Top balayage hairstyles for black hair

Balayage hairstyle has been around for a while, but it has now started to become a trend with all the celebrities and Hollywood actresses sporting the Balayage look. So, what exactly is Balayage hairstyle? Balayage is actually a hair coloring technique which is hand painted and gives a natural look to the hairs instead of sharp streaks of colors.

Balayage hairstyle depends on the concept of more is less and natural is the most beautiful. This style of dyeing creates a soft, natural look on the hairs and the best thing about Balayage is that it can be fully customized according to the particular features of the person getting the hairstyle.

Hindi version ]

The uniform, foil folded highlights are now quickly becoming a second option in hairstyle and what is now in trend are Balayage. As already stated this hair coloring technique can be completely bespoke and hence no matter the color or the length of your hairs, you can always get the Balayage hairstyle that suits your features best.  This article will provide you with a collection of the top Balayage hairstyles for black hair. You should try Balayage hair color ideas with blonde, brown, caramel etc.

Ombre Balayage Beachy waves of black hair

Ombre balayage beachy waves on black

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This beautiful Balayage hairstyle is perfect for medium length hairs. Here the ombre shade has been painted on the wavy curls to get the right look. These ombre Balayage looks beautiful and very natural on the hairs giving a perfect finish.

Soft caramel Balayge on black hair

Soft caramel balayge on black hair

This caramel Balayage gives a natural sun-kissed look to the hairs. Here the caramel color has been used in an un-uniform way that gives the total color a natural look. The highlights are present right from the top of the hairs till the ends, but it does not color any of the hair strands completely, giving a more natural finish.

Dark gray Balayage on black hairs

Dark grey balayage on black hairs


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Dark brown hair styles with highlights and lowlights

If you are looking out for something really different in Balayage, this dark gray Balayage on black hairs can actually make your best pick. Here a soft shade of dark gray has been used towards the ends of the curls giving them a soft and glossy look.

Gold blonde Balayage on black hairs

Gold blonde balayage on black hairs

This Balayage hairstyle can look good on longer hairs as it primarily highlights the sides of the locks and towards the ends. The use of the color on a few strands within has given this Balayage style the most natural look.  In this case, all the hairs towards the ends have been covered with the gold blonde shade, but the overall finish is so perfect that it does not give an edgy look.

Caramel Balayage on black hair

Caramel balayage on black hair

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This caramel Balayage on the black hairs look absolutely gorgeous. Here the caramel color has been used more towards the middle part and the sides instead of the lower part of the hair. This Balayage hairstyle can look perfect for longer hairs. If you have long hairs and you are looking out to get a top Balayage style, this one can make a perfect pick.

Cherry red Balayage on black hairs

Cherry red balayage on black hairs

This cherry red Balayage hairstyle looks absolutely stunning with the curls. However, even this hairstyle is more suitable for the long hairs as that gives more area for playing with the color. Here the cherry red color has been used more towards the upper and front part of the hairs, but the mixing of the color is so soft that it does not create any visual edges.

Light caramel Balayage on black hairs

Light caramel balayage on black hairs

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This light caramel Balayage covers the whole of the lower third part of the hairs. The dark color of hairs on the crown and the light blonde Balayage has been mixed so well with the help of transition colors that it does not create any visible lines and looks naturally sun-kissed and not parlor treated.

Purple Balyage on black hairs

Purple balyage on black hairs

If you have black hairs and you are not really looking for a caramel or light color of your hairs, then the purple Balayage can be absolutely perfect to meet your needs. In this hairstyle the purple dye covers the lower one third length of the hairs and the color has also been painted on the sides and on a few hair bunches in the middle to get the natural Balayage look.

Caramel Balayage with tapered curls

Caramel balayage with tapered curls

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This Balayage hairstyle looks absolutely classy and natural. The caramel shade has been used towards the lower part of the curls to give them a natural sun-kissed tone without any hard edges. The mixing of the caramel shade with the natural hair color is the other point to note.

Subtle Balayage on black hair

Subtle balayage on black hairs

This subtle Balayage hairstyle looks completely natural and more stylish on long hairs. This hairstyle can also be perfect for the medium length of hairs too. Here the subtle Balayage covers the ends of the locks and a few bunches of the hair has the shade for the most of their length to give the whole hairstyle a natural look.

Ombre Balayage highlights on dark hair

Ombre balayage highlights on black hair

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This ombre Balayage highlighting covers around half of the length of the hairs fully. This highlighting can go very fine with thin but long hairs. Here the dye has been used in a beautiful way to color the curls and the final outcome looks gorgeous on dark black hairs.

