoulder. You can also opt for a neat Fishbone plait or keep it messy. Adding some cool hair accessories or flowers to the braid is also an option. Check out the next pictures for the different styles of Fishbone plaits that looks classy with silk sarees.

Open hairstyles on silk sarees

Open hairstyles look naturally beautiful with silk sarees. You can opt for different variations in open hairstyles to suit with your looks and the occasion. Check out some of the best and easy open hairstyles to be paired with silk sarees,

Side swept open hairstyle with soft curlsSide swept open hairstyle with soft curls

This is an easy hairstyle to get. Here the hairs have been swept to one side and have been curled lightly towards the ends to complete the look. A bunch of hairs at the front has been rolled and pinned back to hold the hairs in place.

Back pinned open hairstyle with sareeBack pinned open hairstyle

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To get this hairstyle sweep all your hairs to the back and pin it; now you need to part the hairs in two sections and take both of them to the front from over your shoulders, or you can pull all the hairs from over your one shoulder or opt to keep one part at the back and the other part at the front. Do not miss to add the curls at the end or you can go with straight hairs as well. At the front, you can part the hairs in the middle or from the sides as per your choice, or simply opt for a front puff.

Simple open hairstyle on sareeSimple open

If you think simplicity is pretty, just let your hairs be open and it will match nicely with any silk saree. You can add curls to the ends or you can opt to keep them straightened or natural as per your wish.

Traditional braided bun and open wavy hairstyle


The trendy mid part and wavy rolled curly hair up to shoulder with a violet pattu saree looks beautiful. Try this simple and beautiful hairstyle that best suits for your face shape. The best simple net puff sleeved blouse design adds more beauty to this saree and hairstyle. The braided bun with mid part decorated as mang tikka. The hairstyle best suits for wedding with beautiful jewelry. The hairstyle is decorated with natural flowers around the bun on pattu saree to look beautiful.

Top up low side bun with a crown on off white raw silk saree


The front puff with a lower bun with a crown make you look beautiful. Try this hairstyle that best suits for your face shape.  The hairstyle is simple and trendy with a curly puff low side bun hairstyle that best suits for your face shape. Try this hairstyle for parties with a simple patch work, embroidery work, and thread work on the blouse.

Side swept bangs with a bouncy hairstyle on mustard matka silk saree


The fashion hairstyle with a trendy side swept bang of curly fringe hairstyle make you look beautiful. The bouncy hairstyle with layered curly haircut make you look beautiful. Try this hairstyle that best suits on designer wedding silk saree in Begiling Mustard Matka color. The saree is attractive with patterned patch border frames, bugle beads, crystals, and decorative motifs.

Traditional bouncy bun hairstyle with crown puff

The front low, curled hair and mid puff hair with a low bouncy bun hairstyle best suits for wedding parties. The hairstyle best suits with a traditional silk saree for different occasions and events. Try this hairstyle that best suits for your face with simple jewelry and different blouse designs.

Mid puffs low bun hairstyle on saree


The simple and trendy blouse design for women with essence and accessories adds more beauty to you. The best mid puffy hairstyle with a bun make you look gorgeous. The simple trendy bun hairstyle decorated with mang tikka makes you look beautiful. Try this hairstyle that best suits for your face and gives amazing look.