How to flatter your face with hairstyles and earrings?

Certainly the accessories that you wear along with your dress and face play an important role in boosting your looks to many folds. But choosing the right styling product will be an important consideration.

Ladies are very fond of designer earrings that go well with each dress they choose. But, even while choosing the earrings and ear tops it is important to see whether your face goes with that particular style.

The expert can give you an idea about which types of face cut are suitable for what the design of the earring. You can now get online guidelines about choosing right earring for your face. It is now easy to flatter your face with the help of right earring choice. Whether you have round face or a heart shaped face, the best combination of hairstyles and earring at available.

Easy guide for choosing the right earrings for your face shape

Earrings and Your Face Shape


How to choose the right earrings for your face shape

Diamond shape face to look stylish

This is a particular type of face where individual have more narrowness over their chin and forehead as compared to their cheek.

Suitable earring for diamond face shape

Suitable earring

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You must go for earring collection, such as studs, square shaped earrings and round shaped earrings. Ladies with diamond shape face must wear the earrings that are made to widen with lines and curves. The following earring will go well with diamond shape face.

Suitable hairstyle for diamond shape face

Suitable hairstyle for diamond shape face

Though a diamond shape face is one of the uncommon and unique face, choice of hairstyle is also important to suit this face. You must go for hairstyles like:

  • Long length hair with side part
  • Centered parted hair with messy look
  • Faux- Hawk bang

How to choose hairstyle & earring for oblong face shape

People with oblong face have a jaw line in round shape with narrow and long face.

Best suitable earrings for oblong face shape

Suitable earrings

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If you are among those ladies who have oblong face, choosing the button shaped earrings or studs will be a perfect match. You can choose different colors along with the dress you wear. Look at the following images.

Suitable hairstyles for oblong face

Suitable hairstyles for oblong face

Oblong is the combination of oval and long shape. Thus, choice of hairstyle for this type of face is important. You must go to the following:

  • A short haircut with hair touching jaw line
  • Shoulder length hairstyle
  • Curly hairstyle
  • Fringes for the oblong shape face

How to select best hairstyles & earrings for heart shaped face

Individuals with wider cheekbones along with tapered chin and the angular jaw line is having none other than a heart shaped face.

Earring for heart shaped face

Earring for heart shaped face

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Since you have angular jawline, the teardrop earrings that are wider at the bottom will be ideal. The other combination of earrings includes squared earrings, voluminous earrings and winged variation.

Hairstyles for heart shaped face


Hairstyles for heart shaped face


There are many hairstyles which can go really well with the individuals who have the heart shaped face. Some of them are as follows:

  • Soft and side swept bangs
  • The long bob
  • A deep side part
  • Blunt, wispy bangs

Ways to select the most flattering earring and hairstyles for oval shape

These types of people have a narrow chin, but have the same dimension and width of cheeks and forehead.

Earring for oval shaped face

Earring for oval shaped face

If you have an oval shaped face, it means you are one of the luckiest people who can wear almost all types of earring as every earring goes well with their face. But, it will be better to avoid longer earrings.

Hairstyles for oval shaped faces


Some hairstyles really go well with the ladies having oval shaped face, those are as follows:

  • Shoulder longest waves
  • Long layered curls
  • Boho waves
  • Grown out pixie

Select the best hairstyles & earrings for square face shape

People with square shaped face have their shape symmetrical from all sides.  These types of people have the same width of the jaw line, forehead as well as chin. But, a strong jaw line is commendable.

Earrings for square shaped face

Earrings for square shaped face

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The earrings which will go really well with the ladies having square shaped faces are the ones with curved edges, multilayered earrings and also round edges earrings.

Hairstyles for square shaped faces

Hairstyles for square shaped faces

If you are looking out for flattering your square shaped face, there are some quick simple names to explore.

  • Angled Bob
  • Graduated layers
  • Voluminous Bob

Tips and tricks to choose best earrings & hairstyles for rectangular face shape

Ladies with rectangular face tends to be really tensed as not all types of earrings or hairstyle might suit them. They are the ladies with the long angular face.

Earrings for rectangular face

Earrings for rectangular face

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You cannot wear long and dangling earring as this can make your long face longer. Thus, it will be ideal if you can go for thick as well as widened earrings that have rounded edges.

Hairstyles for rectangular face

Hairstyles for rectangular face

If you have rectangular shaped face, you will get a variety of options with regards to your hairstyles. Some of the hairstyles you can adopt are:

  • Layered hair to keep volumes
  • Curly hairs cut till shoulder
  • Side swept fringe
  • A bob slightly longer than the jaw length

Choose hairstyles and earrings for round face shape

The round shaped face is one of the most common varieties of faces which is seen among ladies. But, this face shape is ideal for ladies as it adds a perfect feminine touch to the ladies. Ladies with this face cut has wide as well as long along with the greatest width at the cheeks.

Earrings for round shape face

Earrings for round shape face

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Since you have a round shape face, you must have an aim of making your face little angular and longer with the help of different techniques. Thus, earring should also never be overlooked. Go for the long earrings.

Hairstyle for round face

Hairstyle for round face

Ladies with round shaped faces are known to be prettier than any other facial shape.  They can try out some of the attractive variation of hairstyles which will make them look more beautiful. Some of them are:

  • Simple blunt cut
  • A bob cut with a classy finish
  • Curly hairstyle
  • Asymmetrical feathered hairstyle
  • Long hairstyle with textured curls
  • Layered hair with side hair falling over both cheeks to hide the excessive width of the cheeks.

How to select right earrings for your face shape

Best suited earrings for round face shape


The long and streamlined earrings that are perfect to have a natural look with puffiness. The earrings like Chandelier or any other with long danglers and some drop earrings with an angular structure. Try this hairstyle that has studs and are small mighty enhancing look with a round face.

Stylish traditional earrings for triangular face shape


You can try this hairstyle with the wider chin and forehead. You should attain a balance with a donning of the earrings and are pointing downwards. The round and softer earrings have the over angular edged ones. This hairstyle with stylish traditional earring make you look fabulous.

Heart face shape faced, suitable earrings


The triangular face has wider cheekbones. Try to get the right earrings for your face shape that can fully appreciate with those facial assets. Try to select earring that can add volume at its bottom and tapers at the top. Make sure to pick earring such as studs, danglers with detailing bottom.

Earrings that best suited for square face shape


Square face shape has angular features that can add softness to your face. Try to choose for an earring that has no angular edges that are with round or curved edges that can suit you best.

You should pick earrings such as Hoop, drop, teardrops, and multi-tier. These earrings can add along with a strong jaw line that can elongate your facial assets and can add more sharpness to your face.

Earrings for rectangular face shape


You should avoid earring with long drops as they are not suitable for your face. It is better to choose earrings that are soft and round without any hard angles. Teardrops, ovals, hoops, and buttons with large studs have a flattering look at your face. Try this different earrings that best suits to your face shape.

Oblong face shape earrings


The oblong face shape earring has a longer face and rounded narrow jaw line. The linear long drop earrings can best suits with a showy stud, buttons or something like round style earring that can draw the eye up which can add sparkle look to your eyes. This makes you look pretty.

Best suitable oval face shape earrings


Oval face looks like a flattering look with hard time. This helps to figure out with a face shape that has chances with an oval look. Try these pretty earrings to look great on this face shape. The earrings that best suits for oval face shape are Chandelier, flattering, drop earrings, and accentuate.