Long hairstyles with highlights & lowlights of light brown & black color

If you have long hair, but you hardly come across with the styling, highlighting will be an important way to go ahead with styling. Some ladies have the opinion that long hair is a great burden; they need to maintain long hair. Also very less styling can be done with long hair. This is the reason why ladies with long hair are making their hair short but cutting. But, the concept has been mended by the hair styling experts.

They can now create a much different variety of styles with the ladies who have long and beautiful hair. With the retention of the beauty of long hair people is constantly creating a variety of attractive styles. Let us have a look at some of the lovely hairstyles with highlights and lowlights.

Hairstyle for long hair with lowlights and highlights

15Radical hair color for long hair

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You can now enjoy being radical with this particular hairstyle especially when you are not getting any fashionable theme with your long hairstyle. The lady has a natural brown hair color and with that the lighter shade is placed in order to grace the particular hair tone. This can be great inspiration during autumn.

14Lowlights on blonde hair

You can now enjoy getting low lights once you have blonde hair type. Since your hair color is already lighter, all you can do is apply some colors that are darker. Those will be obviously the low lights where you can get a visibly beautiful fashion statement. In order to create the hairstyle, foils can be easily used.

13Black lowlights on long blonde hair

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The lady framed in the picture has a straight, soft and blonde hair. She made it look fashionable with black color, low lights. This is one of the trendy hairstyle adopted by many ladies these days, especially when they are willing to create an attraction towards the mass. You can also try this hairstyle to surprise your loved one.

12Long hair with braid highlight

Since you have long hair, styling with the braid hairstyle will be really attractive. It will be of great utilization of your entire hair. But before tidying up the hair to braid the hair has been highlighted with the copper color which is little lighter is applied. Over the highlighted hair, the style of braid over one side of the side swept hair looks amazing.

11Long light tone hair with highlights and lowlights

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The beautiful model in this picture looks attractive with her long hair that is originally a light color. But the low lights and highlights associated with the same make it look really attractive. This hairstyle can be a wonderful fashion statement these days, especially when you are willing to create a dynamism with your hairstyle.

10Long highlights with layers

As you can see in the picture, the hairstyle adopted by the lady is quite different from the others. The hair light brown tone provides highlights with amazing view. After applying the highlights on this hair, the hair stylist has created wonder with some step cut at the back and dramatic layers are made with the help of hair styling tools.

9Shiny black long hair with thin highlights

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Look at this wonderful variety of hairstyles with the dark black natural hair tone. The lady has created wonder with very slight touches with the hair color highlights. This looks really amazing when you are going to create an illusion among the crowd. This is also known as the dimensional highlights. Try this today and enjoy getting appreciation all over again among the crowd.

8Multiple highlights on long hair

You look really amazing with the haircut and the multiple highlights over the original tone of hair. The golden highlights portrayed over the hair look really gorgeous. Style of curvature at the edges also suits the model in the picture. You look really appealing when you think of doing something different from the rest of the crowd.

7Illusion highlights with knot

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This is an amazing variety of hairstyles where the highlights are done with an illusion touch. Just at the back of the hair you can see a wonderful knot that too placed in a rough way. A slight copper hair tone can be found out in this particular hair color. Try this hairstyle today and surprise your friends.

6Long hairstyle with a golden glow

The lady gets an ultimate golden glow with the golden color highlights placed over the black hair. You can stay highlighted among the crowd with this particular hairstyle. Ladies with all age group can easily get associated with this particular hairstyle. You can be the first to stay trend in the traditional world. Go for it and make yourself look gorgeous. Go for a casual party with this hairstyle and surprise your friends.

5Long wavy light brown hair color with beautiful hairstyle

The Brunette hairstyle is the most amazing popular hair color in winter for women. This hair color is the base for all types of hair bases. This hair color best suits for caramel highlights as it is a light shade with brown hair color. The best amazing hairstyle with this mid part light brown hair color make you look amazing. Side swept with mid part hair and leave them on the shoulders with wavy curls.

4Best fashion trendy hairstyle with curls

The brown and light black color, hairstyle with middle part curls with shoulder make you look beautiful. The hairstyle with long earrings and sexy dress make you look more beautiful. The simple wavy hairstyle on the shoulders is good looking. The cool hairstyle with wavy loose hair is best with beautiful looks.

3Light brown and black hair with middle part fringe hairstyle

The hairstyle with fringe hair that too with light brown and black hair color combination makes you look more beautiful. Style your hair with mid part comb wavy hairstyle is good looking for an office. This hairstyle is good for professional meetings in suits. Make your hairstyle more good looking with Hairspray and layer cut to be gorgeous.

2Dark auburn hair color ideas with wide swept bang loose hairstyle

The light brown hairstyle with side swept bang loose hair is good for any party. The light brown hair color is best for heart shaped face shape. The fashion trendy hairstyle with different hair color ideas make you look beautiful. The hairstyle with dark auburn hair color best suits for any occasion. Mid part the hair and leave them on the shoulders. Curly hair with half on shoulders and another half back with blonde hairstyle.

1Light brown and black color with side swept mid part of the shoulder

The buff blonde hairstyle with the combination of light brown and black hair color make you look beautiful. This hairstyle with curly hairs on the shoulder like a frizzy hair is beautiful. The hairstyle with simple makeup is good looking for parties and outings. Try this hairstyle that best suits you with different look.