Short glorious black & brown hairstyles with blonde highlights

People with dark hair will be really happy as they have got the most natural color. But sometimes they can also get bored of the same type of hair tone.

You need to create a wonderful hairstyle with your natural tone of hair with few streaks of blonde highlights. You can now look very hot and elegant with your short black hairstyles with blonde highlights.

Even the ladies with long hair are cutting their hair short and enjoying the short hair look with the wider sociability. Today, short hair has a trend in the society which is accompanied by hair colors with highlights.

Even you can try this style and be the one in the limelight. With every fashion trend you need to upgrade yourself without which you won’t be able to match with the social status and your friends around.

Short black hairstyles with blonde highlights 

14Layered bob with blonde highlights

Fabulous ideas for long black & brown hairstyles with highlights

If you have black hair and short length, it’s time to go ahead with little styling with the same hairstyle.

All you have to do give a shape to your hair with a bob cut. Also make a layered bob so that the bob does not look totally conventional, rather get an exclusive get up and looks with blonde highlights over your shot layered bob.

13Natural dark hair with blonde streaks

People willing to get a very casual look must go for this hairstyle where the dark natural brown is the actual base color of the hair and there after some highlights is done with the blonde theme.

As the picture shows the top portion of the hair is not much altered, but the end portion that is asymmetric in view is having some alterations with the blonde highlights.

12Short curls with blonde highlights

Ideas of long hairstyles with highlights and lowlights of light brown and black color

You can now get many individuals with short hair that ideally has short and curly hair type. The lady in this picture also has the same type of hair.

You can easily do the highlights with blonde look at the top of the hair. This is a little different type of hairstyle that can suit you in all the ways. Anyone wishing to look different can go for this look.

11Black short hair with side swept blonde

Who says that the ladies always need to have long hair to look beautiful? It is always not true which can be easily proved once you have a view at the lady with the short hair right over here.

She is having the black short hair that too is accompanied by the great and the wonderful look with the blonde hair highlight.

10Natural black hair with longitudinal curls and highlights

Latest fashion short hairstyles with highlights and low lights

This is another attractive hairstyle people can adopt these days as the hair is not very short and not very long. Rather, you can get a spectacular view with the hairstyle that is just wow.

You can now create this soft curl at the back side of your hair which is falling down. The hairstyle can be adopted by ladies of all age groups without any trouble.

9Dramatic curls with blonde hair

Blonde hair is basically available for ladies who belong to the western part of the nation. The lady is having the original black hair, but an extraordinary hair highlight is easily done with blonde hair.

You can try this blonde hairstyle and also dramatic curl is accompanied along with it. The front portion of the hair is also having curl and highlights which looks really amazing.

8Short hair with multiple highlights all over

Top fabulous ideas of dark black & brown best hairstyles with highlights

Some people create highlights on some portion of hair whereas the other wishes to get highlights all over their hair. This is something that you can choose as per your convenience.

This is another wonderful hairstyle with a short view of hair and highlights all over the hair. You are getting multiple highlights all over your hair without the conventional approach.

7Short hair with blonde highlights

The lady with the short hair is having nice highlights all over your hair with blonde highlights and burgundy hairstyle.

This is a wonderful hairstyle you can adopt and flaunt in front of the public. Get a hangout with your friends through this hairstyle.

6Twilight at blonde hair highlight

Hairstyles that make your face look slimmer & thinner

The hairstyle adopted by the lady in this picture is unusual. She is having a straight cut hair where she has tested the bob haircut. Thereafter the highlights are created with blonde theme.

But, the hairstyle does not end over here, rather along with the blonde highlights, the lady has also managed to create the twilight looks along with purple color and burgundy color highlights.

This is one of the most unusual hairstyle which every lady would appreciate. This is the time to get this in the wheel and avail it with divulge.

5Short shag hairstyle with brown and black hair color

The best fashion bob haircut is the trendy hairstyle in teenagers for office, party, traditional occasions. The best quick hairstyle that makes you look different. The layered fringe haircut with two different hair color ideas.

The hairstyle with eye shades of side swept bang hair make you look more beautiful. The best hairstyle to try with short time to look beautiful.

4Black short haircut with two color highlight ideas

The best short hairstyle with blonde highlight make you look beautiful. Try these different hair color with blonde highlights on mid separated side swept bang on the forehead.

Style your hair with this haircut that make you something different and has a best amazing fashion trendy hairstyle to look beautiful. Mid puff with blonde highlight hairstyle look good.

3Best fashion short stacked bob hairstyle

The short stacked bob hairstyle gives a different haircut. The hairstyle makes you look with a straight bob haircut. The hair color ideas that make you look beautiful with amazing hairstyles.

Straight hair with light gray hair and black color make you look beautiful. Try this haircut with back short cut and long fringe on two sides of the face make you look beautiful.

2Short brown hairstyle with highlights to look beautiful

The short brown haircut with light brown stripes make you look beautiful. Frizzy haircuts to with black and brown hair color.

This hairstyle makes you look beautiful with highlights. Simply brush your hair and form a crisscross with zigzag frizzy hair. The short length hair with this hairstyle, make you look gorgeous.

1Haircut with side swept bang brown hair

The short haircut with brown hairstyle, make you look beautiful. The blonde haircut with a side bang hairstyle to be gorgeous. The short cut hairstyle for a stylish hairstyle with side bang shoulder length hairstyle.

The haircut with short hair in brown color on forehead. The side swept hair, ear lock hairstyle to cover the chin make you look good. Best hairstyle that best suits for the short cut, stylish fashion trend that make you look more beautiful.