Subtle Balayage highlight on black hairs

Subtle balayage highlight on black hairs

This is another classic example of a subtle Balayage highlight. Here the dye has been used only on minimum hair strands and yet the total look of the hair has been changed. The color towards the upper part is very subtle and it gets some deepening towards the ends of the locks. This Balayage hairstyle looks absolutely natural and more stylish. Try top Balayage hairstyles to completely new look.

Ombre Balayage streaks on black hairs

Ombre balayage streaks on black hairs

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This Balayage hairstyle for short hairs combines the light ombre shade with the natural black color of the hair and yet gives a natural appearance. Here the streaks of ombre covers strands of hairs lightly at the top and covers the full of the hairs by the time it reaches the ends. The painting job is really flawless, which gives this hairstyle a natural look.

Soft caramel Balayage on mid length hair

Soft caramel balayage on mid length hair

The soft caramel Balayage can look very natural and stylish on the black hairs even if you are not ready to paint your whole hair blonde. This Balayage style uses soft strokes of colors on hair strands to give them a natural looking and soft tone. The thing to note here is that some hairs have been left to their original colors, even till the end of the locks which gives this hairstyle the sun-kissed look.

Caramel Balayage for very long black hairs

Caramel balayage for very long black hairs

Hairstyles with golden brown highlights

If you have very long black hairs and you are looking out for a Balayage hairstyle that will suit, you can surely take some idea from this hairstyle. Here the caramel dye has been used on the hairs below the shoulder lengths and they cover the curls in an irregular fashion to get a natural Balayage look.

Ombre Balayage highlights in medium length black hairs

Ombre balayage highlights in medium length black hairs

The shade and the type of dyeing technique you chose for your hairs should be determined depending on your skin and eye color. If you have a darker complexion and medium length hairs go for Ombre Balayage highlight as seen in this picture is always a good idea. This layered hairstyle has the Balayage highlighting of the lower sections of the curls that matches seamlessly to give an overall natural look.

Blue Balayage on black hairs

Blue balayage on black hairs

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If you are really looking for something that is completely different and adds a unique look to your overall appearance, trying out this blue Balayage hairstyle can be an exciting option. This skyblue Balayage can look good only on black hairs and it is a good option for you if you love to experiment a lot with your looks and hairstyle.

Brown Balayage on black hairs

Brown balayage on black hairs

This Balayage highlighting is more prominent at the upper part of the hairs than the lower part and matches seamlessly with the curls. It does the job of highlighting the tresses very well and yet looks absolutely natural.

Subtle Ombre Balayage on black hairs

Subtle ombre balayage on black hairs

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If you are looking out for a very subtle Balayage hairstyle for your black hairs this one can be a perfect pick. Here the dye has been used minimally just to highlight a few parts of the hair strands and yet it gives a much natural look compared to the other highlighting techniques.

Purple Balayage on short black hairs

Purple balayage on short black hairs

If you have short black hairs even then too, there is a Balayage hair style that can suit you perfectly. This picture shows how beautiful the bright purple Balayage on this short hair looks. The hand painted dye highlights the layers perfectly.

Latest Balayage Chicago Ombre hair color idea


The best hair color idea has a stunning styling to Chicago. This hairstyle is best with dark black hair color. The hair focus on continually that can add beauty, which is the best way to style your hair. The Chicago hairstyle with side swept bangs up to the shoulders. Side swept bang Balayage hair color idea with the fringe hair make you look beautiful.

Best Balayage Marsala ombre hairstyle


Most of the women are eager to make pretty hairstyle. The best thing to choose a lovely hairstyle is to upgrade our hairstyles to give a complete wow effect.  We’ve put together with our prominent hair color trends. This can bound something with, no matter and has a base color simple hairstyle that you try to prefer to style your hair.

Fashion Balayage highlight hairstyle


Mid length hair highlights with Balayage hairstyle gives an awesome look. Try this hairstyle that makes you look different. Style your long straight, wavy hair with fringes on side locks. This hairstyle gives a pretty look and is easy to try this hairstyle. The hairstyle gives an attracting look with a stylish hairstyle.

Natural Balayage long black hair color idea


The long straight Balayage hairstyle to a wavy look is good. The long black hair gives a natural Balayage look. The hairstyle makes you look pretty. This can add dimensions and gives soft curls. Try something new with a fashion trendy hairstyle to be unique in a party. The hairstyle with wavy soft curls and has dark brown highlights can give amazing look.

Dark black hair with subtle look


Hindi version ]

The dark black hairstyle for long straight hair and end curls. This Balayage hairstyle with dark brown highlights gives a good look. Try this hairstyle that best suits for your face shape. Simple curls at the end of the hair make you look as there is an increase in hair volume.

Light brown feathers with a dark brown and black hair


The hair color can define the layers as the new haircut having a popular trick. This haircut adds an upgrade look to your face. The lighter shade results in distinctly visible, which can touch that darker shade. This hairstyle gives a pretty cute look.