Hairstyles & haircuts with golden brown highlights

Golden and brown go great together. They are one of the nicest hair color ideas to try. They are seldom a failure and match almost all skin colors. In this article, we have listed some of the best hairstyle ideas which go well with both of them.  Scroll down and check how to make your hair look beautiful with the combination of these colors and also the hairstyles which you can try with them. Golden and brown can be separately colored on a base color, which will let you possess three different colors on your hair.

Dual color blended in wavesDual color blended in waves

Dark brown hairstyles with plum highlights

Golden and brown highlights look the best when both the colors are added beside each other. This makes both the color prominent yet they have an effect of blending into each other. This makes different sections highlighted in the color blend and your base color gets its due importance as well. To follow this hairdo, have your hair straightened half-up or let it carry the natural wave. For the half-down portion, you would need a curling iron, so that you can weave it up in sections and not make it look very curly.

Fringes with curls and golden brown highlightsFringes with curls

In this hairstyle we see a brown hair color which has been which has been highlighted with golden streaks. You can definitely opt for this type of styling since they both look good together. If you have fringes in front, let them retain the regular color and streak the longer strands of your hair. To follow this hairstyle, you will have to get your hair curled half-down. This lets you carry a dual hairstyle type by maintaining the regular hair half-up with curled half-down. Flaunt the fringes to make your facial expressions more attractive.

Twisted back bun with open hairstyleTwisted back bun with open hair

Best hairstyles with highlights

This is another hair color type which will make you rethink your coloring process. The base color of the hair is dark brown and the highlights have lighter tints of brown and golden. The highlights fall one after another and then let the base color grab most space! This hairstyle is stylish and can be easily done. Brush all your hair to the back and curl the last 2-3 inches of the hair. Next, take two sections from two extreme corners and bring it under the crown. Take some more section of your hair and make a twist to make it look like a bun. You can tie it up loosely with pins and let the rest of the hair flow.

Messy bun hairstyle with golden brown highlightsMessy bun

Although bun hairstyles don’t make your style look too extraordinary, will dual colors make it a little more interesting to look at. If you have layered hair, it would be easier to make a messy bun, which in turn grabs more attention. Brush your colored hair to the back and let the layers flow on their own. They might form bangs by coming in front or stay messy right up there. Brush the hair and make a bun just behind the crown area. Follow what is comfortable to fasten the hairdo and flaunt any type of clothing with it.

Fishtail braid with open strands hairstyle with highlightsFish tail braid with open strands

Long black hairstyles with highlights

Cherry brown and blonde go wonderfully together. They just compliment each other too well to bring out the best of both. If you want to try out something which makes the hairstyle a little more eye-catchy you can opt for this. Fishtail braids are easy to do with four sectioning and not three. Check out a tutorial to follow it perfectly. Brush all your hair at the back, and then bring in two sections from the corner to the middle. Make a fishtail braid and tie it with a band. Let the rest of the hair flow open. It will look best if straightened.

Messy ponytail with back puff hairstyleMessy ponytail with back puff

There are numerous hairstyles to try with messy hair, but something as neat as a ponytail would be interesting. Part your hair from the middle till mid-scalp and then brush the hair at the back. Give your hair a lift and then faster it with pins. You can use a hair spray if is doesn’t get the desired look. Tie your hair into a ponytail with a regular band and let is flow down from one side of your shoulders.

Wavy hair with curved tips on hairstyle ideasWavy hair with curved tips

Short black hairstyles with blonde highlights

Our hair looks best when kept open, but what adds to the beauty is the cut and quality. Using colors and highlights on the hair should be carried on with proper maintenance so that the hair isn’t damaged and rough. You can easily look gorgeous with simple hairstyles like this. Have your hair curved to the tips and let the rest stay wavy. If you have straight hair naturally, then you might have to add some wave all through. Part the hair from one side and let the heavier side of the section fall in front while the rest falls back.

Side-parted straight hair with highlightsSide-parted straight hair

The hairstyle with just after parlor look is more than perfect, isn’t it? Well, if you’re planning to have your hair streaked at a parlor you might get this hairdo after the first wash and blow dry. Let your hair have a step cut so that all the layers get proper presence. Well, to get this look you can obviously have your hair straightened too. Part your hair from one side and flaunt it as you want. The smooth strands are going to look attractive while it’s easy to manage as well.

Middle-parted twists with wavy hairstyle ideasMiddle-parted twists with wavy hair

Long hairstyles with highlights and lowlights

This hairstyle is much in trend and women love it because it is easily manageable. Flaunt your hair by making waves in separate vertical sections. You might have layers which makes the styling a little easier. After you have completed the styling procedure you simply have to part your hair from the middle and do an easy trick. Take sections from the beginning of both sides of the partition and then twist it to pin it at the back. Now flaunt hair from both sides of your shoulders and avoid hair on face.

Half-up waved with half-down curls hairstyleHalf-up waved with half-down curls

There is so much style to try even when you hair is an open and simple side-parted. Have your hair waves for the first hair or simply have it straightened. When you start off with the curls, you make the hair slightly wavy anyway. This hairstyle has a half-down curls for which you will need a curling iron. It is one of the best ways to make your both the highlights flaunts and get equal attention.

Golden brown hair color ideas with a wavy long hairstyle


The honey brown hair color of golden brown hair color gives a shimmering and honey brown as a sweetened, mid ground hue. This hairstyle makes you look stylish with blondes and have an edge over it to the dark side. This hairstyle makes you look with a stylish beauty and can lighten up with a little stylish look.

Blonde hairstyle with golden brown highlights


The hairstyle with bangs and you can see hair color experiments. Try this different hair color ideas with golden brown highlights. This hairstyle is similar to plum hairstyle with bangs on forehead. The straight hair with blonde highlights makes her look beautiful with fair skin tone.

Brown hair color with caramel highlights


Golden brown hair highlights with chocolate brown hair color with caramel highlights. Side part with a bang fringe haircut gives a gorgeous look. Try this hairstyle with fringe wavy hair. This is simple and easy hairstyle to try for any occasion. This hairstyle best suit for square face shapes.

Trendy chocolate hue hairstyle with golden brown highlights


The hairstyle with medium length hair make you look beautiful. Try this hairstyle that best suits for your face shape. The front section hair is side swept with bang fringe haircut with a wavy long hair. The hairstyle best suits with golden brown highlights. This makes you look beautiful and gorgeous with soft, silky and shiny hair.

Medium layered hairstyle with a bounce golden highlights


The hairstyles with a bounce in the hairstyle give more volume hair highlights. The soothing hair highlights with a pretty look gives a brown hair. The side bangs created with a golden highlight and give a pretty look. This has a brown hair that looks good. This highlight gives a pretty look with side bangs bouncy hair.

Golden highlights with wavy hairstyle


The golden brown wavy highlights with a fringe haircut golden highlights. Hairstyle with golden highlights plum haircut. The best hairstyle with golden brown fringe haircut. Golden highlights with a bold or subtle and can add dimension with a warmth that seem to the golden highlights.